This is the Free College You Are Looking For

By Regan Keely

There is perhaps one thing we can all agree on: education is important.

What if free university classes were available to everyone, giving them access to the most prestigious schools in the country, academic-level resources, and the ability to network with fellow peers and professors?

In 2017, all of these things are possible. Free college-level classes exist in abundance and are only growing.

Watch my video for more information, or if you want to get straight to it check out the links below to a few databases of free online college classes!

Links to resources:

12 Dozen Places to Educate Yourself Online for Free

Choose from Over 10,000 Free Online Classes

20 Ways to Enjoy Free Online Learning and Classes: MOOCs and More

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  1. Scott Jefferson on

    Thank you Regan
    That was really informative and important info. Good job spreading the word on what not many people know, but should. You are a joy to listen to, and I see great things for your future.