Special Report: Cosmic Disclosure – From Venus to Antarctica – Summary and Analysis

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By Justin Deschamps

In the second and final part in the Corey Goode update sub-series, Goode shares more about his less than positive interactions with the Wrangler, Gonzales’ attempts to visit Ancient Builder race facilities, a reconnaissance mission he and the inner-Earth priestess Kaaree completed, and a message from the Blue Avian Raw-Teir-Eir regarding the coming shift or ascension.

In the previous episode, Goode revealed that he was abducted by the lower-level secret space program (SSP) who performed a chemical interrogation wherein he inadvertently identified three SSP Alliance assets, one of whom was Lt. Col. Gonzales. In the past, Gonzales and Goode enjoyed friendly relations as colleagues in the SSP Alliance, yet after this event, Gonzales became increasingly hostile towards Goode. Gonzales was rescued by the inner-Earth Anshar group before suffering harm but the other two assets leaked were compromised, one being killed and the other having gone missing. The loss of Gonzales’ associates, combined with a severing of communication with his superiors in the SSP Alliance and the loss of his cover life on Earth cause Gonzales to lose equanimity and become reactive. Although Goode is troubled by Gonzales’ unnecessary aggressiveness, he realizes that Gonzales was emotionally reactive and not thinking clearly.

Before continuing with this aspect of the update, Goode shared that he was taken to a base in the Kuiper belt to see Gonzales and Kaaree some time after Gonzales was asked to leave the inner-Earth Anshar city. At this base, Goode met with a man calling himself the Wrangler, a Drill Sargent-type asset within the SSP Alliance given the task of motivating operatives who had fallen short in their eyes. During that meeting, Gonzales and the Wrangler provided sparse intelligence to Goode wherein it was revealed that the Cabal has been fleeing to secret bases in Antarctica and South America for several weeks. David Wilcock confirmed via his sources (Pete Peterson and Bruce) that the Cabal was moving technology and supplies to a safe location because certain Earth-based Alliances were making plans to take them out in North America and Europe.

Goode describes a massive subterranean network of naturally forming tunnels located at the ridge intersections of the Earth’s crust. These tunnels allow the Cabal and other groups to transport cargo and assets from one location to another. Enormous black-subs the size of container ships are used to transport items to these southern bases where the Cabal has been fleeing to over the past several weeks. They are attempting to flee for several reasons. One already mentioned are the threats from the Earth Alliances. Another is their fear of a solar event or shift, the very same event the Sphere Beings Alliance arrived in the solar system to help with. Given this move, the suggestion is that this energetic event that has been described as the Rapture, The Event, and the Ascension is close-at-hand.

Prior to this briefing, Gonzales had made two attempts to visit bases with working Ancient Builder race technology. Goode shares that when Gonzales was still staying with the inner-Earth Anshar (prior to this meeting with the Wrangler), he and the priestess Kaaree traveled to Venus and a base near Saturn where he was turned away by a non-living Sentinel who said he lacked humility. During the Venus encounter, Gonzales was able to glimpse some Ancient Builder race technology that used a kind of holographic glass to project a series of ascending symbols on a vertical incline. After Gonzales’ failed attempts to gain entry to these bases, he and Kaaree returned to the Anshar city, and shortly after, he was asked to leave due to his suspicious and dishonorable behavior. After Goode’s meeting with him and the Wrangler in the Kuiper Belt, Gonzales was sent to the Mayan breakaway group for healing.

Goode reveals other information about Venus, saying it has always been a strictly enforced no-fly zone, going as far back as his time in the Solar Warden program from 1987 to 2007. And he says there are SSP-run research facilities floating in the skies there.

Goode’s accidental leak of three SSP Alliance assets, as mentioned in the previous episode, caused many problems for the Alliance. Heretofore, they were using Goode and Wilcock as outlets for disseminating actionable intelligence to covertly placed SSP Alliance operatives on Earth. Gonzales, prior to his outing by Goode, enjoyed relative anonymity, interfacing with surface-level assets. However, as a result of Goode’s outing, the SSP Alliance was unable to complete aspects of their manifold mission, and presumably. the SSP Alliance council via their proxy agent the Wrangler were attempting to force Goode to take Gonzales’ place.

The Wrangler convinced Goode to agree to a “chemical debrief” which was essentially another chemical interrogation. Goode shares that the chemicals involved were much more painful and had he known how traumatic these sessions would be, he never would have agreed to them. After a series of eight or nine meetings wherein Goode was brought before the Wrangler, an offer was made under duress to coerce Goode into becoming a replacement for Gonzales, wherein Goode would be provided a modest level of material support. Goode did not directly respond to this offer, and was later informed by Raw-Teir-Eir in a private meeting that Teir-Eir informed the SSP Alliance—through Gonzales—that Goode would not be accepting the offer. In addition, Goode was informed by Teir-Eir that he will no longer be abducted by the Wrangler or subject to further intimidation tactics.

