David Wilcock: I strongly suspect that Putin was having meetings with the Alliance

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David Wilcock adds his comments to Benjamin Fulford’s latest post. David often adds more comments so I will update this post as needed.

Comment by dwilcock on March 17, 2015 @ 2:08 am

I strongly suspect that Putin was having meetings with the Alliance. I don’t have any idea why Ben came out with such an unprovoked and groundless accusation that Putin was involved in 3/11. Ben has been in at least three Russian documentaries that greatly exposed what is going on, and this included a documentary that talked about 3/11 and repeated what he said about it being caused by Israel.

From what I have been hearing on my end, the panic is every bit as high in the space program side of the Cabal / Illuminati as it is on the terrestrial side.

The Alliance wants to:

  • Do away with all cabals and secrecy on earth;
  • Release all forbidden technologies (very advanced stuff);
  • Eliminate money completely (we will not need it);
  • Bring us into cooperation with positive ETs (there are many);
  • Set up a transitional government, which then leads to;
  • Clearing out most forms of government entirely;
  • Completely restore the biosphere, reverse droughts, feed people;
  • Colonize space much more than the “colonies” that now exist.

I am sure there are other goals, but those are the ones we know of.

Governments will not be necessary beyond a limited degree when everything is open and honest, there is no need for money because everyone has what they need, and people can all have a voice through electronic communication.

There were VERY big meetings going on, with both the Alliance and the Cabal, starting around last Tuesday — just a few days after Putin disappeared. It is almost a certainty that he was at these meetings.

There have been MAJOR defections over to the Alliance in the space program, and they have been ordered to put the brakes on and not take it quite so fast. They attacked a base on Mars and a base off the coast of South Carolina and caused a lot of “collateral damage” and innocent deaths in both cases.

Though they now have been given the tech to do this, they are being asked not to be so violent with it. This is meant to be a gradual change that remains peaceful, and helps us move into a peaceful spacefaring advanced society.

Very exciting stuff to read here. I’ve been so wrapped up in the space side of things I haven’t paid much attention to the worldly news.

– David


Comment by dwilcock on March 17, 2015 @ 2:10 am

I meant to say it is almost a certainty that Putin was at the Alliance meetings. Definitely not the Cabal meetings.

– David

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  1. Gradual? Yeh that’s great eh. Let billions suffer for an eternity whilst excuses are made. If this is all real. Then bring it on NOW. The Cabal are still fully in power, some bloggers make out these are now the good guys. Or at least their offspring are. So we either have cabal 2.0 Or the good guys make their presence felt. Arrest the bad guys. Shutdown the UK paedo govt. shut down the UN the EU and all other regimes of hate like isreal. NOW not in several thousand years

    • Agreed. The time is long past due for massive actions to be taken against the cabal and their supporters worldwide. People on this planet have been suffering far, far, far, far too long. There is not one justifiable reason why this should not happen NOW! Not tomorrow, next week, next month…NOW! We are tired andwearyof the worn out musings, rhetoric and misleading disinfo statements saying that the time is near, it’s close, etc. It all sounds like rubbish. We want to see real proof that all the vile criminals that belong to the cabal and their supporters are either arrested/imprisoned or exterminated permanently and that control of this planet and all its resources is given back to whom it belongs – the people. NOW!

      • Zeus, exactly. Too much talk and false hopes from bloggers claiming the polar opposite. 🙂
        In love and light

  2. Chris D,

    I understand your hesitation pertaining to what you would like to happen, but patience is a great virtue.
    I won’t disagree with you, but inturn, try to focus your understanding the intricacies of this global situation. If you have gained knowledge from all the alternative intel you have garnered from independent sources, then you should know that the current world affairs involving the Cabal is a tricky game of chess, because if you truly have a deep knowledge of the Cabal, then you’d know that they have many tricks up their sleeves and will fight till the last. Don’t fret, there control is is done. But if you have any information to what you think what should happen and what is going, then you must teach me and others what is truly going, because you seem to know a lot about the situation and also to give a good reason as to why things should be sped up concerning the Cabal.. Also to ad try not to focus so much on vengeance for this the same programmed state of mind that gives them power. Focus on self forgiveness of all negatives in your life and to others and you’ll realize that the Cabal leaders were just as manipulated as children and became the people they are today. Feel not anger, but love for your self and all beings who only want to truly live in a sovereign world without borders and limitations.
    Peace to you my brother and love blessings

