February 23, 2019

David Wilcock: Disclosure and the Secret History of Our Solar System

David Wilcock

(David Wilcock) Is the world going crazy or is it all part of a perfect plan? When it’s David talking with George Noory, you already know where it’s going. We will discuss the five million-year secret history of our solar system, the space program, Ascension and David’s epic new TV show, Disclosure, launching this week!

MAJOR UPDATES Next Morning, including links to recent “meteor” sightings that might be something more. The show happened last night and was a huge success!


The interesting accounts I am about to share with you are the result of many ongoing, multi-hour briefings from very highly-positioned insiders.

These are people who work for various “government” (military-industrial complex) groups in what they would call the “Space Program.”

These people have repeatedly proven their bonafides through a variety of means.

We have been compiling and cataloging their data, and scientificaly verifying it whenever possible, since this website launched in 1999.

Our circle of trusted contacts keeps growing. There are many contenders who spout disinformation, but there are genuine sources as well.

We have had two major new sources come to the forefront in the last four months, creating a dramatic expansion in the knowledge base.

Hundreds of specific data points have been cross-verified — information that had never been published on this website or anywhere else, but that other vetted-out insiders revealed independently, over the last 20 years.

The truth is far, far stranger than fiction. For safety, we have held much of this back until the new data can be absorbed, cataloged and integrated.


Right now there is a war going on in space, directly over our heads. It really heated up in mid-December of last year and is ongoing.

That war is reaching a decisive tipping-point. It appears that it will turn out very favorably for the vast majority of everyone on earth.

In fact, it appears that it is already impossible for the Cabal to win this. Time still has to play out before it is visible to everyone, but the end is almost certain.

Many of the power elite groups on this planet are in a state of complete chaos and turmoil as a result.

Events unfolding on earth could be seen as a “proxy war” between groups of “good guys” or angels and “bad guys” operating in, with and around Earth.

“Good” and “Bad” is obviously a question of your perspective. From the elite Cabal perspective, what is happening to them is very bad.

However, the people who are fighting against the Cabal do very much seem to have humanity’s best interests in mind.

This alliance is a combination of earth governments, earth-based factions of the space program, and newly-arrived ETs who mean business.


It appears that major events are about to unfold on earth, involving the exposure and defeat of the Cabal.

This appears to be coming in the form of vastly greater disclosures from the Snowden documents than what we have seen so far, among many other things.

The “good guy” ETs have now enforced a no-fly zone around the earth. Any high-level Cabal people who try to fly out are being shot down.

Their ships are cloaked, but when one of them gets shot down, we hear about epic meteor sightings — and then the cleanup crews rush in.

There have been a number of very high-profile and unusual “meteors” lately — including daylight-bright flashes of light, sonic booms and the ground shaking for up to 15 seconds upon impact.


We’ve already got the “David Has No Proof!” comments coming in. Now that I’ve had a chance to sleep, here’s some of what we know.

One recent example from January 6th, covered by the Daily Mail, was seen in California.

There was open speculation that this was “a UFO crashing, ejecting a miniature spacecraft.”


Watch the video yourself. See how the second object doesn’t fall down with gravity.

It shoots in the OPPOSITE DIRECTION from the meteor, at a good clip — possibly even accelerating as it travels.

Basic laws of physics say this object should not have enough intertia to travel in a gravity-defying orbit — in the direct opposite direction of the “meteor.”

What the hell was it, then?

1/6: Is This a UFO? Bizarre Fireball Splits in 2 Over California

A mysterious glowing orb has been filmed breaking away from an unidentified meteorite-like object as it streaked across the sky above California.

The unusual object can be seen moving through the sky leaving a long tail behind that is characteristic of space debris or a meteorite burning up in the atmosphere.

But after a few seconds a second round object separates from the main fireball and moves off in the opposite direction.

UFO hunters have claimed the bright orb may have been some sort of escape pod from a crashing ship.

However, others have said it is more likely to have been a meteorite breaking apart in the atmosphere.


The Florida meteor case is one of the most recent ones, happening just last Saturday.

Whatever this thing was, it exploded so powerfully that the whole sky became as bright as daylight for a second…

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  • As much as I’ve loved Coast To Coast over the years, George Noory is the absolute worst interviewer in all of radio. He sleeps through this entire show. I’m not sure he listens to any of the answers to his own questions. Wilcock gave a great show, too bad Noory was on autopilot for it.

  • Interesting radio show, but only a small extract of his former conference in the Hilton Hotel in Los Angeles in February 6th, 2015. At the end of the second hour he is starting to tell a bit about the rings of Saturn. They are not natural, because a malevolent race of giants built them up as a galactical weapon. Furthermore he is referring to the Book of Enoch, a precursor of the Bible, more precisely, excluded from the Bible, because of the explicit mentions of giants.

    There are thousands of graves all over the world especially in northern USA and southern Canada called “mounds”. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mound
    The scary and eery thing about that topic is that these mounds are no burial grounds for good ole Indian chiefs but for those bad old giants. Partway they are put in an artificial coma for thousands of years and now the secret government is scared about their massive awakening. Well, that sounds like old european fairy tales, but David got it firsthand by double-checked whistleblowers of deep black projects.

    His happy mentioning of the open space war around our planet, firings of fleeing cabal members in their little star ships, the so-called “meteors”, unsettled me for the moment. But our galactic friends seem to control the situation.

    Here is a YouTube audio file, Wilcock starts at 38 min.

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