February 16, 2019

Benjamin Fulford: Press Conference to Announce New Medical System

This one just popped up in my Facebook feed from Kauilapele. I haven’t had the chance to fully read through them yet, as I’m on my way out for a bit. Looks interesting though! — Editor

Kauilapele: I believe I found this at RMN. This appears to be a very enlightened (and impressive) movement by Ben and his collaborators.

The documents were re-formatted a bit, and uploaded to Scribd (below). The original links from Ben’s website are:

[scribd id=257702184 key=key-LjSjUYSvS4lLoSjUxE9R mode=scroll]


[scribd id=257702172 key=key-6xw48ZXeoZAWsApssNwk mode=scroll]


Source: Benjamin Fulford
Via: Kauilapele

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