David Wilcock Comments on the “Continental Dollar”

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Not much to report this week until my article comes out, other than to say that the US currency we were directed to is very clearly and obviously a complete fraud.

The website is bare-bones, has almost no content on it whatsoever, and is an example of taking an additional word and adding it on to the front of another credible URL, in this case for the USPS.

The appearance of the alleged money lacks sophistication, including straight lines and Arial font, and appears little more than a Photoshop effort that took one individual a few days to complete.

We should be aware that there is awesome counterfeiting being done, so this may be deliberately planted disinformation to stop the real money from being interfered with.

Lots of great and inspiring data here other than this one very obvious problematic issue. I am finally moving into a position where I can sit down and bang out a mega-article on everything going on without significant problems requiring my attention first.

David Wilcock

Comment by dwilcock on November 29, 2016 @ 2:24 am



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  1. I agree. Everything about this is questionable at best. There’s alternative news and then there’s legit fake news and this all screams fake fake fake to me. No doubt things are happening for real behind the scenes but I’d say this is a smokescreen or just plain disinfo.

      • OK, calm down. The story is presented as “news” and it appears to be fake for lack of a better word, so what’s the problem in saying so? I’m not falling for any psyop, I just know bullshit when I see it.

        • I’m perfectly calm. It’s just that they create these buzzwords for a reason, and by people using said buzzwords it means their PSYOP is working. The “fake news” agenda didn’t enter the lexicon until very recently and now that seems to be everyone’s favorite term.

          I’m not meaning to single you out at all. It’s just that my website and social media accounts have been flooded by the term “fake news” for the last couple of weeks and it’s quite disconcerting that people are falling for this PSYOP.

          And yeah… I should have pointed out that I agree with you that these bills are bullshit. A much better term that has yet to be co-opted. 😉

          In 1967, the CIA Created the Label Conspiracy Theorists

          • I dunno if the term is new, I’ve been using the term “fake news” for a long time whenever I see CNN. But I see where you’re coming from, it’s like using the term ISIS instead if Daesh. So from now on I won’t use the term fake news unless it involves Wolf Blitzer.

          • I’m sorry. I told myself this morning that if I heard that term one more time I would lose it, and well… I’ve been a little on edge the last few days and I apologize for taking it out on you. I do appreciate your comments.

            Wolf Blitzer… ha! Did you happen to see the election night coverage on CNN? I really thought poor ol’ Wolf’s head was going to explode that night. Maybe it’s just me, but I thought it was ridiculously funny.

  2. No apology required.

    It was absolutely hilarious to watch it all unfold that night, wasn’t it? It wasn’t just CNN, although they were the worst of the bunch. If there was ever any doubt that the western media creates news and collectively leans far to the left, it was proven beyond a doubt on election night. The reactions were over the top. For example, the black woman in this video looks and sounds pretty close to getting a rifle and heading for the nearest rooftop.


    Interesting that she believes NOW the US might become dangerous and start to gain a reputation as an international bully and a rogue nation. Where has she been for the past 15 years?

    • Wow. I was flipping between channels on election night and kept the corporate news on in the background for three days straight because it was so wildly entertaining. The reaction of the MSM leads me to believe the rumors of the white hats and positive military somehow stopping the cabal’s ability to rig the election holds some credence. They were all extremely shocked and not prepared for the outcome. I didn’t think Trump had any chance of winning. Even Cobra stated Clinton had a 65% probability of a win. This leads me to believe the cabal’s plans were interrupted in a dramatic way, which ultimately means the are exceedingly desperate and dangerous right now… especially with all the data coming out related to PizzaGate.

      • Exactly, my dear chronicler. The revolution itself was well hidden in the election process. As Ben Fulford reported: “This order to Kerry [to let Trump win] was followed by a special-forces attack on a Khazarian base in Denver that successfully stopped cabal efforts to steal the US election on behalf of their zombie proxy Hillary, CIA sources say.”

