UFO Gathers Energy at Earth’s Sun

Date of discovery: Sept 21, 2016 04:06
Location of discovery: Earths Sun

This UFO was found by MyUnhauzen74 of Youtube. He keeps an eye on SOHO images and videos and posts videos of his discoveries almost daily. Here he has found a UFO that has a beam moving toward a small round UFO closer to the suns surface.


The beam may be a weapon, but I believe its a tractor beam to pull the UFO away from the sun. These smaller UFOs may be harvesting drones that gather a particular type of energy and then deliver it to the mothership for transporting. Do you notice the small round UFO that is in the lower part of the beam? This is evidence to that theory.

— Scott C. Waring

Source: UFO Sightings Daily

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  1. Amazing footage. Just imagine the size of the smaller craft compared to Earth. it must be near the same size, if only fractionally smaller. Then it blows my mind the size of the larger craft. It must be many tens of times larger than.
    Would be nice to actually meet our galactic cousins. But will it be in our lifetime