February 16, 2019

Benjamin Fulford: Are Jews being falsely blamed?

By Benjamin Fulford

Shalom Benjamin,

I have been receiving your newsletters from friends and associates for a few years now.  I must admit I was amazed that you had the chance to interview David Rockefeller, a man who rarely if ever speaks with any person outside the world he lives in.  Obviously you have something going on and many, as you know, were very suspicious when you got that talk, and felt that you are simply a plant and working for the Cabal and still do.

The purpose of this communication is to tell you that although some of your information is excellent and bang on, some of it is so left-field I sort of scratch my head reading or listening to it.

I am Jewish and orthodox 35 years, have lived in Israel, and have read the Torah (the actual script of God) 22 times from cover to cover.

I am also heavily involved in the Jewish religious world and know all of it well.  When you say that the Chabad religious community is trying to start World War3, I am just confounded.  You do make a distinction later between the religious Jewish community and this other group, but I must tell you that, for example, this idea that each Jew will have 2,800 slaves at their disposal is 100% complete nonsense and nowhere in any place does scripture speak of this.  There are some references to the Gentile people serving the Jewish nation after the final redemption, but this will be after the force of evil is permanently removed from the world.

For the record, the Torah is the only text in humanity’s possession that has God speaking directly to humanity in the FIRST PERSON, providing a full disclosure of how the universe was created, what happened with the first man and woman and the aftermath, a complete history of what has transpired since, a complete moral and ethical code of what God expects from us, and of course much information about the end of history which we are now approaching.

My concern is that there are millions of people who as you know are looking for someone to blame for all their misery.  The information you are producing, some of which, as stated, is completely not true, is pouring gasoline on a fire, and of course who do you think will be blamed for all the misery that is approaching?

Do not misunderstand me, I am not whitewashing the Jewish people and we both know that some of the worst people in history have been Jews, but I ask that you be very careful about this.  The exact thing happened in Nazi Germany and 6 million were incinerated.

I have met two grand master Masons in my life who admitted to me privately that the Jews are intentionally allowed to gain high-level positions just before the Establishment pulls the plug on a system they want to change.  Sadly, it’s happening all over again now.

The good news is that it’s going to end and God promises there will be divine intervention in a manner in which all nations will perceive God.  After this, God will remove the power of evil and destroy it forever; there will be a resurrection of the dead and a final judgment.  Everyone on earth will be judged.

The Torah provides us with many signs as to how we would know the end of history is coming.  All those signs exist today.  Are you ready for the greatest show on Earth?


Shalom Richard,

First of all, I want to make it clear that I have Jewish ancestors on both my mother’s and father’s side of the family.  I strongly believe I am fighting against the very same people who engineered the mass murder of Jews in World War 2.

My religious belief is that we did not create ourselves but were created by something else, therefore there must be a Creator.  The best way to respect the Creator is to respect the creation—in other words, to respect nature and other people.

As a journalist, my job is to get information directly via my Creator-given senses from the actual creation itself.  In other words, I rely on primary sources for my information and if it comes from secondary sources, I make that clear.

As far as Chabad is concerned, I am sure there are many good and devout people associated with that organization.

However, it is a fact, and I have recordings to prove it, that I was offered the job of finance minister of Japan and great wealth if I went along with a plan to kill 90% of humanity and enslave the rest.  They said they would do this through disease and starvation, “because war did not kill enough people.”  The person who made this offer was sent by former Japanese finance minister Heizo Takenaka.  This person told me the offer came from “the Elders of Zion.”  I have this on tape.

Since that offer was made, the regime of George Bush Jr. actively manufactured and spread biological weapons like ebola, SARS, weaponized bird influenza, etc.  This can be proven in a court of law.

Furthermore, massive subsidies were issued during the Bush regime to induce farmers to grow “bio-ethanol” instead of food, resulting in food crises in 33 countries.  This too is fact taken from the creation.

On a final note, the satan-worshipping pseudo-Jew Benjamin Netanyahu has been recorded on March 12, 2011 as threatening to use weapons of mass destruction to kill the 40 million people living in the Kanto Plain of Japan unless Japan signed over the rights to all foreign currency the country possessed.  Japanese military intelligence has the recording.

What I want to make clear is that the people behind this very real plot to create an artificial Armageddon are not Jews; they worship Set, Ba’al, Satan, etc.  They pretend to be Christian (like the Bush family), Muslim (like the Saudi Royals), and Jews (like Netanyahu), but they are not.

Our group is trying to remove them from all positions of power and expose the truth about these mass-murdering hypocrites to the world at large so they will never succeed in their fiendish plans.

