Benjamin Fulford: US and Japan are close to civil war as Rockefeller death leaves power vacuum

By Benjamin Fulford

The power vacuum left by the death of David Rockefeller has created a situation that, if not diffused, will lead to civil war in the USA and Japan, CIA, Pentagon and Japanese military intelligence sources say, The situation has reached the point where US military might march on Washington DC to do battle with the drug dealing faction of the CIA, Federal Reserve Board stooge politicians and their hired guns, the sources say.

In Japan, meanwhile, the split is between US controlled forces based around the puppet government in Tokyo and nationalistic plus North Korean linked forces strongest in the Osaka region, Japanese military intelligence sources say.

The de-facto abdication of the Japanese Emperor Akihito has created a power struggle over the Japanese throne, right wing sources close to the imperial family say. The Japanese right-wing block has been thrown into turmoil over revelations that Akihito was not the real son of Emperor Hirohito and was a proxy for David Rockefeller, they say. That is why a huge battle is raging over the succession with one group pushing for Crown Prince Naruhito, while other factions are pushing for a replacement of the foreign influenced imperial family that has ruled since Meiji times, the sources say. The three legged crow secret society based in Kyoto, along with the Nichiren Buddhist sect, the Taiwanese and the North Koreans are pushing for such a fundamental change, they say. One candidate they are pushing for is Naoshi Onodera, a rival claimant to the throne, the sources ad.

The establishment in Tokyo behind the current imperial family also has worries about Prince Naruhito, the sources say. His wife, Princess Masako, is a member of the Sokka Gakkai Buddhist sect and for that reason she refuses to take part in the Shinto ceremonies that are an essential part of an Emperor’s job in Japan, they say. Masako is also the daughter of Hisashi Owada, a Rockefeller crony, they note. However, the current establishment is still willing to go along with Naruhito if he promises to carry out the various Shinto ceremonies without Masako at his side they say. Otherwise they would look for a successor within the current ruling family, presumably Prince Fumihito who has a son and heir, they say.

The group pushing to keep the current family in power is also arguing that it is the institution, not the actual bloodline, that matters.

The Japanese politician Ichiro Ozawa, for his part, has been travelling around Asia saying that Henry Kissinger has anointed him and that once Naruhito takes the throne he will unite Malaysia, North Korea, South Korea and Japan into a single country under his control, the Japanese right wing sources say. What Ozawa and the Japanese old establishment slave politicians fail to realize is that Kissinger has no power and that they are all destined for the trash can of history.

North Korean strongman Kim Jong Un, meanwhile, is in such a funk about the situation that he is permanently high on amphetamines and sleeping in a different location every night worried about being taken out by US drones, Japanese military intelligence sources say.

Traditionalists, meanwhile, are saying there is a need to go back to the way things were before Western imperialists turned Japan into a secret colony during the 19th century. They want complete independence from Western influence for the region, Asian secret society sources say. This something the CIA and the US military are not likely to accept.

In any case, the arcane battle over the Japanese imperial family has worldwide repercussions. Apparently, at the very peak of the existing financial system, the representative of the oldest imperial line, that being the Japanese one, has control over the final seal that allows for the creation of new money, the imperial family sources say.

Now that David Rockefeller and his imperial proxy are out of the picture, the chaos accompanying the collapse of the post-war order presided over by Rockefeller has reached a point where former US President Barack Obama has been arrested by US military police, Pentagon and Japanese MI sources say. Obama’s so-called black house or anti-trump headquarters was also set on fire, the sources say. Obama, upon arrest, began naming his bosses in the drug dealing faction of the CIA, the sources say. As a result, a plane containing Afghan heroin and North Korean amphetamines was impounded at Argyle International Airport on St. Vincent and the Grenadines in the Caribbean, the sources say. The money raised from this drug flight was intended to be used to finance the operations of Daesh (formerly known as ISIS), the sources say. This impoundment follows the capture of an Obama linked ship containing 4.2 tons of cocaine, the sources note.

Since the detainment of Obama, the authorities have been systematically intercepting drug shipments into the US. Last week 16 tons of cocaine were seized and a major heroin ring was busted.

The information provided by Obama on the drug money financed Daesh mercenary army has also led to US military actions against them in Yemen, Somalia, Nigeria and Libya, Pentagon sources say.

Donald Trump also seems to have shown he is ready to take action against the pharmacidical corporations as well with a tweet honoring world autism day. It is rumored his son Barron turned autistic after receiving a tainted vaccine.

The US administration is also signaling a break with the Khazarians by having Trump boycott the March annual meeting of the AIPAC lobby, Pentagon sources say.

The Rothschild Khazarian faction also suffered a major defeat when their plan to merge the London Stock Exchange with the Deutsche Borse was nixed by the EU, Pentagon sources say.

This loss of Rothschild as well as Rockefeller plus Bush/Clinton power means control of the apex of the current US dollar/Euro/Yen Western financial system is at stake. In theory, with the right people in charge, a new Emperor under the current Western financial system could authorize the issuance of trillions or quadrillions of dollars to finance a new age, multiple sources agree.