        Even it’s not the full truth, one way ar another the election must have been “corrected” massively. Just think of 3-6 million zombie voters, ie. decedents, good ole Soros’ Smartmatic voting machines in 16 States, voter busing, to name a few “irregularities”.

        There was a similiar unexpected incident during the prez elections in 2012. Human hybrid draco Karl Rove tried to intimidate the vote counters during vote-tallying on FOX News, so sure he was of having bagged the win of the votes of the swing state Ohio:
        The Republicans lost Ohio and the lesser evil Obama preserved the world from greater harm.

        • Things are becoming so blatantly obvious now that it’s causing many, many more people to awaken to the lies of the mainstream media, which is exactly why they’re pushing their “fake news” PYSOP. The last couple of weeks have been unprecedented and important, but I don’t think many people (even among the awakened) have realized what we have just witnessed. We are in unchartered waters now and it makes me both extremely excited but nervous as well, due to the cabal’s desperation.

          I identify with being an empath and earth-sensitive, and the energy right now is very intense in the collective consciousness. “Something” is about to happen, but I haven’t been able to put my finger on it quite yet. Not only that, but the solar activity and the influx of a new energy wave hitting the planet means we could be in for quite a wild ride before things settle again.

          • Yes, indeed, there is a nervous tension in the air. Simon Parkes said he is expecting until the mid of January 2017 a general big pressure. He called it “crunch time.” That’s why Sheldan Nidle and Mike Quinsey asked us to keep up a positive vision of our future and not to lose our confidence. Btw Simon is currently holding back posts because of too much pressure against him. He said furthermore that only with the open support of some 200 generals Trump could withstand the cabal.
            Keep your chin up!

      • Desperate, dangerous, and still (we think) with the means to pull off just about anything. Everyone certainly seemed to think a Trump victory was inconceivable, so I think someone finally stopping them was an eventuality that never occurred to them. They’ve been getting away with everything for so long that they just can’t accept it. Right now the entire establishment (along with the progressives on the left) is one great big 4-year-old child throwing a tantrum over hearing the word NO for the first time. It’s rather pathetic.

        It’s interesting, you mentioned Baba Vanga somewhere else and I looked it up. She said something to the effect that a race war (northern states vs. southern states) would erupt and prevent Trump from being inaugurated. And Soros, who has been trying to ignite a race war for a long time now, just dropped $10 million to combat hate crimes. So I think the next few weeks might be interesting.

        • I agree. I hate to even utter the words out loud, but I would not be surprised if we see a major false flag in the weeks ahead. I pray that I’m wrong. Hopefully whoever seems to be in charge now and was able to stop the election fraud will be able to stop future plots from transpiring, as well.

        • The next few weeks might be interesting, yes, to say the least.
          Let the show begin…. send in the clowns… the circus director Trump stands behind the curtains, near the cage with tigers, ready to tickle them with his whip in the first act. His wife is flying in the trapeze, in a leopard skin and his children earn a bit of pocket money, selling hot dogs and popcorn to an excited and murmuring audience. Bread and games.

          Just like Brexit wasn’t expected by the British government, particularly not byDavid Cameron who suggested a Referendum, the victory of Trump wasn’t expected according the mainstream media reports.

          We’re in uncharted waters also regarding an unpredictable unfolding of events and a collective consciousness in flux. Nothing is the same, all rules fly out of the window and paradigms are melting in the fire of justice, due to the waking up of humanity. We’re in the middle of leaving the 3rd dimension, moving through the 4th as fast as possible and it seems taht all major players are desperately trying to make waves 🙂

  3. I agree with the sentiment. Things are in process behind the scenes, sure, but if this is really the best currency design they can come up with, I’m dubious. My bs-meter is off the charts on this one.

    Honestly, this has some of the worst photoshop application I have ever seen. There is no country in the world that would openly endorse these designs for their currency.