February 16, 2019

By Kauilapele

Notes from David Wilcock’s Antarctica Atlantis Talk

DW 180601 Antarctic Atlantis Talk Notes
(caveat… may not be 100% correct)

1990-1 All nuclear warheads melted down… US USSR
Need to stop being in denial (about the Crap)
30K indictments… all may be sprung at once.
Economic collapse may be necessary short term. Q pain = Economic collapse
Weinstein and Karan book… Foreshadowing… Weinstein will sing like song bird….
Cabal is afraid of losing control. Antarctica stuff is trump card of / for distraction…
Big reveal (cabal) is Antarctica = Atlantis.
Noah’s Arkansas = watered down story of real one.
Law of One described ancient builder race.
Antarctica = great treasure hall of the earth
Moon is great ship. Came in at time of fall of dinosaurs.
All moons shire evidence of internal geometric structures.
Law of One describes honeycomb earth… Cities under the earth surface.
Law of One was given to Humanity before science data came out.
Who lived on Mars? “The Progenitors” 70 get tall.
Tom van Flanderen exploding planet hypothesis.
Antarctic Atlantis disclosure will connect with all the other planetary disclosures.

Notes from David Wilcock’s SSP Panel Discussion

180601 #CITD2018… David Wilcock SSP Panel Discussion Notes
(caveat… may not be 100% correct)

John D’Souza… Left FBI prior to (because of) James Comey being brought in.

Mike Bara… Holy Crap all sorts of stuff about the moon and lunar landings. Book… “Hidden Agenda”. Orion mission landed on April 20… Hitler’s birthday.

Ken Johnson discussed how he got unredacted photos from NASA.

Linda Moulton Howe… Described how Neil Armstrong was changed emotionally after he saw massive silver discs (presumably SSP) on the surface of moon. And could never speak about it. The SSP is responsible for schizophrenia in this culture.

Michael Salla… Talked about tunnels from Europe to South America to Antarctica. Paperclip Nazis tried to allow down any US higher tech programs.

Emery Smith… Described typical day of work. How he went from learning standard medical procedures then go to a non visible clandestine job. Underground travel, etc. Types of samples he worked on.

Notes from David Wilcock and Emery Smith’s Talk

180602 #CITD2018 David Wilcock-Emery Smith talk… NOTES
(this was really a discussion between DW and ES)
(caveat… may not be 100% correct)

Cosmic payoff coming SOON…
ES: More insiders coming out.
ES now in lawsuit trying to save his company… Health benefiting…
Very likely though that he will win his case.
DW… Emery shows up in 2009.
ES… Talks about some of his history. Thought he’d be autopsy of soldiers… but soon found out it was more.
Facilities go siren few hundred feet.
3000 specimens in about 40 months.
After first year got unusual looking samples.
Occasionally would be tested by “fake” samples = QC.
Samples of cartilage that would last 3000 years.
DW: ES coming forward is a game changer.
After ES coming out 50 new medical technologies have come out
ES had “folder”… = small flex film. IPhone size. Does everything.
Pineal glands that light would shoot out from. Injured some operators. Almond shape. Mirror. Like Concave mirror…
ES would do the organ selection (harvesting) then send for detailed analysis.
DW… Disclosures come out in 12-17. DeLonge balloon, ‘Oumuamua..Controlled disclosure.
ES… Under some pyramids are large cities.below Vatican is huge artifacts library.
Tunes full of books… Some 10 feet tall!!
DW… Recall rings of Saturn had structures for 70 foot tall beings.
QANON started around 12-17 disclosure deal.
Trump as self financed.
QANON posts stopped 5-22… Indicates we are right on the verge of something big.
Then… Podesta shows up on first episode of Ancient Aliens.
Trump teaser about space fierce in May… And then “going to Mars”.
Trump and space disclosure.
9 days later 5-10… Q and “sky event”. Next photo was of Singapore hotel with ship on top.
Economic collapse precedes cabal takedown.
30000 indictments during Q period.
Weinstein, Karan (whistle bower) book, Weinstein will blow whistle on cabal operatives…and P gate.

