February 20, 2019

Benjamin Fulford: Why no footage of exceptional events?

By Benjamin Fulford

Hello, Ben:

I always enjoy your weekly news.  I follow quite a few other writers who are reporting on the current wars with the cabal.  I have read there have been many bombings of the cabal’s underground bases and structures, and I have read there have been space wars happening.  Is there a reason that footage of these events is not available to the public?  I would think if they were it would boost the morale of everyone watching and reading about these events.  Have you seen any footage?


Dear P:

There is plenty of footage of weird celestial events and “space ships” or “UFOs” available on the Internet.  The problem is that computer graphics are now so good we cannot tell if these are for real or not.  My advice is to trust your own eyes and your own direct experience above everything.

Having said that, I have seen the entrance to the massive Denver Airport’s underground complex with my own eyes.  Also, multiple credible witnesses say the ongoing war encompasses a lot more than what we see or read about in the corporate mass media.

Hopefully soon we will all be seeing wonders with our own eyes.


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  • I still find it very odd that, despite many claiming a boat full of tourists witnessed the missles debris entering earths atomosphere. That not ONE single picture has emerged. Most cant eat a meal without taking a picture of it. So even if a Meteor, its not an everyday thing. So why no pictures?

    I find Bens updates never stand up to any form of scrutiny. His latest levelling critism of Cory and David W. Or that the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry was created by someone. When Factually it was a completley different person.
    I think Ben is sincere, but his sources are never right. If we do as he cites, have a crypto currency installed. Then it is End game for humanity, not liberation.

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