February 19, 2019

One World of Nations: This relates to our exposures on transhumanism for all parties, and the NWO population reduction agenda.The Tri Laterals and CFR do not require a lot, just simply that 90% of all mankind dies, leaving just them, and in many cases, their ugly criminal families, to inherit all.

The ‘leaked’ Bilderberger presentation (fiction) is translated from French as follows:

“Scoop Exclusive: The classified top secret report of the last meeting of the Bilderberg …”

Le Contrarien By Charles Sannat 28 October 2014

(translated from French)

Contrariennes my dear, dear contrarian!

This is a special edition, very special that I propose today. I take you understand the real ways of the world, the world in which we live but probably not for long.

I reproduce in the lines below the account exclusive minutes of the last meeting of the Bilderberg meeting which is held annually and attended by personalities very high all over the world. It is in this kind of coterie that, for decades, shaping the world of tomorrow.

Before addressing the bulk of the document has leaked, I suggest you watch this video of JT 20 hours. It dates back 40 years! Almost, 1977 to be exact, and yet …

Video: TF1 parle du Bilderberg en 1977 … avant 40 ans de censure is in French with no subtitles (link)

Proceedings annual meeting. Classified Top Secret. For exclusive use of members.

Closing Remarks by the Chairman of the meeting:

Chairman: Beyond capitalism – crossing the new frontier

If we continue to maintain control of the masses by the classical wage labor within a frame on the mass production and mass consumption with the solvency of consumers by allocating a portion of the wealth created via system work, we all now satisfied that the long-term survival of the human species, the preservation and sustainability of a viable biosphere and in harmony with human activities require a complete reorganization of our modes of thought, organization and production.

As we all know, in fact the goal we are pursuing is neither totally useless accumulation of new wealth or even the rescue of an economic system, it was used for more than three centuries and become incompatible with our vision of the future.

The goal we are pursuing is obviously that of eternal life, or at least the way the man living two centuries and here we reach the ambitious ideas of transhumanism that we want to develop, install in order to promote the emergence of a new human being. From a superman. As our technologies now allow us to have so-called “augmented reality” tools, our research has led perfectly regarding “man up.” Our technologies are fully developed. We are ready to live two centuries. Our nano-technologies allow us to repair the body from the inside, the decoding of the human genome has allowed us to understand how the cell aging that we can not completely stop but slow down considerably. Our knowledge of stem cells allows us to remanufacture demand any tissue or any organ of course would become faulty.

Finally, our mastery of the human genome allows us both to select the most appropriate and effective genetic heritage, not to mention the fact that by modifying certain we can finally increase our physical and mental abilities as well.

Our predecessors 30 years naively thought that we could implement to improve the human species, the methods used to optimize dog breeds by crossing expertly organized. Yet these failures of “Nazism” have allowed us to explore new ways and achieve the success we are celebrating today. We finally unlocked the secrets of eternal life, the ultimate conquest of man finally become his own god and his own master. We are, all of us gathered here, the Alpha and Omega of this new world opens up to us and therefore we should make.

Obviously, as you know, there are problems of implementation absolutely huge and it was the challenge of the work of the various committees in which you participated throughout these days of intense seminar.

We all acutely aware of the fact that the planet and our environment obviously can not stand the eternal life of tens of billions of human beings who consume the same way today. We all know that infinite growth including population in a finite world is an intellectual aberration. We all understood that divide the world into two castes, the mortal and immortal, would simply be impossible because in one case we propose to live and others to die, putting the toiling masses and in a situation where they have nothing to lose, except I remind you that the main tool of control of the people through the fact of granting benefits calculated to give the illusion of loss in case of rebellion. All these data make the deployment of immortality technologies and improvement of man simply impossible for the moment.

The working groups have therefore submitted a number of proposals were discussed by the full committee. I’ll just cite the most important measures were passed unanimously in accordance with our privacy practices of our Grand Masters. It will be up to apply and implement each in your respective country and geographical area of ​​influence, the following decisions.

The initial target is the massive depopulation protecting the environment as much, which is to exclude from the scope of our possible use of any nuclear weapons that would inflict some irreparable damage to our planet so small. The tools we have are few but their combined effectiveness is certain to resonate since coming back we will get what the military calls a “force multipliers.” This is the triptych economic collapse, civil war and massive epidemics. Using these three tools will allow us to eventually reduce the world’s population 7-10000000000 inhabitants. We believe that achieving our target of 500 million human beings alive is illusory and that, despite all our efforts to reduce pockets of survivors remain everywhere across the planet. However, these pockets should not cause us major problems, in any case initially because their disorganization, their isolation and inability to master all the techniques that would be its namesake because of their low numbers should significantly limit their power to harm. We believe that in a few years many will disappear and the few that remain more or less quickly return to the wild in a few generations. Any group that threatens us is, in all cases, treated quickly.

