Benjamin Fulford Replies to Reader Comments

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Benjamin Fulford has responded to more questions on his personal blog. 

Link and note sent by CIA agent

You’ve probably already seen this but in case you haven’t.

had to happen sooner or later
pop goes the public epiphany if this story goes viral
perhaps more insiders will come forward now

Ben Fulford Reply:

It is all coming out now. It will be like the fall of the Soviet Union. Some rare information will appear in public until a new regime imposes secrecy again. We need to record and make public as much as we can during this period.

E-mail correspondence with agent

Hi Ben,

Let’s start here:

Ben Fulford’s website: Vatican certificate

Alternative News and Views, Reported by Agents Around the World, 24 hours a day

In the above links you are posting classified collateral account bonds and then you are soliciting gold be used from the collateral accounts via the P2 Freemason Lodge, out of Italy I believe, to finance operations for the White Dragon Society. Both actions are illegal. This is no different than Henry Kissinger going to Russia and talking to Putin pretending to be the sole signatory of the collateral accounts, when there is no doubt Putin knows the game Kissinger is attempting. Or when he coerces the Emperor of Japan to “sign off” on bonds.

This needs to stop.

The P2 Freemason Lodge, Henry Kissinger and the White Dragon Society needs to stop all their operations against the collateral accounts, including making claims in regards to the collateral accounts in any capacity and ALL assets belonging to the collateral accounts need to be immediately returned.
Feel free to send this email to the parties mentioned above and I welcome them or yourself to contact me because the last I heard David Crayford and American Lawyer were not happy campers.

Ben Fulford Reply:

The link you provided does not show the WDS making claims to the gold. I am reporting what the Vatican P2 lodge was trying to do. The financial instrument pictured there is in the possession of the P2 and it was them who made their images public. I did suggest to them that if there was so much gold that they needed to provide proof that it actually exists and they could do that by actually physically producing some for neutral third parties to see.

The WDS has proposed setting up a meritocratically staffed future planning agency to plan humanity’s future but it does not claim ownership of the global collateral accounts and never has. Furthermore the WDS has no interest in running this future planning agency or claiming ownership to any funds put at its disposal. At this point though, we are giving up on these accounts and moving to crypto-currencies backed by real world assets in no way linked to these probably mythical accounts.

By the way, there is a fake White Dragon Society home page that has nothing to do with us. We are mostly an analogue organization working in the real world because the digital world has been too compromised to be trusted. The WDS supports democracy, meritocracy, freedom of speech, the rule of law and human rights. Our membership is mostly Western but we do not believe in artificial East/West/North/South divides. We are all human beings from the planet earth.

This article (Benjamin Fulford Replies to Reader Comments) was originally published on Benjamin Fulford and syndicated by The Event Chronicle.

The Event Chronicle Editor’s Note: Veterans Today (who has done much research and investigation into 9/11), says that the CIA Agent deathbed confession about 9/11 is “Fake News Bullshit”.

This information appears to have originated from Neon Nettle and picked up by “Baxter Dmitry” of Your News Wire. Both Neon Nettle’s “Jay Greenberg” and “Baxter Dmitry” are the Kings of Made Up Bullshit, and I would not trust or believe ANYTHING coming from these sources.

Paul Craig Roberts recently discovered this himself and took down the Baxter Dmitry article:

“I have taken down the Baxter Dmitry article. Apparently, he is one of these people who like to make practical jokes out of serious matters.”

Paul Craig Roberts, July 14, 2017

Don’t fall for these types of stories, you guys. They are made to distract and discredit the truth movement and make you look foolish.

PS The article making the rounds about an undiscovered Prince recording with lyrics calling the “Prince of Wales a shape shifting reptilian” is also bullshit. Don’t fall for it!  

From Veterans Today:

FAKE NEWS: “Dying CIA agent confesses to demolition of WTC-7”

By Kevin Barrett, Veterans Today Editor

Today’s False Flag Weekly News did NOT cover the “bombshell” story of the supposed WTC-7 demolition confession by a dying CIA agent. Why not? Because it’s OBVIOUS BULLSHIT.

If you can’t tell that this is a made-up story from the way it’s written, you need to take your BS detector in for a tune-up. That’s right, Jim Fetzer, this means you!

When Jim was my co-host at FFWN, he occasionally got taken in by hoaxes like this. One such blatantly bogus fake news story was the notorious FORMER BEATLE RINGO STARR CLAIMS THE “REAL” PAUL MCCARTNEY DIED IN 1966 AND WAS REPLACED BY LOOK-ALIKE. (The story’s prose style is SO bogus – how can anyone read stuff like this with a straight face? “When Paul died, we all panicked!” claims Ringo, obviously very emotional. “We didn’t know what to do..”)

The “Dying CIA agent confesses to WTC-7” story is just a rewrite of a previous article by the same hoaxer, Jay Greenberg.

How much do they pay Greenberg to crank out this low-grade garbage? Nice work if you can get it, I guess.

These pathetic frauds constitute psychological warfare against the truth-seeking community. As Cass Sunstein explained, the 9/11 perps need to spread “beneficial cognitive diversity” among “conspiracy theorists” in order to prevent “conspiracy theorists” from exposing the 9/11 false flag crime against humanity.

These fake news stories catapult the “surely someone would have confessed” anti-truth propaganda meme.  Any suckers who might actually believe that the world’s most successful criminals will surely confess to their crimes, for no particular reason except a bad conscience (as if the high-IQ psychopaths hired for these crimes had consciences) will be left holding the bag.

Deathbed (and non-deathbed) confessions do sometimes happen. E. Howard Hunt did confess to helping the CIA murder JFK. And a US Army Col. did confess to William Pepper his role in helping orchestrate the assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr.. But don’t expect the MSM to tell you about THAT.

So how can you tell fake news from real news?

  1. Keep your BS detector tuned up.
  2. Watch False Flag Weekly News every week.
  3. Watch out for guys like “Jay Greenberg.” [and “Baxter Dmitry” — Ed.]

Watch this week’s False Flag Weekly News above, and click HERE for links to the stories we covered, and HERE to support FFWN.



  1. If a CIA agent is trying to sell Fulford on the Malcom Howard/WTC7 bullshit story, it’s a safe bet that story originated from CIA. The CIA was heavily involved in 9/11 and now they’re peddling a bullshit story implicating themselves. This may seem absurd on the surface, but it’s a typical CIA tactic. I’m guessing “Malcom Howard” doesn’t actually exist and can be easily proven to not exist (or some other detail can easily be disproven). Thus the story serves to discredit anyone pointing fingers at the CIA’s involvement. Clever.

    • I found it curious that a “CIA agent” was bringing this article to Fulford’s attention, too. I had previously thought that Neon Nettle and Your News Wire published these types of articles for clicks ($$$), but now I’m wondering if there is a more nefarious involvement by both parties. It also makes me wonder if “Jay Greenberg” and “Baxter Dmitry” might be one in the same. Thanks for your comment.