Large Circular Shadow Flies Past ISS In NASA Video

By Latest UFO Sightings

Conspiracy theorists have claimed anew about spotting an alien mothership flying past the International Space Station of NASA.

The footage shows part of the ISS looking out into a black space. All of a sudden, the environment starts to get lighter as some kind of circular object appears floating past the space station for no apparent reason.

As the shadow is lifted, it continues to get lighter and lighter.

Streetcap1 posted the video to their YouTube channel on March 19, Saturday. In the video caption, the uploader pointed that he was not sure if it was a massive mothership or an alien spacecraft, but he was certain that it was something strange.

The alien enthusiast pointed out the big shadow coming across the picture as the odd shape moved past the ISS.

Some viewers are convinced the video shows a mothership, but others are less convinced suspecting that it could be the filter in the camera moving out of the screen. The rest are saying that it is simply the sun’s light coming around.

One viewer, however, noticed that the background was completely obscured by the massive object, saying that it could not be a shadow.

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  1. As soon as the object on the left (part of ISS I would guess) starts to move upward, the shadow moves across the screen at an identical rate of speed. THIS IS WHAT’S CREATING THE SHADOW!!!!!

    Honestly, people need to resist the urge to post nonsense online just to get attention. I’m talking about the dude who posted this idiotic video, not the Event Chronicle staff.