Benjamin Fulford: Suddenly MI6, Mossad, CIA, NSA, Pentagon, Yakuza and Others All Say Something Big Is Coming

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By Benjamin Fulford

Suddenly all sorts of people who dropped contact after the March 11, 2011 Fukushima terror attack are trying to contact the White Dragon Society (WDS) through this writer.  These include a top Yakuza assassin, a senior MI6 operative, an NSA representative, a representative from a new CIA faction, and others.  They, together with our regular contacts, all agree that something big is coming.

The most colourful character to renew contact was a Mr. K, who was introduced to this writer years ago by Japanese military intelligence as the top assassin for the Yamaguchi-gumi mutual protection syndicate (this was before it splintered into three factions).  The diminutive and serene-looking Mr. K says his job consists of chopping peoples’ fingers off, one knuckle at a time, until he extracts the information he needs.  He then wraps the bodies in lead and dumps them in the ocean, something Takamasa Kawase of Japanese military intelligence independently confirmed.  Mr. K also says that he has done work for the Mitsubishi banking conglomerate (presumably helping them locate missing funds).

It was an associate of Mr. K, the daughter of former Yamaguchi No. 2 boss Masaru Takumi, who insisted on meeting this writer on March 10, 2011 to set my mobile alarm to ring at exactly 11:00 AM on March 11, 2011, the day of the nuclear and tsunami terror attack on Japan.

Trucks were also spotted bringing large amounts of emergency relief supplies to the Yagamaguchi-gumi’s headquarters in the days before the January 17, 1995 Kobe earthquake, according to Kobe residents who live near their headquarters.  As a result, their gang was far faster than the central government to provide relief supplies to quake-stricken residents of Kobe.

Now Mr. K says his group has become “spiritual in nature” and that starting in late October, the world will experience “earthquakes, storms, and other disasters” that will result in a large drop in the world’s population before “a happy new era” begins.  Mr. K was evasive about details, but did say something could happen in Japan just before the October 22nd Japanese general election that Asian secret society sources say will result in the ouster of Khazarian slave Prime Minister Shinzo Abe…

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This article (Benjamin Fulford: Suddenly MI6, Mossad, CIA, NSA, Pentagon, Yakuza and Others All Say Something Big Is Coming) was originally published on Benjamin Fulford and syndicated by The Event Chronicle



  1. If not for the Light Forces that have been shielding us from the worst of the Suns effects we would have been wiped out already. Yes the world is undergoing both natural and manmade disasters, but all will soon end. The criminal Cabal will be removed and we will finally be free after eons of enslavement. All will be as it should have always been as God or the Source or whatever name you choose delivers the final cleansing. Gone forever will be the dark anomaly that imprisoned many worlds, with ours being it’s last vestige. Once this final cleansing is done, all Veil technology that has prevented us from remembering ourselves and our true history will start flooding back, and the Loving Light we have been denied for so long will once again be. The Universe was created out of Love, and that is the natural state we were once in before Highly Ascended beings decided to leave the Source to experience 3D reality.

  2. Get ready for THE housecleaning by Inner Earth Agarthans led by their capital leaders in Shamballa. I saw it happen years ago. I was hit by lightning without being injured or even scorched, saw inside the huge bolt, saw the life particles as an Observor – from then on barely aged, got younger with pre-knowledge of coming events – And lots of love and compassion. You may contact me about this if you wish for more details. Thank you, Roy-David Woodward [email protected]

  3. So a large drop in the global population. And what with Ben being a mouthpiece for the Jesuit Cabal. This is the end game of the great work of ages.
    Corey Goode, (see another article on here) States that the world religions will have to do disclosure. World religions AKA the Cabal. Is this the false narrative coming to the fore? Mass depopulation. And the 500 million they plan on keeping (See the Georgia Guidestones for more info) will be forced into RFID and diabolical lives await.
    Aleister Crowley firmly believed he was here to bring about the Aeon of Horus (Blue Avian narrative?) Of which he believed would last 1000 years. And bring it in he did.
    SO keeping all the above in mind, of which I dont want to cause fear, or be alarmist. But seriously, people need to wake the f**k up to this false narrative, of what Masonry has always called the great work. By the sounds of it. Ascension is all about ascending from being alive, to being dead. Thats if we take on board this Blog.

  4. On a separate note. Im starting to wonder if this is what the very emotional caller to the Art Bell show stated. I dont know if anyone remebers it? But it was a caller when his show was asking for Area 51 employees to call in. One guy called in, he was very emoitonal and said they are going to let millions die. Art’s show then went off air for a short while.
    Try You tube for it. But it may have been removed

  5. “Much is still taking shape behind the scenes..At that time, the dark is to be fully defeated!.. Nevertheless, in spite of many obstacles, a new era is at hand.. In this extraordinary Light, be ready for truly profound changes. Open yourselves to embrace a new reality that is to alter you forever!! Although it has taken much too long to manifest, know, from the joy in your heart, that this well-intentioned reality is destined to happen.. Everywhere, the sound of the Heavenly trumpet is heard.” Source:

    • I stopped reading Sheldons “updates” a while ago. Although I like a lot of what he says, (Earth been restored. Joining our Galatic family and meeting the Agarthans) He never stops going on about finanical “packages”. This doesnt resonate with me. As it is pandering to peoples greed, or giving false hope to those who are destitute. Albeit he isnt as bad a zap. Who every week since june 2012, has boldly stated the RV has happened. Then shamelessly begs for money
      The other thing with Sheldon is, it is always “soon”. But he has been saying “soon” for around 2 decades. Soon to the rest of the human race means nigh on immently. Not decades. But im hoping for a better world for all. Im just not convinced by most, if not all bloggers. As what they claim, can never be proven, or, ever happens.

  6. I think Ben might be onto to something with the depopulation. As I woke this morning to see the usual over the top Chemtrails, but 80% were black. Dont know what the hell they are spraying that is black in colour. But i doubt it is anyway of benevolence to those of us under it.