Famous Holistic Lyme MD Who Battled The Government Dies In Accident

By Erin Elizabeth

It is with a heavy heart that I announce the death of Dr John Greg Hoffmann, a well known Lyme MD from Wisconsin who allegedly died from injuries in a car accident as has just been announced publicly.

Here is a post from one of his verified patients on their Facebook account. I started receiving letters this morning from his patients and thus far all who wrote me are questioning the manner of his death, though for all I know it could be accidental.

There are countless reviews like this found online as well. Every single one of his reviews I can find online is five stars. He sounds like he was an extraordinary man.

His patients were left without a doctor before when the government took away his license but apparently he fought and got it back. Now again they’ve lost him forever. I am truly truly sorry for their loss. My heart also goes out to all friends and family.

From a patient:

Patient/WARRIOR of the beloved Dr Hoffman

“Once again, I wake up to loss. This morning I found out that Dr. John Hoffmann, the doctor who diagnosed me CORRECTLY with Lyme Disease, passed away in a car accident coming home from a cabin up north.

Doc Hoffmann gave me hope. He extended my lifespan by at LEAST 3 years because he gave me theinformation I needed to get started treating Lyme.

I got my hands and arms back, 50% of my energy back, my internal body temperature went from 96 to 98, my30 year long depression left, and I got rid of a rash that I had had for a long time JUST BASED on the INFO

he gave me. And it cost me a whopping $125 in doctor fees and he even threw in a free B12 shot.

That man loved his patients and gave many their lives back in health.

He was persecuted GREATLY by other doctors who spread lies about him to discredit him because he was healing their patients.

People traveled from all around the world to have him as their doctor. Please pray for these people. They

are now doctor-less and have lost their access to treatment. Many willdie because he died.

She closed with… God rest your soul, Doc Hoffmann.

Daily Kos Piece about his alternative outside the box practice and methods and fighting for his license

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