    • Star1.
      You dont seem to have grasped anything I have said. Am I talking Vengence? NO. I am actually talking of removing this cancer that is the cabal. And like with Cancer, you dont leave it to fester.
      I am fortunate, I dont live in Palestine or Ukraine or Iraq etc etc etc. Where those people are been murdered indescriminately 24/7. I am fortunate that i am not a child been repeateidly raped by these people either. Or an animal suffering the futility that is the horror of vivisection.
      So give me a good reason why this should be allowed to carry on for ever. I, and the vast majority of this planet want an end to war and suffering. If any of these bloggers are speaking any truth, then it is all in place waiting to happen. So why the waiting??????
      According to bloggers, they have ET support. They can stop the cabals weapons of mass destruction, Strangelt bombs, Nuclear weapons etc etc. But seem to chose not to. You say their control is done??? Really? No it isnt, they are still fully fiunctioning. And no bloggers opinions, because that is all they are is opinions. As there is never any of the promised actions.
      As for self forgiveness, oincluding practicing love for all, is something you are spot on with. But as for the situation, we hear opinion from others, we never see action. EVER. It is starting to become a farce just like christianity. Where we will all be sat here in 2000 years time saying, The cabal take down is near, it is close. Yes I am frustarted at the state of this World. The sociopaths rule. I dont believe a lot of this takedown smack talk. I think it is causing apathy. I think WE need to stand up and demand an end. As I dont see much other than Cabal business as usual.
      If you know different friend, then please me and others know.
      Namaste, In love and light

  3. It is difficult to be patient when so much cabal nonsense continues so loudly that we all see it every day, even if we do not know their full consumption of all that is good and spewing out evil so much that it does not take a computer site to know it is happening. Many of us, but I will speak only for myself, I need to know what the truth is, see the status change and reach the height and strength of becoming what I can be as a member of this new peaceful and plentiful community. I require that we see the faces of earth beings as we ascend to what we are meant to be. I need to feel the community joy of this event coming to fruition. I need to support all that is good and know that the darkness is gone. I also want to feel that this will happen in my Earthly lifetime. Please make me aware of what this will take and what my part in it can be.

    • Hello Chris D,

      Thank you for your comment. It is well noted. But I never meant to say that I allow the Cabal to continue on. I myself want them removed swiftly too. I was trying to get you to see where your anger stems from, and it’s their power of manipulation. Try to imagine it being akin to the movie Starwars, where Luke uses is anger to fight the dark side and his farther Anakin Darth Vader uses his son’s anger to wheel him in. Then Luke suddenly realizes he was fighting fire with fire. So he decided to us his love in his heart to conquer evil. That is the point I was trying to get you to think about, not to agree on, but just to think, because I know that everyone has their opinion and opinions must be respected. In this way we create unity through this respect of others thoughts, not put on other down because you know better. I choose not to disagree with you, but to unify our common needs and thoughts. In this way we use our inner consciousness and hearts to unify and not use the Cabal’s fire against them, because I mention, they’re very tricky and the situation right now to clear them out permanently is like trying to defuse a bomb. Even the RM and the Galactic Alliance knows this. We need to come together and not fight ,but to respect each other, because we humans have been disagreeing and killing each other over belief systems for thousands of years, so I feel in my heart that unity is long over due and this is the time my family. Don’t worry Chris D, we all have your aspirations too, so let’s move on with that together and grab some popcorn and watch the movie called “The Cabal Is Running Scared To Their END”.
      Much love to you Chris D. Don’t worry I’m with you. All the world good people are!

      • Hi Star1

        Please dont coonfuse what I say as anger, this is far from the truth. Frustration , YES. Anger no.
        Indeed you ring true in what you are saying, there is no disagreement here 🙂
        Loveto all beings and to you and your family

  4. Well said dear friend! And may I add to be calm, stock up, on things just in case money gets tight. Pateince…beleive in good!!

  5. Fulford never accused Putin of being involved in 3-11, he recounted that an accusation had been made, that he had, but It wasn’t Fulford’s own assertion. Go back to breathing space dust, you’re too busy putting information out, to take information in. Your air of self importance makes everything you post really annoying to read.

  6. Hi David,

    I have a great deal of respect for both you and Ben. However, I thought that, in this instance, you misrepresented what Ben said about Putin’s disappearance. Ben did not accuse Putin of involvement in 311. He only stated, as an observation, that Putin’s “disappearance coincided with allegations made against him by two separate sources.” Ben did NOT make the allegations but clearly stated the allegations were made “by two separate sources.” Moreover, he concluded by speculating “that Putin was put under investigation over the 311 allegations and found innocent.” You did not give Ben credit for suggesting that Putin was “found innocent.” Ben’s only personal comment was that “this writer, like so many people around the world, is relieved to see that Putin is still with us.”

    David, usually I think your comments are appropriate and add value to what Ben said. But, this time I think you really misinterpreted his paragraph about Putin’s disappearance. And, that fact is aggravated by your suggestion that Ben’s comment was “an unprovoked and groundless accusation” against Putin.

    Thank you very much for your contribution to the dissemination of truth and the progress of ascension on this planet. Keep up the good work. But, I really felt constrained to let you know how disappointed I was in your comment this time.

      • Glad you pointed that out for Dary and gave me giggle.

        Just to weigh in on this discussion too…I quite like Ben but DO agree with David on this. Why did Ben need to make that slanderous inference to Putin at all? Bad form Ben, you lost a few pegs for me over that. Glad David spoke up and hope BEN reads DAVID’s comments! 🙂

        • Ben has said many times that he simply reports what he hears. In this case, I don’t think Ben made it up (or maybe even doesn’t believe it himself), but is reporting what he has been told, passing it along to us. Won’t you be glad when this guessing game is over? I know I will be!

