“UFO Attack” In Turkey Captured On Camera

Footage of a ‘UFO attack’ in Turkey sent social media users into a frenzy on Sunday night, as thousands of residents captured a cluster of UFOs in the night sky.

The #ufoattackturkey hashtag began trending on Twitter as panicked users from different parts of the country shared images taken on their mobile phones of the unidentified flying objects.

One user uploaded a video that appears to show a loud explosion occuring as they investigated the mysterious lights in the sky.


Other users on Twitter suggested that the UFOs could be part of a secret military exercise.

An hour after the story began trending on Twitter, the social media giant removed all references of it from their “trends” section, with some photo’s and tweets removed entirely.

Below are a selection of photo’s and video’s we found on Twitter:

ufo-attack-tweet-1 ufo-attack-tweet-2 ufo-attack-tweet-3 ufo-attack-tweet-4 ufo-attack-tweet-5

This is a breaking story. We will update it as more information becomes available.

Editor Note: The Event Chronicle does not consider Secure Team as a valid source of information. They have put out far too many questionable videos. While I do feel that some of their information is valid, they have a tendency to embellish and exaggerate, and I’ve seen far too many special effects used in their videos. This should not diminish the fact that something did indeed occur over Turkey this weekend, however.


  1. Is this possibly the staged “Alien” Invasion many have spoke of over the years? And which some have said in very recent months/weeks/days, that the cabal will be invoking to try and save their positions/control?

    • I’m on the fence about that because according to Cobra, Project Bluebeam is no longer a possibility. I do think we are beginning to have more sightings in the skies and I think they will continue to increase as the space war heats up and the cabal becomes more desperate.

      “Project Bluebeam is not possible any more because we erased it from the surface of the planet so it will not happen.”

      — Cobra, March 2014

      • Yes i recall that. These are potentially what few craft the cabal have left under their control. But we wont know for sure. Maybe they are the SSP “Good guys” But yet again we wont know for certain.
        I did see two craft only days ago, they were dark spheres, that changed shape to squares, then possibly oblong, but would shine brighlty on one side. They glided silently through the sky at around 3 – 4 miles in the air. This was at nearly 15:00 UK time
        I recall Cobra mentioning a short while ago, that the veil was coming down further. Maybe this is one reason we can see them. Interesting times

        • Thanks for sharing your recent sighting with us! I always love to hear from people when they see something in the sky. It’s been a few years since I’ve seen a spaceship myself. There are a lot of clouds this time of year in Seattle and although I live 35 miles from the International airport, I’m at the tail-end of the flightpath so the combination of these factors really interfere with my UFO watching. I think people would experience more sightings if they only took the time to look up. 😉

          I monitor a lot of UFO websites and video channels. There definitely seems to be an uptick in sightings over the past few weeks.