Awesome! These Mailbox Stickers Tell Your Neighbors What They Can Borrow

I love this idea, too! What a great way to encourage cooperation and foster a sense of community that seems to be lacking between neighbors these days. Although this kind of reminds me of the old ‘Hobo Code‘ *chuckle*, I think it’s a great idea! — Editor

(Higher Perspective) A Switzerland-based project called Pumpipumpe is encouraging neighborhoods to build a greater sense of community by placing stickers on their mailbox to indicate what goods they have to loan to their neighbors. I. Love. This. Idea.

As community-oriented as I am, I don’t know most of my neighbors. It’s not a matter of intimidation or thinking they’re not friendly, but it’s simply because I’ve never really needed to know all of my neighbors. We’re all quiet. We stay out of each others’ hair. But my neighborhood could be more than that, as could yours I’m guessing.

This idea targets that notion that neighborhoods can be closer and work together. This project first started as a way for cyclists to know which houses have a bike pump just in case they got a flat, but it’s become more than that. Now people who want to take part can illustrate that they’re willing to loan out lawn mowers, toys, costumers, and even wifi.

I think it raises a good question about how we treat stuff too. Why does every home in every neighborhood need to have a lawn mower? Or a power drill? I guess in a way it doesn’t make sense. What are your thoughts on this?

More info: Pumpipumpe

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Source: Higher Perspective

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