Our main historic enemy to the implementation of our plan was obviously the national states. Globalization, globalization, European institutions, mass immigration were so many tools that we have used with great success for 30 years and now national identities and feelings of belonging were significantly reduced, as patriotic feelings. Money and ownership have become the core values ​​of many. The politicization of the masses has been significantly reduced, nations as we hoped, become fragile and can now be destabilized from within.

We must therefore continue with the constancy-immigration policy to make considerable masses of poor South come in impoverished countries of the North. We must consistently raise the most radical Islam to stir up the hatred and disunity among peoples. When we will bring economic collapse, then the most absurd that we have developed in each country lead most of these countries to large-scale civil wars where each community will be responsible for us to kill the largest number communitarianism members of the other community. Blacks against whites in the US, Muslims against Christians in Europe, civil wars have the immense advantage to destroy men without clashes between countries escalate into global nuclear war. Finally, when wars devastate the country, we take the opportunity to amplify the spread of viruses such as our proposed e-bola 2.0 genetically we are testing with efficiency as we get valuable epidemiological data, sociological (behavior of individuals facing the disease) but we also visualize our ability to saturate care systems that will, in any case, already significantly degraded by the civil wars that we have created on the example of the war between the two Ukraines.

All of these elements, the unpreparedness of the people, their dependence vis-à-vis all the support systems will particularly vulnerable to our different actions. The economic collapse would quickly spread to the entire planet. China will collapse under the weight of social unrest and Russia, which still poses problems for us today, should see its problem solved in 2015 as we hope, but let’s say for the moment is ‘Russo-Chinese axis that opposes greater resistance to our vision for the future. We do not exclude, if we do not manage to convince to use the weapon of targeted assassination against our personalities refusing depopulation program and adherence to our ideology of eternal life.

Obviously, for those who have not understood what you just read has no relation to reality and any resemblance to one or more existing characters is purely coincidental (or not …). This is of course science fiction (or not quite …). It was just a little story out of my fertile mind (or elsewhere …) I wanted to tell you. You can of course go back to sleep quietly.

Say it is just the starting point for what could be a novel (or not …) but it remains that, like any story, it raises real questions.

Eternal life, which is the heart of the strategy of a company like Google (whose links with the most secret US agencies like the CIA or NSA are well established), raises the question of the possibility of accessibility for all to eternal life. Can you be 10, 20 or 30 billion people populating the planet and consume? The answer is obviously negative, then in such a case necessarily hypothetical, what would we men and women too? Read here an excellent article on the JDD’s latest book Lawrence Alexander “death of death” detailing Google’s strategy.

Transhumanism is not a figment of the imagination, it is even a fundamentally deeply repugnant ideology that has always existed although it was other names at other times. Transhumanism grow even in a relatively transparent to face almost discovered and finally, nobody is so nothing to say, but he will remain the man when the man is scientifically enhanced to become a superman, and does he always reminds you nothing?

Another question, we are finally beginning to speak some of the havoc that will cause the arrival of robotics, and even France 2 broadcast a report about it on the news 20 hours yesterday on the study announcing the disappearance of 3 million jobs in France by 2025 – but I can assure you that it will be much more and much faster – and that gives us a reason to hope soon going to show us a business aviation has even hired at the same time she settled … a robot!

All this leads to two issues. The first is that factually, removing all the posts and the maximum working to optimize gains, companies eventually take all shot in the foot forward because obviously there will be more creditworthy consumers and therefore profit so why continue this policy, the idea that in reality the system does not try to save but to “overcome” and now the border shared between rich and poor is not as money that access to eternal life.

Another big question, a corollary of the first things you do not can not see as man sees his “marginal utility” collapse. Mao said that a man that was a mouth to feed but two arms (for work). Simple but based economic calculation. Man with his arms it is a “work force”. Moreover, our entire economy is based on this kind of assumption. Yet we see that man is useless and will become even more new machines coming will do almost everything without human intervention.Humanoids can we replace 95% of the tasks, while he remains the man?

If I want to believe in the ability of humanity to share and exceed all its faults, be reasonable, human history shows that there is little chance that we live in a world where everyone Bears would be nice and nobody would miss anything … So what all these arms become too perfectly useless, I would say obsolete. How to solve the problem we could say modestly.

If we take the arguments after “environmentalists” and “transhumanists”, it seems only logical that a drastic depopulation policy would overcome the problems we face and these arguments, as odious as they are, are intellectually unstoppable. We have become too numerous, the planet can not sustain the current number of people in the current economic system, our ecological footprint is unbearable and we no longer have any need of labor. Finally, we could almost live forever, or the quest for eternity is obviously a human temptation since the dawn of time.

So of course, this is pure fiction … and yet … If Mao said that it was mouth to feed two useful arm, today it looks like a mouth … it’s always a mouth too, especially when there are 7 billion and that their arms soon no longer be useless. And Mao, the great humanist, what would he have done in such a context?

It is already too late. Get ready and stay tuned.

See you tomorrow … if you do not mind !!

JFKBy trying to stifle peaceful revolutions, it makes the inevitable violent revolution
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