Sincerely yours,
Benjamin Fulford

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  • The establishment satanists have a cover religion and are able to pass off as ordinary people, they won’t wear fancy devilish eyebrows or plant horns on their heads.

    This is also why the dark occult and the intelligence services are closely connected, because of the skills of the former to ‘blend in’ as the nice old lady who sells you groceries. The intelligence services gather information from unsuspecting sources this way.

  • Also from Jim Stone:

    “ZD Net: New type of virus! You can now get infected by opening an e-mail ”

    ‘Trojans known as “drive-by emails” can invade computers without having to open an attachment, download a file or click on a link.

    They’re called “drive-by emails, ” and like “drive-by downloads” they infect machines without having to open an attachment, download a file or click on a link. Simply opening an e-mail to read it is enough of a gateway for Trojans and other nasties to invade. The malware is even stealth enough to avoid virus scanners so users won’t receive any warning and the only indication that something out of the ordinary is happening is a message that appears as “Loading…Please wait…” ‘

    My comment: The ZD net report claims you can see “loading, please wait” but that is not the case anymore, it is very fast and has no indication whatsoever anything happened at all. Additionally, I strongly suspect you do not even need to open an e-mail, all it has to do is have the subject line show up and you get the virus.

    This article is from 2012. It is hard to find. You have to be very specific about what you are searching for it to come up. I obviously cannot ever open E-mails on my own stuff with this out there, they nailed me INSTANTLY. Someone has a secret they want to keep! How else would it be impossible to get a link to post on your own server?I will try this later, they might soon allow it because if a site like this points it out,and people can confirm it, well, that’s the end of “plausible deniability!”

    This is what may have wrecked the last laptop.

    “They” do not want this ZD Net report getting read. The part the server refuses to post is the link to ZD net. This is, therefore, an obviously sensitive topic that EVERYONE NEEDS TO KNOW. You do not need to click any links or open any attachments to be delivered a virus or “bug” that no virus scanner will ever stop.

    I was denied the ability to post the link in working form even as plain text. They definitely have filters for this to prevent knowledge from spreading. So find the report by dropping this into a search engine: “You can now get infected by opening an e-mail”

  • Y mi comentario es que habría que cuestionar la TORÁ y quien la escribió. habría que cuestionar qué es o quién es el personaje a lo que/quien los judíos llaman Dios. sabemos hoy que los llamados libros “sagrados” biblia etc. no son más que un copia y pega de las tablillas sumerias. y estas cuentan una historia de unos “dioses” que vienen desde el cielo quienes entre otras cosas nos dividieron manipularon y tergiversaron lo que hoy son todos los idiomas. Y en concreto la palabra DIOS que hoy usamos en español proviene del Latin/griego: Deus/Teos… y que comparte raíz con la palabra DEMONIO= DIOS=DEUS=DEIMOS=DEMONIO. sospechando que la humanidad de entonces quería describir a un ser físico, de aspecto demoníaco (tal vez reptiloide) que vino diciendo que el era un DIOS, o Creador Universal, (que es el significado que nosotros queremos darle ahora, pero no es lo que la palabra expresa de verdad.Confundiendo así las mentes y hoy el inconsciente colectivo de muchos seguidores de libros “sagrados” y de religiones que siguen adorando a este mítico personaje o alienígena del pasado sumerio EL SENTIDO COMÚN ME DICE QUE EL CREADOR Y FUENTE DE TODA LA CREACIÓN NO PUEDE CONTRADECIRSE EN ESTABLECER UNA LEY UNIVERSAL DE LIBRE ALBEDRÍO EN TODOS LOS ÁMBITOS UNIVERSALES Y DESPUÉS ENVIAR MENSAJES A UNOS ELEGIDOS DICIÉNDOLES QUE TIENEN PRIVILEGIOS POR SOBRE LOS DEMÁS SERES DICIÉNDOLES A LOS PRIMEROS QUE LOS SEGUNDOS ESTÁN PARA SERVIRLES.

  • Nobody is interested in pursuing all the jews. Unless you are a war criminal or child trafficker, then all bets are off. Jews will have to face like catholivcs, Christians and Muslims alike what their leaders have been doing behind closed doors. Everyone that I know Beleives that it is more the jewish leadership, as As the Prime Minister of the state of Israel would say, “If you only knew what your leadership is up to….” Have you ever met a 90th degree mason of the acncient rite of Memphis Misriam, who was High Priest at the Satanic Church, A high Priest Druid, Father and Bishop, Priest at the Mormon Church who had access to the Catacombs, and has the certifications and seals to prove it all. The jewish leaderships are already in those positions as part of the Rothchild infiltration of what was once called the Brotherhood of Light, who you now call the Masons.

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