The Freemasons, whose worldwide network support this ancient system, elected Ralph Cosa of the Jesuit and Vatican linked CSIS

as their new Grandmaster on March 25th, the Japanese imperial family sources say. It is not clear yet what Cosa plans to do but we will try to contact him and find out more for our readers. We assume it is world peace and the start of a golden age.

Needless to say, as more and more people around the world become aware of the nature of the current financial system, they wonder if it should not be modernized and put under more transparent, democratic control. Since the financial system is the true source of power on this planet, the battle over its control is in essence a battle for control of the planet earth, its living creatures and its future.

The Americans rallying behind the US military and Donald Trump would like to nationalize the Federal Reserve Board and put it under control of democratically elected officials.

However, since the United States is bankrupt, if the Trump regime nationalized the FRB without consulting the people who finance the US (mainly China and Japan), it would, in a worst case scenario, lead to a halt in US trade and the end of salary payments to US forces deployed around the world. This, in turn would lead to war and the death of 90% of humanity and the destruction of the Northern Hemisphere.

That is why there is so much at stake in the summit meeting this week between Donald Trump and Chinese President Xi Jinping.

Pentagon sources say “Trump also had his wings clipped” prior to the summit “as his son in law Jared Kushner was forced to kill the $400 million deal with Chinese insurer Anbang because of National Security fears this would turn him into a Chinese asset.”

Chinese secret society sources admit the Chinese invested a fortune in a Hillary Clinton presidency and were sorely disappointed when she lost so, it seems, they are trying to catch up now by buying the good graces of people in the Trump administration. To this end, a Chinese industrialist said the Chinese were going to offer to build many manufacturing hubs in the US in order to improve their relations with the Trump regime.

In any case, Russian Patriach Kiril, Queen Elizabeth, Pope Francis, the Trump people, together with the Asian elders, now have a chance to fundamentally improve the post-war system. This would make it possible to once and for all end the terrorist and genocidal activities of the Satan worshipping Khazarian mafia. Furthermore, if a deal can be reached, trillions if not quadrillions of dollars (yuan etc.) can be made available to finance a massive campaign to end poverty, stop environmental destruction and set humanity on an exponential path of expansion into the universe in harmony with nature.

Massive investment could also be made to make immortality possible for all those desiring it. We can literally turn this earth into heaven if a deal can be reached for a golden age of peace.

This article (US and Japan are close to civil war as Rockefeller death leaves power vacuum) was originally published on Weekly Geopolitical News & Analysis and syndicated by The Event Chronicle


  1. Hands up who finds it very unnerving that Ben is again championing the Jesuits, The vatican, the pope, the paedo UK royals.
    If this doesnt ring any alarm bells, then surely something is wrong.
    The facts are, the above are all part of the hidden problem. And by this admission, they are desparate to stay in control. If what Bens sources say are true, then they are trying to play nice for a while, to keep their malevolent grip on humanity. This will not end well if we allow it.
    As the Editor states here very often, use discernment.

    • I find it unnerving as well, however Ben has stated repeatedly that he reports on what his sources tell him. I feel that Ben’s reports are only patricianly meant for us. I think some of Ben’s comments and information are coded for various other operatives and intelligence agencies. If you are up-to-date on geopolitics (and now exopolitics as Ben has been taking about extraterrestrials lately), it’s easy to pick out nuggets of information and leave the rest. I think that’s the best way to approach these reports. I would not take everything he says, word for word, as the absolute truth.

      Dave left a comment some weeks ago that I feel sums up the situation perfectly. I don’t think he’d mind if I quote it, so here it is:

      “Yes, Fulford is a CIA asset. That’s not common knowledge but it’s not a secret either. Probably an “unwitting” CIA asset to some extent, but he is indeed tasked with releasing certain information sourced from the intelligence community. And as an asset he receives CIA protection for doing so. Note there is a huge difference between a CIA agent and a CIA asset. Also keep in mind the CIA is a Jesuit operation and always has been, so they’re only going to authorize selective intel to give him. This is the reason for “the focus of his criticisms” as you put it. The Khazarians/Zionists are Jesuit puppets, existing only to take all the blame. All roads lead to Rome, as someone once said.

      Fulford is 100% legit. He reports what his sources tell him and he’s not trying to swindle his readers. He knows his CIA sources give him 2 lies for every nugget of good intel. Plausible deniability needs to be established when leaking intel. Unfortunately Fulford’s readers don’t understand this.” — Dave

      • A fair comment from Dave. But who knows for certain?
        I have said many times, I know Ben has said he doesnt verify what he prints, he lets the reader decide.
        But my reason for always sounding out the promotion of the Jesuits, UK royals etc, Is, I honestly believe we will be presented with a choice very soon.
        That choice will be a make or break for all of Gaia’s inhabitants.
        This is what I feel Bens handlers are prepping us for. IE, the acceptance of the Jesuit agenda. With the pope the uk royals and others staying at the helm.
        This cannot be allowed to happen. As this will be at first, oppression with a smiley face. Then depopulation etc etc. Leading to a RFID Chipped population, living in a hunger games type society
        The other option will be full liberation. And the beginning of the Star Trek generation. We cannot allow to be duped into accepting oppression any longer. This has to end. And END NOW.