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February 26, 2107

By Victurus Libertas

Our CNN leaker has contacted us again with great information.  Our source has confirmed to us that CNN is going to use a new angle.  Hear my message, because this will come out this week-  when you hear CNN begin this narrative, REMEMBER THIS POST.

Our source stated this:

They are saying that 6 million American Jews could be in danger because of Trump and Bannon. This is being passed around all over the building and Wolf, Jake, and Brian concocted this. Research came back and said “its 6.5 million”, but they plan to use 6 million because it reminds people of the Holocaust. 

Next week, according to our source, we should expect comments from CNN that look like “Trump could pose a threat to the lives of 6 million American Jews” and “The Jewish people in America number 6 million and the majority oppose Trump because of his deportation policies“.

This is outrageous and should offend both Jews and Christians alike. CNN is, in our opinion, trying to turn the roughly one million Jewish Trump voters against him by using Judaism’s darkest hour to darken Trump’s legitimacy as a president.

Does anyone remember a film called The Producers?  Well The Producers was a GREAT film, produced by the legendary Mel Blanc, and featuring Gene Wilder and Zero Mostel. That’s right, the stars and producer were Jewish and they took the darkness of the Holocaust and turned it on its ear.

That film showed the Jewish gift for comedy and it is still one of the greatest films ever.

Contrast that with the humorless Zionist thuggery of CNN and it’s constant attempts to cast Trump as a new Hitler, simply because he wants to put America first.

Seriously, CNN? Using the Holocaust to trigger both Jews and Evangelicals? Fear-mongering at it’s best, and all because you guys are exposed as “very fake news”?

Our source also told us  that Tapper wants to point out that most Jewish Americans welcome refugees from the middle east and only “UnAmerican and uneducated Bible-clingers” reject progress.

Our source goes further in saying, everyone who is Jewish and working here has power. They all hate Trump and their goal is to turn all the Jews in America against him. They call him Goyim and they always laugh at the evangelicals. They call them “stupid” or naive droolers”, and there’s lots of attacks on Jesus. It makes me mad because I am Christian.

But this is only the start, says our source, “I haven’t heard of specifics, but they plan on hitting Trump harder.”

We would also like to point out the day after we leaked THIS article from our CNN leaker, THIS article appeared, with CNN releasing anti-Semitic Trump propaganda:  CNN ARTICLE

Our source also contacted us the day the Veritas Project released the CNN information, saying everyone at CNN was “FREAKING OUT“!  I had to laugh out loud a little!

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Our confirmed CNN leaker is giving us more information!

The leaker told us today that Shep Smith, from FOX has been calling CNN because he is angling for a job with CNN. Shep Smith, Don Lemon and Cooper Anderson all “hang out in a circle that enjoys teenage boys”, according to our source.  That is hear-say from our source, by the way.The leaker has never actually seen direct evidence of this, only heard talk of it from others inside the studio.

According to the source, Shep Smith frequently calls CNN and gives them leads. Our source says, “FOX would freak if they knew how much FOX folks (employees of FOX) give CNN personnel inside info on Fox.”

Our source then goes on to talk about Alan Dershowitz also known as ‘AD’ at CNN.  Dershowitz is the lawyer who defended Jeff Epstein during his pedophilia charges.

Our source claims, “All the sudden” Dershowitz is in constant contact with members of CNN and the source says the mood is very tense.

Our leaker claims, “Everyone here is upset Trump is going to go after Jeff Epstein and expose all the people who have been to his Island, and that includes some of CNN’s biggest contacts.”

This is getting ugly fast.  Our source tells us the CNN Producer is currently on the phone to New York Times newspaper to promote the idea that Pedophilia is a disordernot a criminal issue.  And we have seen that cropping up more and more lately in the MSM.

We must stay vigilant!  We cannot back down!  Pedophilia is a CRIME and it is SICK!

I’m sorry for the late reply. I’ve sent James this data just now, as CNN’s pushed us all like slaves lately. They promised a lot of us that we’ll have the next week off. I will send copies of memos asap, but I also apologize about the tardiness in my responses. They’re pushing a major agenda shortly, and all hands must be on deck. Thank you for your patience.

Godspeed, Victurus.

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We received an email tonight from an unconfirmed CNN insider.  Since we JUST received this information, we have not had time to fully vet everything, but we are currently working on confirming the source.

What this insider has told us is:

  • John McCain, Lindsey Graham, Tom Cotton and other republicans are in regular contact with Wolf Blitzer and Tapper, leaking negative info on Trump.
  • The talking points against Trump are handed down by Jeff Zucker, and his lapdog is Brian Stelter. Everyone here is mad as hell at being accused of pushing fake news. But that is what they do.

The insider claims on Sunday (2/19/17), the order came down to smear Trump with anti-semitic accusations.  The insider says “They decide what subject to smear Trump with and it’s always Zucker telling Stelter – and Stelter works with Wolf, Cuomo, and Tapper, and sometimes Gloria is consulted.”

Our unconfirmed insider claims what they  (CNN) always discuss off camera is PizzaGate. CNN treats it like fake news, but they are all scared of it.   Our insider claims Anderson Cooper was seeing an 18 year old man in NYC not too long ago and was terrified this would get out.

According to the source, as of the past week, they are frantically worried about the James O’Keefe leaks, and are wanting to temporarily focus on smearing him, to prevent him from crippling CNN.

According to the insider,  “Chuck Schumer has been really active – calling CNN at all hours and demanding to speak to Wolf.  Schumer is always asking if there is news on Anthony Wiener and his laptop.  Everyone here knows Chuck Schumer is a pedophile.” 

The insider claims they have overheard conversations where someone heard Jeff Zucker tell Brian that if the

Schumer thing leaks, it’s over!’ We are not even allowed to mention Podesta, or PizzaGate, but that’s all everyone discusses here. It’s one big cover up.

The insider has offered to send us photos of the memos and notes that are used during the meetings.

This article (BREAKING!! EXCLUSIVE!! Latest CNN Leaks!) was originally published on Victurus Libertas and syndicated by The Event Chronicle



  1. Interesting. Vatican/Jesuit researcher Eric Jon Phelps said several years ago that a Jesuit plan existed to create a scenario in which all American Jews would flee to Israel out of a concocted fear that their lives were in danger. The plan would be to get all world Jews to Israel, where they would all then be wiped out in a massive nuclear strike.

  2. C. Harrison-Smith on

    There are several reasons for running this story at this time:
    1) The Elite and their Khazar money handlers are in a panic over the Pizza Gate related arrests and investigations.
    2) The Khazars are afraid that Trump and Bannon will inform Americans that DNA evidence has identified the Jews as Khazars making the whole “Chosen People” theme a HUGE mistake. This would uplift Trump’s Alt Right supporters right before they have the rug pulled out from under them and they are told that they are no longer at the top of the food chain.
    3) The Jews are afraid that once Americans find out they are really Khazars, the blow back and shame will be more than they can stand.
    4) They are fulfilling prophecy by sending a “Flood” of lies (fake news) after the newly awakening populace.