February 23, 2019

David Wilcock: We could be heading into some very intense phases

David Wilcock

Comment by dwilcock on January 20, 2015 @ 5:39 am

The biggest thing that should be added here is how the stage has been set, in America and the European countries, for a Cypress-style “bail-in” where the banks take money out of depositors’ accounts.

The plunging oil prices represent a “suicide leap” the Cabal is doing to try to drag down Russia and throw their economy into chaos. It is very blatant to go to the gas station and see the prices so much lower. This very quickly will lead to a massive default of the mega-banks since they have derivatives holdings that require oil to be at a certain price. If the price doesn’t go up very soon, they WILL default.

Over Christmas, the Obama Administration quietly passed a law that will allow the banks to take money out of everyone’s accounts to bail themselves out. The oil derivatives collapse guarantees such an event will be brought on. So it may not be “over with just a bit of mopping up left to do” as Ben was saying. We could be heading into some very intense phases that will affect everyone’s lives more than they realize.

I do believe this will all work out, but we have quite an interesting obstacle course to navigate in the coming weeks and months.

– David




  • I truly wish I could read D.Wilcock material on this side [when I try to go to David website it just tells me :method not implemented ???] what dose it mean? Beata

    • Hi Beata, David’s comment does not come from his website, Divine Cosmos. David has been in the habit lately of leaving comments under Fulford’s articles on each Monday, when they are published. If you go here, it will take you to Ben’s site where you can read David’s comment in its original form.

  • It would be easier to take Wilcock seriously if he did not talk about financial details with no background in finance. Where did he get his MBA? I thought you were a “Spiritual Guru”? Stick to what you know, and watch as well grow.

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