Notes from David Wilcock’s Afternoon Panel

180603 #CITD2018 David Wilcock afternoon panel, Kp NOTES

Michael Tellinger… Realized stones he was walking on were actually bones of ancient beings.

Paul Stonehill… (originally from Ukraine) Soviet Russia had UFO USO research program. Keep eye on Matua island in Kiril islands. Despite appearances, US and Russia are working together in space programs.

Daniel Sheehan… Involved with Watergate investigation. Howard Hughes was hired to get team to kill Castro. That same team ended up killing JFK. (Holy Crap there’s so much info he’s giving that I can’t keep up!!)

Nasseim Haramein… The Universe is fundamentally holographic in nature. One part contains information of all other parts. We are at edge of bursting into the Galactic community.

Michael Salla… Antarctica. There were the Nazis and then the German nationals. The latter did not want to give higher tech to Nazis. They are ones who went to the Americans. West Antarctica is heating up via volcanoes becoming more active. Massive melt there is going to lead to pole shift (Einstein predicted this would cause pole shift). The Hot spot in Hawaii is also heating up.

Emery Smith… Was asked about his knowledge about Antarctica. There are lava tubes between South America and Antarctica. Melting of ice caps will bring major disclosure. Had experience with smart suits. Reverse engineered alien technology. Very thin. Can jump 70 feet high, fall from 6 stories and live. Uses CAT= Consciousness Assisted Technology. Connects to one’s consciousness. Antigravity tech being added.

Michael Tellinger…Allow this information to integrate. Getting out of the slavery systems is much easier than we think. Can’t solve the problems using the tools of the old system. Change from competition to collaboration. “One small town can change the world “.

Paul Stonehill… Now cooperation between Russia and the world. 1982 giant UFO over Ukraine turned off all Soviet missiles aimed at US.

Daniel Sheehan…30000 sealed indictments. Totally unaware of that number. It’s BS. All national security orgs. are trying to get him out. We will need to disassemble national security state. “Citizen diplomacy” instead. Northern industrial alliance set up by GHWB at end of Cold War. To control the world.

Nasseim Haramein.. Silent revolution for new energy is happening, but also at highest levels of industry. Moving away from petro oil systems. It’s coming. Understand it and support it.

Michael Salla… Full disclosure is more than new tech etc. But also there will be truths emerging about what’s been done to get humanity that will be “not so positive looking”. We’ll need to deal with the shock. Conflicting inoperatives. Need to remember truth and forgiveness. Full disclosure is intimately tired to the Ascension process.

Emery Smith… Was asked about his own personal contacts with ETs … They look just like us with small differences. They have a deep compassion for us. They must release this new tech in a measured process, We need to stop chopping each other’s heads off. Have thanks to Nasseim Haramein for help with new tech he has.

Look who showed up!!!! Jordan Sather!!!

Been waiting for two years to connect with Jordan and after it almost happened at Corey’s talk, I let go of the process and then as I was talking with someone at a table, I got a tap on the shoulder and… it was Jordan!

Fabulous to connect with a hug… finally!

Final Message

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  • Sorry to have to state this, but much of the Contact in The Desert information is miss-information. Bill Cooper (author of Behold a Pale Horse) proved that Linda Moulton Howe was (is) a CIA operative. The Progenitor = “Anti Creationism” message feeds the Masonic agenda and seeks to belittle God’s role in the creation of life in the universe. Be very careful whom you follow. Do your own research. The mind is a terrible thing to waste. Corey Goode has been debunked. The Gaia TV network is owned by master masons. Masons want the public to believe in an Alien Messiah. This is foretold in the Bible and book of Revelation and is referred to as “The Great Deception”. Much of the information from Contact in The Desert feeds the Great Deception initiative. Aliens are fallen angels. Demons. It’s why they flee when abductees call on the name of Jesus. This is fact. Google it. There is a much bigger agenda being pushed by Contact in The Desert celebreties. Read about some of that agenda here. Keep up the good work Event Chronicle. Thank you.


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