NASA: Former engineer claims extraterrestrials making rings around Saturn

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An engineer who previously worked at NASA Ames Research Center has claimed UFOs are hiding in the rings of Saturn.

A FORMER NASA engineer at the Ames Research Center claims aliens are in our solar system and they are creating rings around planets like Saturn.

Dr. Norman Bergrun, who previously worked at NASA Ames Research Center has recently made comments that UFOs are hiding in the rings of Saturn.

According to conspiracy theory channel, SecureTeam10, which obtained Bergrun’s comments, the alien ships have been here for some time.

“Alien spacecraft are proliferating in our solar system and around these ringed planets,” Bergrun is quoted as saying on the video.

Bergrun also noted the aircraft are by the other ringed-planets in the solar system, including Jupiter and Uranus.

SecureTeam 10, which has nearly 900,000 YouTube subscribers, often runs conspiracy theory-based videos. The organisation describes itself as the “source for reporting the best in new UFO sighting news, info on the space cover-up, and the strange activity happening on and off of our planet.”

Bergrun wrote the 1986 book entitled Ringmakers of Saturn. The book highlights that there are massive alien ships around Saturn (which Bergrun dubs “ring makers”), including ones which have actually created some of the rings around the gas giant.

Bergrun made similar claims about Saturn in 2016.

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  1. C’mon!! SECURETEAM10? really? you know who are they? all his info is 100% hoax and fakes, looks the mass-media like fox news or are buying the “info” of this hoaxers as “credible source”


    • I know, I know. This was my thought exactly. I’m not a fan of Secureteam10, at all. There were several other sources reporting the same piece, but after watching several videos Secureteam10 actually did the best job piecing all of the information together.