The Muhammad Accords agreed to shortly after the appearance of the Islamic prophet Muhammad. Prior to this development, members of the Super Federation of non-terrestrial races were in open conflict with each other and making direct contact with the native surface population of humanity. These conflicts came at a great cost to these groups at the time, and in an effort to prevent further losses, all groups—benevolent or otherwise—formed a treaty. The Draco Alliance was part of this treaty, which since that time has been honored—more or less—by members of the Super Federation. But according to Goode, as revealed by Kaaree, an effort to renegotiate the Accords was being made. In the meeting Goode had with Raw-Teir-Eir, towards the end of his most recent off-world encounters, he was informed that the meetings were not taking place because the Draco refused to attend the negotiations. But Kaaree notified Goode that this type of grandstanding and theater was a common feature of their dealings with the Draco, and in time talks would most likely proceed.

Moving back to an earlier point in the narrative, Goode discusses a trip he and Kaaree made to the planet Venus, in an attempt to visit the Ancient Builder race outpost previously seen by Gonzales. He and Kaaree departed from an inner-Earth city in an advanced shuttle-type spacecraft with an intuitive user interface. After lifting off, they quickly entered the orbit of Venus but stopped their approach due to being confronted by several unknown kilometer-sized cigar-shaped craft. After some unintelligible discussions between Kaaree and the other craft, they are turned away and proceed to the next part of their mission, a reconnaissance flight to Antarctica.

Departing the orbit of Venus, the shuttle quickly arrives at Earth and makes a rapid descent to the nightside area of the southernmost continent. The shuttlecraft had the ability to make itself transparent, allowing occupants to see through the bulkheads with ease and gaze upon the vistas presented during flight, which Goode said was a sight to behold. They flew quickly over the surface of the sea passing through a holographic wall-of-ice and meandering through a series of frozen tunnel ways that open up to a lake beneath an ice-capped surface. After some distance, they arrived at the subterranean industrial-base run by the Cabal. The facility is located under a naturally occurring pocket between the rocky surface and antarctic ice cap. Littered throughout caverns, embedded in the ice walls and strewn on the floor, are enormous H blocks very similar to features of the Puma Punku site in Peru, presumably left by an ancient culture prior to the continents encasement in glacial ice. Goode could see massive black-subs unloading cargo and triangular shaped spacecraft resting close to the cavern floor.

Goode was in awe of the sheer magnitude of what he saw, saying that the base seemed to have been progressively expanded over a long period of time. At this time, he wondered to himself how many of these bases were under the ice, at which point the shuttlecraft’s intuitive interface produced a series of holographic displays with the pertinent information he subliminally requested. He saw a map of Antarctica with several locations highlighting where other bases were located. Previously, Kaaree had warned him not to be distracted by the ship and its “intuitive technology.” Goode quickly decided to redirect his attention to their mission of reconnaissance, avoiding the displays and continuing to gaze out of the transparent shuttlecraft.

The shuttle moved towards the surface of the volcanic lake formed by thermal vents located under the icy surface of Antarctica. Goode said the body of water was huge, and as they made their way over it, Goode saw a colossal opening in the cavern’s ice ceiling where volcanically heated air was escaping. The ship quickly descended into the water at this point, going deep below the surface. After some time, they approached a large set of meandering ridges that eventually led to a breathtakingly tall archway built into the rock. The size of the archway was inconceivably large, with black subs seen moving into the entrance that looked like small grains in comparison to the archway opening. Shortly after this encounter, the ship returns to the surface of the Antarctic sea where the craft enters a portal and their voyage ends.

As discussed earlier, Goode had a private meeting with Raw-Teir-Eir in a blue sphere. Goode was able to see the massive sphere network being used to dampen in-streaming cosmic energies, which were buzzing with activity that he said looked like static electricity. It was during this meeting that Teir-Eir informed Goode he would no longer be abducted by the Wrangler and that the renegotiations of the Muhammad Accords were not taking place. But in a staggering admission by Teir-Eir, he informed Goode that when the people of Earth begin to see dead family members appearing to them en masse, then this would indicate that the solar event or ascension is close-at-hand.


Due to the matter-of-fact nature of this episode, no overarching analysis will be provided. However, I have embedded commentary within the transcript of this episode.

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Overview of Corey Goode, the Secret Space Program Alliance, and the Sphere Being Alliance:Corey Goode is a Secret Space Program (SSP) insider and whistleblower that began disclosing information in 2009 under the pseudonym GoodETxSG. In 2014, he started revealing a great deal more information in an effort to prepare humanity for what he calls data dumps, set to occur at an opportune moment in the future. Much of the information he provides comes from Smart Glass Pads, iPad-like devices supplied to SSP personnel for information dissemination purposes. This will be a groundbreaking event, revealing the totality of Earth’s history and the activities of the Cabal which will ultimately lead to a truth and reconciliation style tribunal to hold criminal elements accountable for wrongdoing. Additionally, the SSP Alliance intends on releasing all of the hidden technology to the people in preparation for a Star Trek-type golden age civilization.

According to Goode, the Cabal or the secret Earth government and their syndicates (as termed by the SSP Alliance) have enslaved humanity under a false paradigm of a technological advancement, while secretly developing incredible technology (a Star Trek level of advancement) used to colonize the solar system and beyond, engaging in trade with thousands of extraterrestrial races.

Space programs have been developed in secret all throughout Earth’s history, and in many cases, groups broke away from the main culture forming what is called a Breakaway Civilization. Some of these civilizations have existed in secret, on Earth and beyond for, thousands of years. The Agartha Network is one such group that claims to be the original human race. It was this group in addition to the Draco Alliance, that made contact with a secret German space program in the early 20th Century…

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