UFO Disclosure Discussion 2018: DoD / Tom Delonge / CNN / CIA / Whistleblowers

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Neil of Portal to Ascension, Leonard of Orion Rising & Omar of Watchers Talk have an open forum discussion about UFO disclosure and how 2018 will look.

Miriam Delicado from Blue Star Prophecy joins us. The panelist offer an in depth discussion about UFO disclosure and the implications of a world where we all know the truth of the Extraterrestrial presence.

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1 Comment

  1. There is another obvious scenario that always seems to be overlooked. The Guardian Alliance indicated way back in 1998 that unenlightened Et’s had us in a stalemate of sorts. First, it is dangerously naive to assume that ET’s that come from afar are most likely benevolent for if they were malevolent they would have already destroyed us and taken this planet as their own.

    What is not being discussed is the fact the 1) the Angelic Human race was created as a replacement race to the Azurite race who have been Guardians the Universal Templar system of Stargates. We Angelic Humans were created with a full 12 strand Diamond Sun DNA configuration which when working properly give the Human race access 12 dimensions of consciousness when fully active, and access to ALL 12 the universal Stargates. We are prized and honored by many Kristic races who adhere to the Law of One.

    2) Earth is also Universal Star Gate #3 and our Sun is Universal Star gate #4, which gives this solar system and in particular Earth grate prominence within this Universal Veca.

    3) Unenlightened ETs covet this place which is Universal Stargate #3 because if they could take control of this planet they believe they would have access to a vast number of solar systems and entire territories and perhaps even the entire galaxy. A massive amount of real estate would be theirs if they could only take control of earth.

    4) They have a problem, however, we Angelic HUmans with our unique 12 strand DNA configuration are indelibly connected to the workings of the Planetary Templar and its 12 stargates. During a Stellar Activation cycle which occurs once every 26,556 years, the stargate on the planet open and ultra high frequencies enter the planetary grids. Without the angelic human race physically present on the planet to “ground” these incoming frequencies during a “consummated ascension cycle” the planet herself would literally “blow up”

    In order to obtain the planet, they need a certain number of angelic Humans on the planet in order to act as transducers of these higher frequencies in order to prevent pole shift from occurring as our planetary grids are so damaged at this time from aeons of Fallen Angelic tampering and warring amongst themselves over possession of this Sacred Planet.

    5) Becuase highly advanced ET races could easily win a war if it should come to all-out-war, the unenlightened ETs and their technology would decimate vast numbers of the population as well as incite massive damage to the planet itself. They would go down fighting and the unawaked massed would suffer hugely. Something the enlighted races have been attempting to avoid and yet still try to assist us in our awakening in hopes that we would remember in time and grasp that mantle of responsibility as Guardians of the Universal Templar.

    This is indeed a very delicate situation we have on our hans here gentleman.