February 22, 2019

David Wilcock Comments on Fulford’s Latest

David Wilcock

Editor’s Note: David Wilcock comments on Benjamin Fulford’s report. He’s left two comments so far. If he leaves more comments, as he often does, I’ll update this post.

David is commenting on Ben’s latest report, found here:

Benjamin Fulford: The Empire Strikes Out as Khazarian mafia fake Zika virus, negative interest rate offensives fail

Comment by dwilcock on February 1, 2016 @ 10:48 pm

HUGE article of my own set to drop imminently. Got in fast this time!

David Wilcock

Comment by dwilcock on February 1, 2016 @ 10:57 pm

Ben mentioned the new X-Files here. Though it has disclosure, it is only a partial disclosure narrative that fits in with what we have been hearing they would try to get away with: there are little or not ETs, except maybe for ancient ones, and all the activities we are seeing are the results of people in our own civilization.

This is a huge story. I am also surprised Ben didn’t mention that the CIA actually disclosed UFO documents and strongly hinted that it is real as of January 21st. I will be addressing all of this and it’s another book-length investigation that is not quite finished but close.

David Wilcock


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