February 16, 2019

(David Wilcock) I guess you could call it good news… the high for today has dropped from 103 to 102 here in LA. The heat has been so bad it has affected our ability to be creative and get things done. I am very much looking forward to this being over. I walked the dogs yesterday at sunset and it was still 87 outside. Doable, but definitely sweaty and unpleasant, like walking in blankets of heat.

My female friend had her MRI yesterday and we need to hear back from the doctor, but they did not say there were any obvious abnormalities after she suffered from the hit and run. We did have the police come by the house and show us six photos to ID the guy. Only one of them looked like an older version of the driver, and was probably his father.

She has needed to put ice on her head and neck to reduce brain swelling, causing fatigue and disorientation. We watched “Mad Max: Fury Road” last night and that did not help. Hardly any story and a really silly movie. Very violent and loaded with predictive programming, with a key one being that everyone goes sterile after some sort of apocalyptic event.

We finally closed the other page so that all my public activities can be placed here and not divided between two. In the old days of Facebook there were problems that made some people not able to subscribe to the original page, hence we created this one. For whatever reason this one got to be more popular, so it will be good to keep it to just one.

I am very aware that this heat is an artificially-induced phenomenon caused by the mass use of HAARP, since it is one of the only weapons that hasn’t been taken away from the Cabal yet. As this all unfolds it will stop.

I was delighted to hear this past week that we are headed into an incredible El Nino season that will drench us with at least two years’ worth of rain, most likely. The incredible thing for me was how every single media outlet I read the news in focused on the negative, floods and mudslides, and said that even though this is probably the biggest one they’ve ever seen, you’d better not stop being afraid…. you’d better not think the drought will be over!

Look… can’t they just admit it? That this is fantastic? We will absorb the mudslides and the floods. We will get through it. We are not going to complain about water falling from the sky at this point. If we get a lot of it at once, so be it.

I see this El Nino as the Earth healing itself. The Cabal has never tried anything like this before — doing this much weather manipulation in one area for three and a half years straight now, creating the worst California drought in over 1200 years. This behavior is as childish as the Mad Max movie was, and that is the mentality. There really isn’t much thought behind it. Like the movie, it’s just “go, go, go!”

Sorry guys. Just because you haven’t completely lost yet doesn’t mean you won’t. I get that you are not going to stop. Too many people want a peaceful world for your plans to continue. We are going to co-create a much happier and more pecaeful world.

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