As Hurricane Irma Approaches More Photos of Antigravity UFOs near MacDill AFB

By Dr. Michael Salla

On September 5 and 6, more flying triangle shaped craft were photographed in the vicinity of MacDill Air Force Base in Tampa, Florida, which is the home of US Special Operations Command. The sightings are happening at the same time as Hurricane Irma was heading directly for Florida, among the locations where it has been predicted to make landfall is Tampa.

On the morning of September 5, I was contacted by JP (a pseudonym), who I have been communicating with for nine years and believe to be a credible source, about the unique circumstances that led him to take more photos of a triangular shaped craft in the vicinity of MacDill AFB.

JP said he was prompted to look in the direction of the UFO by a mysterious figure driving an unmarked black car, who appeared to want him to see what was happening, and take photos. Here is what JP said about the incident in his Skype communication to me at 10:16 am (Hawaii Standard Time) about 30 minutes after the incident occurred at 3:45 pm EDT (09:45 HST):

On the right is the clearest from of a group of five photos he took of a triangular shaped craft he photographed after the incident with the mysterious individual driving the black car.

The September 5 incident suggests that covert operatives out of MacDill Air Force Base, want JP to photograph flying triangles very likely associated with Special Operations Command.

The connection with MacDill and the craft was discussed in previous articles about JP’s photographs of triangular UFOs published on September 1 and September 4.

In the September 1 article, I discussed JP’s claims that he has been taken on antigravity craft from MacDill; and how an alleged covert operative out of MacDill has befriended him, and been revealing details of some of his classified missions with a USAF Secret Space Program…

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  1. Ive been hearing some wild rumours out there. That the survivors of these recent hurricanes, have been shipped off to FEMA camps. Can anyone confirm this? If they are, what other i have been hearing, is looking like the Cabal/NWO plan is moving forward at a very fast pace.
    I hope it is fear mongering, but if they are shipping people off to FEMA camps on the quiet. And more man made intervention into storms that are “brewing”. This is a good smokescreen to start thinning the herd. Under the guise of helping disater victims.
    And whilst bloggers still claim the cavalry is coming, but they are not. We the people are allowing the great work of ages to succeed

    • I remember hearing the same type of rumors after Katrina. I feel that these events can cause a fear-response and paranoia in some that lead to these types of rumors – especially when there does indeed appear to be nefarious activities behind the scenes. Some rumors may even be psyops to make truth seekers look nuts. I also think some people start these rumors for clicks and blog traffic (= $$$). I would scrutinize the source of the information before determining the validity of the claims. That being said, I personally don’t believe the FEMA camp rumors to be true.