February 16, 2019

Benjamin Fulford Continues to Support the Vatican & Monarchy

I cancelled my subscription to Ben’s newsletter this morning because I refuse to supply financial support to someone who supports the Vatican and British Monarchy. I was annoyed a few weeks ago when Karen Hudes stated that Ben supports the Jesuits, and I still have some reservations regarding her agenda, but I’m beginning to think she was right. Not only that, but Ben’s most recent report left me feeling that he’s completely gone off the rails by publishing an obviously photoshopped image and wanting to partner with the Hollywood Illuminati. I find all of this to be very disturbing. — Editor

Ben respond’s to comment:

April 27, 2013

Ben has replied to your posting about Kevin Annet.

Here is what I said to Ben along with a cut/paste of your posting:

Ben, a few of us don’t understand why you posted this supplemental report and many are questioning your reasons and motives? It seems you are defending the Catholic Church and it’s leadership and the queen of England and that goes against what most have learned is not a warranted endorsement. Both institutions have a very shady past and most don’t think they deserve to continue in any form given their hundreds of years of crimes against humanity. Care to comment?

Ben’s Reply:


The poster has not responded to the key issue I raised, why is Kevin Annet refusing to address the monstrous and well known crimes of George Bushes senior and junior? Murdering 2 million people is a far worse crime than murdering 50,000 people and I believe Annet needs to prosecute the Bushes as well as the alleged murderers of the Native Canadians.

Also, the fact remains the Canadians, unlike the Americans, never waged war on first nations people and never slaughtered them. There are more first nations people in Canada now than when Europeans first arrived. In the US the population of first nations is a quarter of what it was when the Europeans first arrived.

Again the first nations people of Canada are perfectly capable of defending themselves and they have proven it with many lawsuits against the government. Why don’t they support Annet?

As far as the Catholic Church and the British Monarchy are concerned both institutions have done both works of great evil and of great good.

The British fought slavery and voluntarily relinquished control of their empire. However, they also did things like massacre a very large percentage of the population of India around the time of the mutiny. Nonetheless, the Monarchy is supported by most British, Canadians and Australians because it is seen as a symbol of all that was good about the British empire.

It may be true that the German Saxe Gotha family that took over the monarchy should be replaced with true British royalty. I personally support Harry because his mother Diana was a Stuart and Harry’s father is not Prince Charles.

The Catholic Church has also been an institution with a split personality. On the one hand it has been a cover for Roman imperialism and various genocides. On the other hand, wherever you find people starving and miserable, you are likely to find a Catholic charity trying to help.

The good parts of both institutions need to be preserved even as the evil is purged.

Benjamin Fulford 古歩道ベンジャミン

Follow up reply/response to Ben:


Respectfully, Kevin Annet has chosen one crime to address and see if he can do something about it. He cannot take on all atrocities with investigations, court suits, etc. Come on Ben, I don’t think your comment is fair and balanced.

I’m not saying that Iraq wasn’t a huge crime and murderous situation as well but so were the Crusades, the wipe out of the indigenous people from most places on the planet, Hiroshima, and so many others. Why are you taking the position that Kevin Annet is not credible because he did not go after the perpetrators in Iraq but chose a different crime? No one else has gone after the criminals in Iraq either, have they? Why are you not calling out anyone else for NOT taking on and bringing the Iraq crime to light?

I am dumbfounded by your position on this and I TRULY want to understand. It just seems like you are angry at Kevin Annet for choosing to show the world the crime in Canada by the Catholic Church instead of the crimes in Iraq.

You ask why the Canadian Native Americans don’t support Annet? Have you listened to the hours of testimony from Canadian Native Americans that testified?

You said “The good parts of both institutions need to be preserved even as the evil is purged.” On this statement, we both agree. However, keeping these institutions is not necessary to have these good deeds done. After all, the good deeds, were done by individual people, who reside at VERY LOW levels of those institutions.

Again, the crux of my reply is this statement “Why are you taking the position that Kevin Annet is not credible because he did not go after the perpetrators in Iraq but chose a different crime?”

In closing, most who are not English or Canadian do not understand the admiration and love that you have for the English Monarchy. It seems like brainwashing and the result of grooming from childhood to me. NO ONE has the right to be a King or Queen over another human being. They ARE NOT SPECIAL.



Ben’s follow up reply:

Hello XXX,

When I go to Canada this summer I will personally investigate the claims of genocide against the native Canadians and if I find proof, I will do what I can to make sure the perpetrators of this crime go to jail.

Once again I repeat, my objection to Mr. Annet is that he seems to be attacking only rivals to the Bushes and the Rockefellers. I will try to find out where he gets his funding. If he turns out to be pure, then I will owe him an apology.

As far as the monarchy is concerned, it is an institution that can serve as a long term safety mechanism in troubled times. To be honest, the monarch can just be a photograph symbolic of national unity. Certainly nobody wants an absolute monarch born into such a position to have real power. A symbolic monarch, however, merely represents collective decisions made by the people.

The Americans have fallen into the horrible state they have because they lack an institution with a long history of stability and national unity.

However, I admit the UK is not in great shape either and Canada has also been taken over by Harper and his Nazi gangsters. We all need to unite against the cabal and not attack each other.

Benjamin Fulford 古歩道ベンジャミン



  • Dear Editor and Ben

    The Kevin Annet issue that Ben points out is weak at best, Now i’m certainly not saying I’m a 100% sure on Kevin Annet, because we live in a crazy time at present with Dis info and agenda’s everywhere, But As Ben’s posts have progressed i have found myself asking is he really for the people {Humanity}, ‘As far as the monarchy is concerned, it is an institution’, Please Ben, The Catholic church and British monarchy have done NOTHING GOOD, They have both lived off peoples misery, while filling their coffers. How much wealth do they both have, yet they preach to others about poverty! They both use power/control through untruths, and Ben in your position you know this! Both the Catholic church and the British monarchy could change the world tomorrow if they wished, but they don’t, What’s your Agenda Ben?

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