UPDATE: Mass UFO Event Over Turkey Being Suppressed

(Stillness in the Storm Editor) Here’s what seems to be an intersting story that is allegedly being censored according to some tweets and YouTubers. As always discernment is advisable.

Secureteam10‘s below video reviews the situation. Apparently the Hashtag #UFOATTACKTOTURKEY was censored to some degree by Twitter after it escalated to the top of the charts when the story first broke. Allegedly the censorship is also taking place on Facebook and Youtube.

Corey Goode had this to say when he shared the video with me.

Partial Disclosure: white spheres seen all over the world. The em corona of ssp craft I warned ppl would start seeing a lot more.

Here’s the Securteam10 Video covering the censorship and UFO sightings:

And here are some tweets about the censored hashtag:

Here is some footage that looks very compelling:

And here are some images:

And here is the original Secureteam10 video of the event:

Source: Stillness in the Storm

Editor Note: The Event Chronicle does not consider Secure Team as a valid source of information. They have put out far too many questionable videos. While I do feel that some of their information is valid, they have a tendency to embellish and exaggerate, and I’ve seen far too many special effects used in their videos. This should not diminish the fact that something did indeed occur over Turkey this weekend, however.


“UFO Attack” In Turkey Captured On Camera

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