February 16, 2019

Benjamin Fulford: Carpe diem seize the day and mount a final assault on the Khazarian mafia

Benjamin Fulford

By Benjamin Fulford

In the war against the Khazarian mafia, the election of Donald Trump as President of the United States is as the Russian victory at Stalingrad was for World War 2: a tide turning victory. However, it also means the war is far from over.

This is how a source who was in a secret meeting in Antarctica on US November 8th election day described the situation:

“The whole election strategy changed when John Kerry went to Antarctica as ordered. He was told by the special elite, the Gnostic Illuminati, who are still in control of this planet, to tell Obama and Clinton to back off and let Trump win. As we know, Hillary is only a front for the cabal and will most likely self-terminate within a few months at the most. Bill Clinton is at the end game now. His quadruple bypass surgery is not able to pump blood through his lifeless body anymore. We are informed that he will be gone by year end”.

This order to Kerry was followed by a special-forces attack on a Khazarian base in Denver that successfully stopped cabal efforts to steal the US election on behalf of their zombie proxy Hillary, CIA sources say.

The Pentagon, for their part, say “Mass arrests began right after the election, butt hurt Hillary cried a river when told to concede or she’ll be arrested, [President] Obama was ordered to stay in DC, finish ISIS, stop delaying the Global Currency Reset, and meet Trump to ensure a smooth transition.”

In addition to this the US military is advising President Elect Donald Trump to “not appoint neocons, Jews [all Jews must recuse themselves from senior government positions until it can be confirmed they are not working for the Khazarian mafia], bankers, or Bush minions to the cabinet or White House.”.

In addition, the Pentagon sources say “Soros-funded protests have sped up the Trump plan to…terminate the Bush-Clinton cabal before inauguration.”

The attack must continue relentlessly on all fronts until humanity is freed from Khazarian control.

The Manchu occupation of China is a good analogy to the how the Khazarians control the West. In Manchu China, native Chinese who passed the civil service exam were allowed to progress up the bureaucratic ladder to a certain point but all the positions at the very top were filled by Manchus. In the West it is the same, intelligent, hard-working technocrats can rise to positions like deputy director but the top first, second and often third positions in most large, powerful organizations are held by Khazarian mobsters or their proxies.

The Khazarians have been removed from the Pentagon, and Gnostic Illuminati sources say FBI Director James Comey has also been confirmed to be clean despite false wikileaks claims that he received funds from the Clinton Foundation. The State Department and other branches of the government must now in turn be cleansed of gangsters if the US is to be freed.

Also, the Trump election means the Khazarian controlled TPP and TTIP trade deals are now dead. “Trump is now poised to remove rigged corporate tribunals from NAFTA and all trade deals in a massive defeat for the Khazarian mafia,” the Pentagon sources say…

The full report will be posted on Thursday…

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Benjamin Fulford has worked in Japan as a correspondent for Knight Ridder, the International Financing Review, the Nihon Keizai Shimbun English edition, and the South China Morning Post before moving to Forbes magazine, where he was the Asian Bureau chief from 1998 to 2005. His investigative reports pursued scandals in the Japanese government and business world. After leaving Forbes he wrote a series of books in Japanese some of which became best sellers, and began publishing on the internet.

Source: Benjamin Fulford — Weekly Geopolitical News & Analysis


  • Any politician that is not categorically opposed to secret corporate tribunals, should be reomoved from office straight away!

  • there is absolutely chilling evidence that israel and russia jointly hacked the election for trump. read ‘veterans today’. this is what the moron obama’s sanctions and provocation have resulted in: putin was given no choice. no matter what trump has planned, the usa may now plunge into civil war thanks to the idiocy of the obama administration’s poorly-thought-out foreign policy. the pro gun control liberals are picking a fight and the well armed right will massacre them. I hope I’m wrong but it seems fulford and others are completely missing all this in their excitement over the clinton loss.

    • Justin, If im honest, im not to sure on VT. Something isnt right with the the vibe there. Just like Bens onslaught on Putin of late, and VT Snowdon and Asange bashing. None of us know for sure, but it doesnt sit right with me.
      You all know my thoughts on Ben and his jesuit handlers. but heres my most honest and sincere statement:
      I honestly dont think it matters anymore, the timeline is cast. To reinforce it, we need to all project global peace, prosperity and freedom for ALL GAIANS. Animal mineral and vegetable. Abundance for all beings. With all beings been treated with mutual respect, compassion and dignity. No point in getting caught up in the hold you back Jesuit mouthpieces games. We are the future, reinforce the new age. WE ARE ONE Namaste 🙂

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