Benjamin Fulford: US military cracking down on hooligans for hire in US

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By Benjamin Fulford

The recent staged demonstrations and violent incidents carried out by paid hooligans in places like Charlottesville have prompted a crack-down on Khazarian mafia agents who are paying for these incidents, Pentagon sources say. The US is now, beyond any doubt, run by a temporary military regime which intends to clean up the Khazarian gangster corruption that has destroyed the United States. Once this is done the military will return to their barracks the sources say.

A very clear indication of how degenerate the US political world has become was seen in the events that took place in Charlottesville, Virginia earlier this month. A White Dragon Society member was there to witness what really happened as opposed to what the corporate propaganda media lied about.
According to the corporate media reports, a “racist, hate-mongering white supremacist” crashed a van into peaceful left-wing protestors, killed an innocent young woman, and injured many others. This was followed by a well-oiled corporate media campaign to force US President Donald Trump to denounce the “KKK, white supremacists, and hate-mongers,” who they claim staged violent demonstrations in Charlottesville.

However, what the WDS source who was there actually witnessed was a very different story. The right-wing groups (this writer is not endorsing their views but does support their constitutional right to express them peacefully) applied for, and received, a permit to demonstrate against the planned removal of a statue of Confederate Civil War General Robert E. Lee. Once the demonstrators arrived, they were herded by the police towards a gauntlet of “left-wing” protestors who pelted them with used tampons, used condoms, flame throwers, feces and acid among other things. One of the right-wing speakers was permanently blinded by acid thrown at him, something the corporate media failed to mention, according to this source.

After the attacks, an emergency was declared and the right wingers peacefully departed from Charlottesville. This left the afternoon open to events staged by professional agents provocateurs, including the crashing of a van into protestors. Most of the protesters were professionals, (many working under the communist Antifa banner) being paid $25 an hour to participate in these events, according to NSA sources.

The WDS witness also noted that the “Black Lives Matter” protesters in Charlottesville were all white, and that the local African Americans were shouting insults at them.

This blatant promotion of civil unrest has prompted the US military and intelligence agencies to take action. The “[George] Soros-funded Antifa may be designated a domestic terror organization after FBI infiltration,” the pentagon sources say.

The Khazarian mafia are still trying to pretend that George Soros (who has vanished) is funding all of this activity but that is only because they want to camouflage the real financiers of these activities, like the Rothschilds. This writer remembers asking George Soros at the Foreign Correspondents Club of Japan about the owners of the Federal Reserve Board and seeing a look of sheer horror on his face when he heard the question, which he failed to answer.

In any case, the crack-down has started with the arrest of 27 paid extremists in Boston preventing a similar incident from being concocted there, the sources say. Readers have also pointed out that advertisements have been put out to hire paid crisis actors to stage events in Las Vegas on and after August 26th. There will be a widely watched boxing match staged there between the Caucasian Conor McGregor and the African American Floyd Mayweather. It is a pretty easy guess that there will be attempts to use this match to stage race riots. However, the US military are saying they will no longer put up with such nonsense and will ensure that all paid protests, and more importantly, their pay-masters, will be rounded up and charged with crimes.

The attempts to fan domestic turmoil inside the US are linked, of course, to the ongoing financial trouble at the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA CORPORATION. Here the latest signs are that this years’ September 30th payments deadline will be a difficult one to meet. A WDS member whose mother works for the US government says she reports her government pension fund has been raided in order to keep the US corporate government functioning. There are reports in places like the Washington Post that even this money will run out in September.

The US military and agencies, in cooperation with their allies in China, Russia, the UK and elsewhere are planning to reboot the world’s financial system in order to cope with this looming event, multiple sources agree.

In preparation for this, Pentagon sources say: “Trump drained the swamp by disbanding the Manufacturing Council, and Strategic & Policy Forum, effectively dumping Khazarian vultures and CEOs like JP Morgan’s Jamie Dimon, Blackstone’s Steve Schwarzman, Blackrock’s Larry Fink, Carl Icahn and others.” These groups are fronts for the families, like the Rockefellers, that own the Fed.

The US National Security Council also recently held a meeting at Camp David where globalists Jared Kushner, Gary Cohn, Dina Powell and others were banned “as the military takes over the White House,” the Pentagon sources say.

The sources also say that Nationalist Steve Bannon was “exfiltrated from the White House where he could do more damage from the outside against globalist Jared Kushner and Goldmanite Gary Cohn, and better serve the Trump base and agenda.”

“Bannon will help Trump from outside like [Newt] Gingrich where he is not dragged down by infighting, and he may get funded by billionaire Bob Mercer to start a conservative network to the right of Fox to destroy the fake news Khazarian media,” one Pentagon source said.

