These Headphones Will Allow You To Understand Any Language 

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By Alanna Ketler

Google’s Pixel 2 event in San Francisco last Wednesday had a lot of cool stuff to show off. Most of it was what you might expect: updated smartphone technology, home speakers, body cameras etc., but something else was also unveiled, something that is actually truly capable of changing the world as we know it. Google revealed a pair of wireless headphones, but not just any wireless headphones, but ones containing built in language translation software with the ability to translate between 40 different languages — in real time.

We have seen many promises of this in the past, but so far this technology has been unavailable to us. Just imagine what this technology can truly offer us — it has the power to fundamentally change how we communicate across the globe and at the very least, could make travel to foreign places a whole lot simpler.

These headphones, however, are designed for use exclusively with Google’s new Pixel 2 handset and once the headphones are paired, you can tap the earpiece on the right and voice a command to the ‘Google Assistant’ that is installed on the Pixel 2. These headphones can play your music, give you directions, make a phone call, and assist you to speak Japanese, or Korean, Spanish, French, Mandarin etc.

All you need to do is voice your command, “Help me speak Japanese,” and then start saying what you’d like translated in English; the speakers will then output the translated words as you speak them. If the person with whom you are speaking then replies the translation of what they are saying, it will then play back to you in your ear in your own language. As simple as that. In the video below, we see this technology put to use, and there is essentially no lag-time, so this is actually more useful then you may even realize, take a look:

Of course issues such as bad service, WiFi connectivity, background noise and other interruptions will have to be put to test to see just how effective this technology is.

In the realm of language translation software we’ve actually come a long way in a very short period of time. Just 20 years ago, an online company known as ‘Altavista’s Babel Fish’ provided us with a very basic online translation software that wasn’t the most helpful, but was certainly better than nothing. From there we evolved to where we are today with many apps that will translate and speak the words back to you with the proper accent, but now, this potential feels limitless, and this software is just going to keep evolving from here.

Something To Consider

Although this technology is super cool, and the capability really offers us tremendous potential, it would be wise to consider the impact of having a wireless device in your ear for an extended period of time. Being too connected to technology greatly maximizes your exposure to electromagnetic frequencies, which can be harmful to your body.

Technology can offer us some amazing advancements to our society, and assist us with many barriers that we are currently faced with, but we also have to remember to keep ourselves separate from it as well. Disconnecting and unplugging from tech, and getting into nature is so important to help you ground yourself and connect to the natural energies of the earth, without a layer of distraction. Of course, it’s near impossible to completely disconnect from all frequencies, but it is still wise to go without your phone, computer, television from time to time.

I see this device being very useful and practical for what it will come to be known for, language translation software, not necessarily keeping in your ears from dusk ’till dawn. Just don’t forget to use your own discernment as it is easy to get carried away with these new and exciting technologies.

Much Love

This article (These Headphones Will Allow You To Understand Any Language) was originally published on Collective Evolution and syndicated by The Event Chronicle


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