February 22, 2019

David Wilcock: Developments may move in favor of disclosure happening bigger and faster than we had anticipated

David Wilcock

By David Wilcock

I am enjoying a much-needed break in Canada and have just recently gotten out of an internet blackout zone. It’s nice to have access again, I must say!

There are some very fascinating developments that may move in favor of disclosure happening bigger and faster than we had anticipated. I hope we will be able to talk about some of them soon enough. We may very well see things move much faster than the alleged “Partial Disclosure” scenario.

At the same time, the loyal opposition wants both Corey and me gone more than ever. We have been given very specific information about the nature and severity of the threats. It has never been more perilous. This is not a joke.

We are not going to be actively hunted down, so we are told, but if there is a “window of opportunity” where either of us are in the right place at the right time, they feel they “Must” make an effort to do it.

This could actually take the form of a larger violent event that “just so happens” to occur wherever either of us might be. Thankfully the Alliance is aware of this and has our backs like never before. I haven’t personally seen anything or anyone but am aware that this greater protection now exists.

I don’t get the sense that there are any “windows” for such incidents where I am now, but this has definitely been unsettling. As a result I have kept fairly quiet and am just trying to enjoy some vacation time.

The shamanic principle of “Using Death as an Advisor” has been useful for me. I am looking at my life and thinking about what works and what doesn’t, what can be changed and how to accomplish that for the greater good. There is a whole lot of movement going on right now and I feel calm and secure.

I am choosing to focus on the positives of the news we are hearing. At some point soon I will summarize the developments over the last month, as there are a huge number of tangible signposts that we are seeing some action take place.

I am waiting for a rainy day here to take the time to write this all up now that I have access… so stay tuned!

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This article (David Wilcock: Developments may move in favor of disclosure happening bigger and faster than we had anticipated) was originally published via David Wilcock’s Facebook Page.


  • Oh, another one of those “disclosure is imminent” articles from David. I was once an avid follower and advocate of his. I’ve read his books. Don’t hold your breath on disclosure, you may die if you do. From my perspective official disclosure from the powers that were will not happen. I could be persuaded to change my mind only IF the pedophiles in Washington DC and the EU are prosecuted. Which is more likely confirmation of Pizza Gate truth or disclosure? Like I said, don’t hold your breath. Poor David he is well intentioned and a very decent human being but I can’t help thinking he was used by the hidden hand.

  • Are you still in contact with ‘Allendale’? (I think that was his name)
    The guy who sounded Irish/Scotch, who was from far, far away.
    It seems he helped to cover your back the first time the alphabet goons threatened to go postal on you.
    I heard you on Drake’s show.
    He was so cool and laid back and seemed to know his shit.
    That was like 5 or 6 years ago – I have been wondering about him – What does he know?
    Have you had contact?

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