The Pentagon sources ad that “Jared Kushner has been put on a short leash where all meetings with Trump must be cleared by [White House Chief of Staff Marine General John] Kelly, and JK cannot be alone with Trump… JK is done promoting Khazarian interests and his ouster may be next.”

The Khazarian mafia, of course, has no plans to go silently into the night and is threatening “Muslim” terror attacks across Europe and will be trying to stage new provocations in the US as well.

There is also more high strangeness going on with the US Navy with the USS John McCain being hit by a tanker near Singapore. This follows the ramming of the USS Fitzgerald being hit bear Tokyo and earlier the USS Donald Cook (Donald Duck=sitting duck) being disabled in the Baltic sea. In other words, the Khazarians are once again advertising that they have the technical ability to disrupt the US militaries’ electronics.

On a final note, the WDS has been given very long and detailed evidence by a Senior Bank of Japan whistleblower about exactly who now controls the ability to create and distribute Japanese Yen. The WDS and their allies believe the BOJ to be the weak link in the Khazarian financial control grid and now we have detailed intelligence about the hidden actors behind the BOJ. This will lead to concrete action, in tandem with US military and agency white hats, this autumn.

There is also a lot of top secret diplomacy going on between North Korea and Canada, acting as proxies for Eastern and Western secret societies, to discuss the possibility of Canada taking over the functions of the bankrupt UNITED STATES CORPORATION. Of course, senior Khazarian Mafiosi in Canada like the Bronfman family will be asked not to interfere or get involved.

Please enjoy the remainder of the Northern hemisphere summer and make sure you are ready for what will be a busier than average autumn. The key battlegrounds will be Japan and Washington DC. The rogue nation of Israel is also advised to remove its Satan worshipping leadership. Once that is done the Jewish people will be liberated from thousands of years of Babylonian slavery.

This article (US military cracking down on hooligans for hire in US) was originally published on Weekly Geopolitical News & Analysis and syndicated by The Event Chronicle



  1. Sadly I don’t believe any word Ben puts to type. Remember when he had boldly stated the US military were going to mass arrest the cabal. Or when they were going to ensure the new republic would manifest. But they have only done the opposite. General Dunnuthin has bombed others, like the war hawk he is. No taking over the fed and sorting it out. Remember that claim Ben?
    I’m gettinG bored of showing Bens disinformation. However, too many hang of it as fact. Breath a huge sigh that is in control. And go back to their lives for another week, when really, they should questioning and researching what is put out there. Sadly not many do.
    He never mentions how the current pope said he would end poverty, but four/five years in, he hasn’t done anything fto end it. All he has done, is swear in Lucifer as the Catholics true Lord and master. Buried any comments of his dodgy past in South America. And removed any talk of him being s child rapist and trafficker. Oh, and silly me, I nearly forgot, the is Pope is still the head of the cabal and a Jesuit

    • thomas john in brentwood on

      Chris, just stop reading if you hate the reports so much. Exercise your free will. Nobody likes a whiner.

      • I don’t hate anything. However, too many people believe every word this guy says. I feel duty bound to point this out, as too many cheerlead his every word. Although Ben maybe sincere in his delivery of this blog. He has unwittingly exposed his handlers. The Vatican. But his cheerleaders can’t or won’t see it. Out of all the so called awake community that I have either spoke to physically or on line, probably five are truely awake. The rest just go with their messiah programming. We tHe people need to make this change happen. But Ben claiming again the US military is going to sort it, is farcical. Everything he has predicted hasn’t ever materialised. Except once, but he copied that off cobra, who stated it weeks before Ben did. Too many sit around waiting for the cavalry, and bens message is promoting that. What we should be doing, is making our communities stronger. And looking after each other. But that isn’t ever promoted. Be in peace

  2. Socialists don’t come more dedicated to their cause than Justin Trudeau. He is believed to have secretly converted to Islam and is fully committed to the globalist cause of the abdication of the white race. He is a former substitute teacher who cannot manage ANYTHING, as witnessed by the current destruction of the nation he was elected to lead. Canada will be a third world hellhole by the time the brainwashed socialist masses wake up. Fight with everything you have if what Fulford is saying ever comes to pass. Justin Trudeau represents full blown communism for the USA. Canadians know they made a huge mistake, don’t make the same one.

    • AngryViking !!!!!!! on

      “GP” well said !

      We have a similar situation in Sweden.The communist Bolshevik leftist (((media))) + (((the communist zios))) + corporate Freemasons are going for a controlled demolition of my country. The weapon of choice is mass immigration to exterminate as many as possible of the ethnic white population of swedes. Hate speech laws are used to silence opposition. Anyone that says anything is called a NAZI ! and the media will put photo of the person out on live TV !!!! to “shame” them into oblivion combined with sending brainwashed ANTIFA to beat them bloody !!!! Free Speech is dead here, and this Viking Is Angry !!!!!!!!…