Paul Hellyer In-Depth interview on Disclosure 2017

Former Minister of Defense Paul Hellyer on Disclosure & more!

Former Canadian Minister of Defense, author and Minister of Transport, the honorable Paul Hellyer does an in-depth interview with “The HANNIBAL TV” discussing his extensive careers working in Parliament, with the Government, in the military and Politics. His thoughts on the 3 Prime Ministers of Canada he worked directly with. What has made him so passionate about the disclosure subject, why he is convinced the US Government knows more about UFO’s and alien beings then they let on to the public, why he believes there is Alien interest in atomic warfare, why mainstream media mostly takes the position that UFO’s are a joke, his response to public criticism about his beliefs, thoughts on the Sept 11 attack in New York and much more!

Recorded in Toronto 08/12/2017

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  1. Hate to break this news to you, but Paul Hellyer is a Mason of the highest order. He is a member of the Knights of Malta. In many videos of Paul he silently signals via emblems or other insignia his allegiance. I have no evidence for the following, but it would not surprise me if Paul is not well above the 33rd degree, and heavily involved in the Protocols of Zion world wide implementation. Paul is promoting the alien, panspermia misinformation because it undermines the Biblical creation narrative. Hence, his message is implicity anti-christ. In these end times, it is up to all of us to work together to discern truth. I understand that these types of challenges are very difficult to accept due to cognitive dissonance, but all is not what it seems. The David Wilcocks, Corey Goodes, Stephen Greer, and yes, even Paul Hellyer have done a lot of damage by programming people’s minds, moved people away from Christ, and furthered the Masonic agenda. Look it up, Ascension is a huge part of Masonic teachings. You have a great website, and you have done, and are doing great work. You are over the target when you highlight pizza gate, and the Deep State planetary control mechanisms, and this why such types of information are being suppressed. In contrast, the Alien message is promoted by Hollywood and by useful idiots who promote the CIA misinformation. You will not find any alien information on YouTube being suppressed, but Pizza Gate – well that’s a different situation entirely. Ask yourself why?