Denmark Just Set The World Record For Wind Power Consumption

Denmark obtained 42% of its electricity from wind last year, smashing the world record.

Last year, the country of Denmark made headlines when it generated 140% of its energy needs in one day. Now, the Scandinavian country is in the news again for setting the world record for the amount of wind energy consumed in a year.

According to the state-owned energy company Energinet, Denmark consumed an astounding 42.1% of its energy needs with wind power in 2015.

Although more wind energy was added to the grid last year, reports The Guardian, the major gain was because of a windier year than usual. This kept the turbines spinning and generating more electricity year round.

In 2014, Denmark was already obtaining an impressive 39.1% of its energy needs via wind power. Now, the country is one step closer to meeting its goal of having 50% of its energy demand satisfied by wind power in 2020.

Lars Christian Lilleholt, the country’s minister for energy, utilities and climate, commented:

“Hopefully, Denmark can serve as an example to other countries that it is possible to have both ambitious green policies with a high proportion of wind energy and other renewables in the energy supply, and still have a high security of supply and competitive prices on electricity.”

Treehugger reports that western Denmark exceeded its demand for energy by sixty days last year. That surplus energy didn’t go to waste, however. The producers sell excess energy to consumers in Norway, Sweden, and Germany. In return, Denmark buys surplus hydroelectric power from Norway, solar energy from Germany and power station electricity from Sweden when needed.

The reciprocal arrangements benefit every country, as many European nations have renewable energy targets. For example, Sweden aims to be the first fossil-fuel free nation, and Scotland hopes to hit 100% renewable electricity by 2020.

If the neighboring nations continue to rely on each others’ energy surpluses, the task of transitioning to clean energy worldwide will become an easier one.

Source: True Activist

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