      • My bad. This isn’t David’s blog. I must have been spacing it at the time. BUT, in response to LOVECHILD, the rest of my comment holds. Ben did NOT accuse Putin of being involved in 311, only that allegations were waged. Reporting that somebody wrongly accused Putin is part of what Ben does. I think, in this case, that David falsely accused Ben although I don’t think he really meant to. But, overall, I still think that Ben and David are both great warriors for the truth.

  7. Note to David Wilcock, I didn’t get from Ben’s article that he made the accusation that “… that Putin was involved in 3/11.” On the contrary, Ben speculated ” … that Putin was put under investigation over the 311 allegations and found innocent.” I’m sure several world leaders were / are under investigation for that event.

  8. So…. is this the new tactic employed by the establishment’s paid internet shills? Slam the cabal while also slamming the work the light forces are doing? I’m not sure what you people want. You say you want the cabal brought down now, but everything being done to accomplish that is just not good enough for you.

    You people need to understand that this is a war that is taking pace on levels beyond the physical. Things have to be done one step at a time and much of what needs to be done is on the etheric level, BEFORE moves can be made here in the physical. Wiping out the cabal now wouldn’t solve anything permanently. The Archons who control them would still be there, and they would regroup tomorrow and nothing would improve. Every cabal member would be immediately given a replacement physical body and they’d be back on the scene in days if this were done the way you want it done, with them “exterminated”.

    The point is to END the war and it has to be done properly. If you don’t understand then keep your uninformed comments to yourself.

    • To be fair, we all want this to be true. But just sitting there believing any old crap because it sounds good isnt helping. Just look at all the BS Ben and others have spouted aboout netanyahu. According to sources, he was going to be arresteed in America when he went there univited.
      He was also going to be removed, or lose the election in isreal. But hey NONE of that happened. He has won the election. And has vowed to increase ethnic cleansing on Palestine.

      As you claim to know sooooo much of what is happening, then please explain to me what is going on? Because all i see is BS in blogs. ZERO action to back any of the BS up. I will happily enlist wih the light forces. Just show me where to sign.
      All these blogs do is cause apathy. We need to stand up and say enough. I wont apologise for my comments, as they are based upon facts. All this cloak and dagger of secret missions blah blah cannot be proved. If the positive ETs can remove all the Cabal and their exotic weapons. Why the wait?? People are suffering horrendously, that disturbs me. I cannot do anything to stop it as an individual and we wont get togther to demand change. So ill say it again oh enlightened one, What is going on? WHY THE WAITING GAME????

  9. We are not able to put our differences by side in order to remove the cabal, we are not able to organize ourselves in more than tiny groups, most of us are not even able to imagine a free world and givíng up their ordinary lives for, so only thing we could do is rely on people in the background who are willing to take action! So how could even anyone expect things to change in such short time? Look how long their plan has taken so far and they are perfectly organized, they always ready to act, and they have not the slightest mercy for us.

  10. The truth about our structure must first be unveiled before the grander world. For example: Laws = lies. Don’t take my word. See for yourself in a dictionary or thesaurus. Lies lay over truth as laws lie over free will. Laws are lies made right by writing them on a contract. The truth shall set you free if only you unveil it. Ask for the full disclosure of contract. A negotiable instrument is a contract, and this is why cops ask for your ID. The ID is IT that is summoned by the magician, I mean magistrate-judge, to appear in court, and the infraction, aka breach of contract, on the citation is the ticket to the magic show. Look up The Great American Adventure by Judge Dale (PDF) and read part five.

  11. Hello “LUKE” aka “GoodETxSG” here,
    There was a Major “Alliance Conference” at LOC/Lunar Operation Command (Same time frame as “Putin being reported as Missing”). SSP Alliance & “Defectors” from Secret Earth Governments & “Other SSP’s” were present for presentation by “Blue Avian” (Raw-Tear-Eir) & THE “INTRODUCTION”/FIRST VISIT by Second of four “Sphere Alliance” Beings (10+ Ft Tall, Golden/Brown Skin, Triangle/Teardr op Shaped Head etc.). The full description of the Being and the meeting reported thus far can be found at my site.

    There will be some very extensive the therough reports on this information coming out in the very near future. I will be working closely with DW (As will some of his other SSP Contacts) to break down the current situation and provide information that has been approved for release through DW and Myself.
    Please be patient and stand by,
    Luke aka GoodETxSG

    • Thanks so much for letting us know about the newest update. I’ve posted some of your recent updates, here. It was a lot of information to absorb first thing this morning! I didn’t see your comment last night because it was sent to spam, which is odd because you’ve posted here before. The post triggered the usual suspects (I monitor traffic closely) and I had a hell of a time trying to get it posted. I’m really looking forward to learning more and cannot wait to see what the future holds! I have a question. Is there a way we as individuals can connect with the sphere beings ourselves? Thanks so much.