The Occult Extraterrestrial War – America’s Secret Space Fleet

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America’s Secret Space Fleet – is it protection against alien invasion or a creation itself of malevolent aliens? Since 2015 NAVY engineer William Tompkins has made astounding claims that he personally participated in designing kilometers-long battle cruisers for the clandestine “Military Industrial Complex.” But even more astounding is his revelation that our planet has been a battleground for warring extraterrestrial cultures for thousands of years. The result has been wars, destruction and attempts to hinder our progress. Has hidden knowledge of this galactic war and alien exploitation of Earth been the greatest occult secret of all time?


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  1. Finally!…something exposing the SSP as an EVIL evil entity NOT involved in anything good for mankind…Remember WHAT former president Kennedy said of the word “Secrecy”???
    WHO, is showing up at Antartica lately??? and WHY are they trying to “Sell” mankind on the need for “weapons” to acquire what we want, when highly advanced beings have NO NEED for them at all because they can “Create” what they want???