“The Truth About Vaccines” 7-Day Documentary Series Begins April 12th (Free To Watch)

New “Tell-All” Docu-Series Investigates The “Pro VS Anti Vaccine” Debate So That You Can Make An Informed Decision And Protect Your Child.

Begins April 12th at 9pm Eastern / 6pm Pacific

7 Episodes in 7 Days

60 Top Health Experts Dive deep into the science on both sides of the debate

Same producers who brought you the ground breaking documentary education films “The Truth About Cancer”.

Watch All 7 Episodes For Free Using This Link:

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  1. bwaa ha ha. what debate. your joking right. many now know vaccines are part of a agenda of evil, depopulation, sterlize women, put nano-tech in us to change our dna, tracking and way, way more. the ama, cdc, fda and pharmacy industry is owned by the rockefellers. it is all linked to chemtrails, gmo’s and on and on. humanity is under attack on every level possible