February 16, 2019

Attention Bounty Hunters! (Benjamin Fulford Updated List of Names)

Benjamin Fulford

Editor’s Note: The following extended list of names was published in Ben’s most recent report. A member of the Project Avalon forum wrote to Ben to ask permission to release the names early, and Ben has said yes. The original list of names can be found here.

$46.7 MILLION-DOLLAR Bounty To Be Collected On Each One On This List!

In this week’s post (July 18, 2016), Benjamin Fulford has formally listed a list of career criminals who have been directly responsible for the death of millions of people around the world and untold misery/disruption in their lives in many nations.

Please re-post this post in many discussion forums and send out copies of this in your emails to be forwarded everywhere.

Surely there are groups of retired Special Forces who have the capabilities to raid and capture the list of people below, yes?

How does the reward — payable in GOLD — of over 46,700,000 dollars (USD) sound?

Let’s say that an “Ocean’s 11” crack team does this job: 11/46.7 = 4.2+ MILLION BUCKS EACH!

[Editor’s Note: By my calculations, the current rate of gold (as of July 19th), is 1,333.30 per troy ounce, which would put the value of one ton of gold currently as $38,888,364.00, or $38.8 million, down from last week’s total of $39.8 million.]

Note to bounty hunters:

Call the phone number next to Ben’s name below for confirmation of the bounty and for the protocol for collection of the bounty.

And here’s the list (prefaced by a comment that I had posted in Ben’s forum just minutes ago):

Mozart’s Comment:

This is too important to wait until Thursday for the free versions of Ben’s report, so I’m going to post this blurb from this current report for ease of reading and of re-posting elsewhere.

Ben’s Comment and List:

“Also, representatives of the White Dragon Society had meetings with several Asian factions to discuss the 1 ton gold bounty placed by the WDS on certain members of the Khazarian mafia.

The WDS explained that the West was like a beautiful woman infected with syphilis and that the Asians need to make sure she takes anti-biotics before getting too friendly. The Asians agreed and confirmed gold and agents will be made available.

Pentagon and agency sources responded to the bounties with requests for more names to be added. So, at Pentagon and agency request a one ton gold bounty will be placed on the people they mentioned:

  • Jacob de Rothschild
  • Evelyn de Rothschild
  • Jay Rockefeller
  • George Soros
  • Dick Cheney
  • Paul Kagan
  • Henry Kissinger
  • Angela Merkel
  • Neil Bush
  • Jeb Bush
  • Marvin Bush
  • Michael Mukasey
  • Scooter Libby
  • 911 judge Alvin Hellerstein
  • Paul Wolfowitz
  • Richard Perle
  • Dov Zakheim
  • Michael Chertoff
  • Frank Lowy
  • Larry Silverstein
  • Rudolf Giuliani
  • Michael Bloomberg
  • Paul Singer
  • Mark Zuckerberg
  • Mikhail Khodorkovsky
  • Tony Blair
  • Haim Saban
  • Sheldon Adelson
  • Arnon Milchan
  • Hank Paulson
  • Bob Rubin
  • Sandy Weill (Citigroup)
  • Lloyd Blankfein (Goldman Sachs)
  • Jamie Dimon (JP Morgan)
  • Stanley Fischer

Mozart’s Additional Comment

I had already written out this post above, then sent an email to Ben to ask him for permission to re-post this in other forums, and to send this out by email, and he quickly replied:

Sure XXXX, please go ahead and do that

Benjamin Fulford 古歩道ベンジャミン 090-3439-5558 


差出人: Mozart <mozart @ mail.com>
送信日時: 2016年7月19日 11:01
宛先: Benjamin Fulford
件名: Can I re-post this blurb?

Hi Ben,

Amazing late post today!

May I re-post this blurb…

The original post can be found on Ben’s website in the comment section, as well as the Project Avalon forum.



  • We won’t have to wait much longer to find out if Fulford is on the money (no pun intended) about this. The first person on the list to be dragged off in handcuffs will confirm it. If nothing happens, nothing happens, and the Fulford bashers will say “I told you so”. But I’m under the impression that when any of these cockroaches disappear, the cabal has a clone of them waiting to be rolled out to replace them. I can’t wait to hear Cobra’s comments.

    • I’m keeping my eye on Zuck. He seems like the easiest one to collect. I’m curious to hear from Cobra, too. I’ve noticed he’s been awfully quiet lately… based on past observations, that usually means something serious is happening behind the scenes. Cobra’s monthly update interview should be out in about a week, if we don’t hear from him sooner.

