February 20, 2019

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This article is a summary of a fascinating interview I listened to by Richard Syrett on The Conspiracy show interviewing highly credentialed rocket scientist and plasma physicist Dr John Brandenburg PhD. The show was broadcast on July the 8th and was asking what evidence is there for a nuclear war on Mars and whether the path to extraterrestrial disclosure leads through Cydonia Mensa and the red planet.

Dr John Brandenburg PhD is author of  As a plasma physicist he’s worked in the fields of defence, Energy and space research and was part of the highly successful Clementine moon mission.

Brandenburg is perhaps most widely known for his research work on an ancient Martian civilisation and possible evidence for a nuclear war on Mars that may have destroyed it.

NASA’s Shady History. Cover Up Confirmed.

On August 27th, 1911 the New York Times Sunday
ran this story “Martians Build Two Immense Canals In Two Years” based on the research done by leading astronomer of the day Percival Lowell.

Syrett and Brandenburg discussed NASA’s shady history when comes to researching the red planet and how NASA expected to find evidence of Mars way back in 1958 when it was first formed. Brandenburg went on to state that there were many in the US Government who were followers of acclaimed astronomer Percival Lovell, Lovell was convinced of the existence of canals on Mars and thus it was part of NASA’s original remit, to send research missions to the red planet in order to find, what they fully expected to be a dead or dying civilisation.

In fact so prevalent was the opinion that intelligent life existed, or had existed on Mars, that even Werner Von Braun ex Nazi and father of the American Space Program was prompted to quip that any mission to Mars should include archaeologists among the crew.

Due to to the Cold War however, there was one caveat with this plan; Should any evidence of martian artifacts be discovered on the red planet, then it was to be suppressed. The stage was set between the desire to explore a new Earth like world in Mars on one hand, but to cover up and suppress any evidence of a Martian civilisation on the other.

I find it interesting that this mindset of secrecy and cover up- (which goes way beyond what is necessary to preserve national security) has been with us since the beginning. The cover up continues to this day, NASA in cahoots with other government agencies. It extends into the space program and encompasses the whole field of ufology.

Mariner 9’s photographs were evidence that running water had once been present on Mars

The interview then moved on to a discussion about NASA’s Mars missions during the 1960s and 1970’s, the first being Mariner 9 which was taking high resolution pictures from orbit and had found evidence of massive water erosion on the red planet, including canyons, lakes and deep channels ( of course it was all dried up now).

The Viking missions followed up in the mid 1970’s and according to Brandenburg ‘ in one mission, managed rewrite the entire book on Mars’.

The Picture That Changes Everything

The enigmatic face on Mars. When the face is considered in the wider context of other structures in the Cydonia Mensa region which all seem to share a complex geometric relationship, arguably it becomes harder to refute this structure as mere trick of the light.

The way the mission was planned was that Viking 1 would remain in orbit to study Mars, while Viking 2 landed on the surface to take samples. It was during this mission that the orbiting Viking 1 took what is perhaps one of the most extraordinary and controversial pictures of all time.

Relation ship of the face and surrounding structures

Flying over the Cydonia Mensa region of Mars Mars, Viking 1 took a picture that clearly seemed to show a face carved into some sort of rocky mesa and a 5 sided pyramid on the Martian surface. Intriguingly, these strangely artificial formations seemed to be part of a wider series of formations on the surface, which were connected by a complex geometry. it would seem that NASA had discovered the very thing they were afraid of and at this point the mechanism of cover-up began to kick in.

The wider Cydonia region further highlighting the complex geometry that exists here.

Brandenburg revealed that Viking 2 was originally destined to land in the Cydonia Mensa region, however at the last minute NASA hastily changed the landing place to a spot called Utopia which, as it turned out was not only a far riskier landing ground than Cydonia Mensa, but did not have the kind of conditions that might conceivably harbour life, which Cydonia was believed to have had; Ironically this quest for the evidence of life was the official stated aim of the Viking mission in the first place!

The bad feeling that this unplanned operational change caused between the scientists and NASA management team was immense, especially when the science team, who had hitherto believed they were the ones in charge of the Viking mission were overruled by a previously unknown shadowy group further up in the organisation.

Viking 2 was hastily redirected to land at ‘Utopia’, on a totally uninteresting pile of rocks

In a fit of pique, an act of Defiance, the scientists released the picture of the face without notifying or consulting anyone higher up in the food chain. This is the only reason why the picture of the face was not suppressed to begin with and is now in the public domain. NASA has spent the last 40 years trying to rebuke, debunk and ridicule any attempts to show that these pictures might show genuine archaeological anomalies on the Martian surface.

Suspicions that NASA had been covering up evidence of a past civilization on Mars appeared confirmed when NASA announced the launch of a second research probe to Mars, this time with a high resolution camera on board capable of taking far more detailed pictures than the Viking mission. The Face however was not one of the targets for NASA’s reconnaissance,they argued that its research priorities lay elsewhere. It was only after a public outcry that NASA reconsidered its plans to re photograph Cydonia Mensa, which the Mars orbiter did on 5th of April 1998.

Mars Orbiter A ‘Masterpiece Of Disinformation’

The Picture taken by Mars Orbiter 1998

Anticlimactically,  it would seem that these new pictures ‘confirmed’ what NASA had been saying all along, that the face on Mars was apparently nothing more then a lumpy Hill.

