Richard Dolan Breaks Down Doty and DeLonge

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Richard Dolan is our guest and we are going to break down the Richard Doty surprise phone call into Fade to Black on February 1st, 2018…and we will also discuss the recent Tom DeLonge/TTSA revelations and their use of a balloon UFO image to raise funds and sell stock in his new company…this is a true Not-to-Miss show!


This article (Richard Dolan On Fade To Black February 15th) was originally published on Jimmy Church Radio and syndicated by The Event Chronicle


Who is Richard Doty?

Mirage Men is a documentary released in 2013 that tells the story of Richard Doty, a retired special agent with the Air Force Office of Special Investigations (AFOSI). Doty’s job with AFOSI was to be a full-time liar, spreading disinformation and causing mass confusion within the UFO community, ruining a few lives along the way. This is a factual case study of our own government systematically and blatantly lying to us regarding the UFO phenomenon. Furthermore, it explains the truth behind all the UFO sightings that have occurred in America since WW2, being that it was the UAV/drone program. (source)

Mirage Men Official Trailer

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