      • You’re probably right. Guys like George Soros and Evelyn de Rothschild are no doubt not easy to get close to if they don’t want it. Zuck is pretty public. Cobra has disputed Fulford’s stuff before, so I eagerly await his take on this.

        • George Soros and Rothschild no doubt have security that are well paid…..BUT are they paid 41.6 million…or are they afraid that a bounty hunter will collect the bounty thus ending their employment…if I were employed by one of them I would have to consider all options for me…and the end result would be for me to turn him in and at least get the ton of gold.

  • This may sound somewhat naive, but I was just wondering, does anyone have any idea where they would hold these guys if they are indeed captured/arrested?

    What police force or agency would – at least at this point – have the moxie to hold them? I hope there is a positive answer to this question.

    • There have been a lot of questions surrounding how this will actually work/take place. From my perspective, I am assuming that if anyone takes up this offer it will be carried out by private mercenaries, professional “contractors”, unofficial clandestine services, etc. These people do actually exist – we’re talking about the real-life underworld here, the kind of stuff they make into movies. These people have the infrastructure and networks in place to bypass the need for any official agency assistance. They are also the type of people who take on this kind of work for money, and with such a large sum being offered I think we have a pretty good shot at this actually happening. We shall see…

      • i see you read my post lol! I dont know if they even read this blog but i wish i could do it. Im only 21 and i could use that money plus i want to see the cabal pay.

  • With certain people not being on the list, I have questioned Fulford’s paymaster. Much misinformation nowadays. Rule by diversion being the approach of the epoch. Be mindful when reading, of what is and what is not being said. What Fulford has spread til now is hope. Hope for a better world. But for whom? I’m waiting for the environmental cataclysm that will join all nations together to protect what will be left of an environment struggling to support life as we know it. Only this will kick out the current power structure and welcome in authentic earnest caring individuals with a goal and a plan for the betterment of all – all species – not just humans. Think. What does the planet need? Peace and quiet.

    • What does the planet need? Peace and quiet.

      absolutely agreed. unfortunately, this will not happen as long as a critical mass of humans choose to continue to play the D/s Master/slave game, which goes well beyond the current power structure (remember “meet the new boss”?). unless you had a worldwide revolution once a day (and all the requisite violence & mayhem associated therein), the burn rate will never catch up to the volume of players (even if you measure in millenia).

      i would propose the environmental cataclysm needed to achieve such a feat would be so disruptive that all nations couldn’t join together b/c they would have no way to communicate with each other, save for makeshift boats. think instantaneously globally local… still would have those bastards mentioned above to deal with, but at least they will be a manageable population (maybe, maybe not).

    • I agree. I think the way he stays silent on the British peadophile royals. And cheerleads the pope. I think we have his paymasters right there.
      Ben claims to know Ninja assassins or something like that. Here’s hoping they join this round up. But one question I have, where are the so called light forces? They have yet to be seen. Surely this would be part of their mission statement? As we are lead to believe this to be so. I hope this happens. But as others have said, I’m curious to see what Cobra has to say. There something about Ben I don’t trust. I don’t know whether it is because nothing he says happens. Or. . . . .

  • Thanks for your reply. Nations join together in heart vision once a critical mass focusing on peace and quiet is reached. Look to the ether. Typing on a keyboard is not the only way you and I are connecting. Using the other medium of knowing. A more solid connection than any physical one known to man. Shared by All. OM.

  • Mr. Fulford
    It’s been almost a week since the second list was posted. I have shared this with everyone I know. The laughs I received where to be expected. How ever why can’t those higher world beings take out the one or two of the first list and show people it is not a joke. I strongly believe these beings could capture one or two with out blood shed. How many more will shed there skin before something good happens or is this the real plan.

    • Maybe a golden rule this is our planet we have to handle our own problems. The beings will only step in unless there is a rule broken or high technology is used on our enemy’s side. There are a part of the show and we are the actors in it we have to do our part.

      Now that this list is out it would be extreme difficult to execute. even if you don’t believe in the list or this whole esoteric stuff. the people on the list is going to take it seriously that they are on the list and people may be coming for them. My biggest concern would be if we were to pick up some of these people by now most people on the list will have implants or trackers inside of them. So now you need some kind of surgeon to make sure to check and remove the implant before you take off to collect the bounty. Also you have to deal with the security protecting them which will more likely lead to a firefight. Something tells me this security will be real good ex special forces.

      Also like to add to do such operation requires some intelligence some actual Intel paying people off and some serious funding… mercenaries are not cheap…

      I look forward to the results of this mission good luck…

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