Benjamin Fulford: Possibly false evidence of Bandar’s suicide

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By Benjamin Fulford

Hi Ben:

One of your subscribers noticed the linked video of Bandar’s supposed suicide.  This was actually an event that took place at Atlanta International Airport on Feb. 28, 2018 as reported by local media:
The story of a man who jumped over the railing at Atlanta Airport today. He was apparently drunk and threatening other passengers.

A video of this same man linked in your newsletter but uncensored can be found on this Twitter:

The man who fell off the railing is clearly African-American and was reportedly drunk, so it appears this is not Bandar.  While this does not invalidate Bandar’s suicide outright, the linked video is definitely false evidence.  Of course, there is the possibility that Baaghi is a disinformation campaign.

If this was done on purpose, then please disregard this message.

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