Not true claimed Prof Brandenburg who condemned the Mars Orbiter mission as a “masterpiece of disinformation”, claiming that these pictures were taken at completely different times and under different conditions to the original viking images, and were shot in such a way as to deliberately distort the true effect.

Nonetheless Brandenburg and his team claim to have successfully enhanced  copies of the ’98 Orbiter pictures – which revealed a wealth of detail that was hitherto unseen in the originals which  include ornamental decorations on the helmet and nostrils carved into the face.

He also cites pictures taken over Cydonia Mensa by the  2002 Odyssey mission which was run by the University of Arizona rather than NASA.  According to Brandenburg, the university were far more honest in their approach, and re took pictures of Cydonia at the same time and angle of the Viking pictures, with the resultant images coming back that seemed to vindicate the veracity of the ’76 mission.

Dr John Brandenburg has spent years studying these Martian anomaly’s and trying to persuade the government to take the subject seriously. In the field of extraterrestrial research he argues,

‘finding a dead civilization on Mars is a ‘soft landing for the human race because it’s not threatening.’

There is no existential threat to human existence when it comes to studying a dead civilisation. Brandenburg’s line of reasoning soon became clear as the conversation took a darker turn as talk turned to possible evidence of nuclear war on Mars.

Nuclear War On Mars?

When asked by interviewer Richard Syrett about what he thought might have caused the Martian civilization to end, Brandenburg revealed his own startling evidence to suggest that there had been a nuclear war on Mars in the distant past and that this ancient Martian civilisation was destroyed in a terrible nuclear holocaust!

There is, he said a ‘massive disconnect here’. The evidence from at least 4 martian archeological sites so far identified, suggests a bronze age equivalent culture, which means they must have been destroyed by another as yet unknown E.T civilisation.

When Carl Sagan suggested that extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence, he might as well have been referring to Brandenburg’s hypotheses. Brandenburg referenced his earlier career working for the government in the field of atmospheric monitoring, to detect and measure nuclear weapons which had been detonated in the atmosphere, specifically recording spikes in the levels of a nuclear isotope called Xenon 129.  Xenon 129 is a unique signature and can only be found as a result of a nuclear detonation.

Xenon 129:  Fingerprint Of  A Nuclear War On Mars.

When a nuclear explosion occurs Brandenburg explained,  it is akin to a man-made supernova and the compounds and isotopes produced by an atomic bomb are very specific. You get intense high energy neutron bombardments of heavy elements such as uranium and thorium, another one of these heavy elements is Xenon 129, it is the proverbial ‘ smoking gun’ element. A nuclear reactor for example produces no Xenon 129  whatsoever, you only get Xenon 129 created in a nuclear explosion.

Brandenburg had already discovered that the Martian atmosphere contained large amounts of Xenon 129, and by working out the signatures and decay rates of other radioactive isotopes associated with a nuclear explosion he concluded that this nuclear war on Mars must have occurred approximately 200 to 300 million years ago  involving at least two devices of  absolutely enormous explosive yield!

In fact and the only reason artifacts and archaeology might still be preserved on the martian surface is because the size of the explosions was so huge that they were effectively planet killers. Mars went into a deep freeze immediately after the event and everything was flash frozen preventing further erosion.

Brandenburg found this evidence for a possible nuclear war on Mars so alarming that he attempted to raise his concerns at the Pentagon, he described a meeting with a D.O.D representative who was very helpful and let him know that the Pentagon ‘Mars’ desk would be very interested in what he had to say.

Say What!!! The pentagon has a Mars desk?  Brandenburg was incredulous, here was another classic example of government double speak in action, publicly claiming not to be interested in Mars, but behind the scenes there was an absolute obsession with the subject.

Existential threat: Is The Disclosure Hand Being Forced?

After presenting his brief to the Pentagon representative, Brandenburg heard nothing for ages. Then after  approximately 6 months he was contacted by another government agency and given implied consent to publish his findings, the unspoken narrative being that this revelation concerning nuclear war on Mars and a martian civilisation would set in motion the process of disclosure.

In the final minutes of the interview, Richard and John ranged over a few other pertinent topics including the AATIP revelations of late 2017, with Brandenburg reiterating just how unprecedented this sort of information release by the D.O.D actually was.  It was, he hinted darkly – and with an implied sense of inside knowledge, as if humanity was about to face some sort of existential crisis in the near future and that  perhaps this is the reason why the disclosure agenda is now being rolled out by our governments.

Of Mars itself, it seems these days hardly a week  passes without some  new  information coming out about how earth like and climatically tolerant Mars was in the past. We’ve been told about the water, had the evidence that Mars once was a warm wet world and only last week news that scientists have discovered liquid water under the surface of the southern polar ice cap.

I think it’s very conceivable that life evolved on Mars and if Earth is any anything to go by, that life could well have evolved into an intelligent civilized race that rose to build monuments, pyramids and a sophisticated  Bronze -age equivalent culture.

A culture which perhaps rivaled or even surpassed what our own ancient ancestors achieved. It is a tragic thought that perhaps the horror of nuclear war on Mars destroyed these beings just as they were getting started.

And what kind of barbarians would choose to so utterly destroy a race of beings clearly more primitive than them that it destroyed all life on their world as well? Perhaps this is the reason for disclosure that Brandenburg is hinting at, perhaps the threat is returning.

This article (Nuclear War On Mars? Investigating NASA’s Martian Cover Up) was originally published on Stranger Times and syndicated by The Event Chronicle

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