February 21, 2019

Meet the Walmart of eye glasses. Did you know that a single company controls 80% of all glasses and sunglasses brands?

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Natural Blaze Editor’s Note: As someone who is severely nearsighted, I always wondered why my glasses were at least $440 (not including eye exams or even frames). That’s the lowest price I could pay if I got discount frames at $15 at an online outlet. (Severe nearsightedness nearly always kicks you out of Lasik eye surgery candidacy.)

Unfortunately, aside from healing your eyesight there isn’t much one can do since the glasses industry is more monopolized than Walmart is to the grocery stores!

The Event Chronicle Editor’s Note: As someone who is mildly nearsighted with astigmatism, I’m able to purchase inexpensive frames and lenses via many online discount retailers.

I picked up my last pair of glasses through EyeBuyDirect for a grand total of $27.51! This price also included an a case.

I actually prefer these glasses over my $350 Costco glasses because they don’t weigh as much and don’t give my that “fish-bowl” effect that more expensive lenses sometimes have. For a few extra dollars you can get a special coating that blocks out blue light which is helpful at night if you’re sensitive to artificial light like I am.

Use this link to EyeBuyDirect and coupon code IFRNIW54J1 to receive an extra discount when you check out.

This article (The Conspiracy Behind Your Glasses) was originally published on TruTV and syndicated by The Event Chronicle. Found via Natural Blaze.


  • I’ve been buying from glasses from Zenni Optical.com online for the last 2 years. The quality is just as good as the expensive ones from any optical store.

  • GLASSES. This article seems to be sidestepping what’s going on with the glasses market.
    HUFFINGTON.COM did an article on LUXOTICCA who have the monopoly on the glasses market. Start of this article seems to be leading there then it stops.
    Apparently Luxoticca have 80% of the market – so whether you are buying PRADA,etc.. it will be Luxoticca who makes them.
    I have seen an absolute FLOOD in the shops of cheap glasses – from £10 to £1 ! This makes them accessible for every budget.
    Effect: I have experienced headaches, brain fog, poor memory etc. wearing these cheapos.
    People seem to need stronger lenses after a short period of time.
    So, to hear that one company has the monopoly on glasses is no surprise to me.

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