Agartha Alliance Disclosure

Agartha Alliance Disclosure

The disclosures keep coming! I can hardly contain my excitement because it looks (and feels) as if everything is finally coming together! This is a rather interesting post from the Agatha Alliance this morning. I suspect we will be hearing more information from this source in the very near future.

The following information was posted on May 21, 2015, but the date referenced is August 15, 2014, so I’m not exactly sure what’s going on with the discrepancy. I’ll see if I can get some clarification and update this post.

NOW would be a very good time to begin preparing for The Event if you have not done so already (see related links at the end of this post). — Editor



I’ve had to keep my mouth shut for 5 years. I was (casually) threatened with death if I spoke. I got permission to talk last week. (August 15th)

Contact in Macau


The contact started in Macau, South China, with a topside diplomat who’d gone through training since the age of 7. He was surface born, but he had permission to go to the subterranean world. Now, let me be clear: I’m lazily using the world Agartha as a catch all term for ANY subterranean civilisation. There are several. In the same way as American can refer to an indigenous Indian in Paraguay, or an Investment banker in New York, there’s a huge diversity there.  It started because of the writing I was doing. There was intense interest behind the scenes. They told me it could have a significant positive effect on the timeline, and that is putting it mildly.

Source: Agartha Alliance


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