February 16, 2019

David Wilcock Comments on Fulford’s Latest

David Wilcock

David is commenting on Benjamin Fulford’s Latest report:

Wow… the photo should be on a hidden link that gives you the option to click on it after hearing what it will be.
[Editor Note: My thoughts exactly! I was not prepared to view that photo and don’t appreciate that it was shoved in my face.]

Corey Goode and I are about to publish a joint article on many different insider issues.

One key example will be that the Cabal may announce advanced ruins discovered in Antarctica as a last-ditch effort to distract the public from their imminent downfall.

I am finalizing it right now so stay tuned!

David Wilcock


  • I find it hard to believe that Putin is one of the bad guys, as was mentioned in B.F.’s latest report.

    • I honestly do not know if Fulford is shilling knowingly or he is being fed bad info or under mind control. I do NOT believe that about Putin. I believe cobra over fulford and cobra has not said that Putin is cabal.

      • Stacy, as I said before, I noticed a change in Ben’s reports about 2 to 3 months ago and think he is under mind control. I too believe Cobra over Ben.

  • “An insider in one of the bloodline families sent a horrific photograph of a cannibalistic event. This writer hesitated to publish the photo, which was sent shortly after Thanksgiving but, decided to do so in order for people to understand what we are fighting against. ” that photo is a special effects prop photo..easily found on google images..as usual fulford is being lied to and he happily reports lies as facts with little fact-checking on his part..Wilcock does the same

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