February 16, 2019

David Wilcock: HUGE burst of new intel from Pete Peterson about the Antarctic Atlantis

David Wilcock

By David Wilcock

Last night I got a HUGE burst of new intel from Pete Peterson about the Antarctic Atlantis. Much more specific detail that has clarified a bunch of topics, including UFO crashes from three different time periods that have all been found.

Pete was part of a team that has been working on an incredibly detailed analysis of these crashes for at least the last 30 years. The level of specifics is almost too much, since you are dealing with entire teams of scientists who did nothing but study these sites for years at a time.

Plans are definitely in place to reveal the whole thing to us. A negative ET group is also demanding a disclosure announcement in the very near future.

The battle between the Cabal and the Alliance is playing out in the US as the DoD (Alliance) versus the CIA and there are many mysteries in current events that can be explained.

We are definitely right on track for some major changes in everything we think we know. The Alliance would have done this regardless of who won the US 2016 election.

I have been very busy with new developments in my life that involve travel and many hours of work. All very positive and completely unexpected.

I feel it is very important to get this intel out before I speak at New Living Expo this weekend in San Francisco. I have a Sunday talk and a Monday post-conference event. This is only one of two events I have agreed to do this year despite almost daily requests for my presence at various conferences.

The new intel will definitely be shared at the event for my own protection even if I can’t get it all out before then. Right now I have to study for an Ancient Aliens taping that will consume the whole day and then I am off at 5AM on another trip that will knock out two more days.

You definitely do not want to miss this show if you are anywhere near San Francisco this weekend!

Shared by David Wilcock via Facebook.

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  • David Wilcock should stop with the missinformation campaign that the ancient Antartica city is Atlantis. This flash frozen ruined civilization is much older than the island nation that sank to the bottom of the North Atlantic Ocean about twelve thousand years ago in a cataclysmic global deluge. He knows fully well that what is in Antartica is the remains of Hyborea whose capitol city was the famed Thule which the Nazis took as inspiration for their esoteric mystical group. Wilcock and Goode both know this isn’t Atlantis and should be ashamed for pushing it as such to the public.

  • Notice how many times “I’ or “my” appear in David’s posts. Whether inspired or not, his shameless self-promotion is a turn-off.

    • That’s what stood out to me also. This article was nothing more than an advertisement for his show. It provided us with no other information other than how to buy tickets but the headline was presented as an article that was going to discuss the subject. Bait and hook. Buy tickets if you want the info.

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