February 22, 2019

The Event Chronicle has decided to no longer post Neil Keenan updates

The Event Chronicle has decided to no longer post Neil Keenan updates

Note from Editor

I’ve been reading along with all the drama between Neil Keenan, Jean Haines and Kauilapele over the past several days. As a result, I’ve decided to no longer post Neil Keenan updates on The Event Chronicle. The following comment left for Jean Haines on her blog by the so-called Dr. Aidun (aka “Judge” Navin Naidu) was the final deciding factor for me.

“JEAN HAINES: My Marshals have an Arrest Warrant for you and Ellen Gonzalez.. Dont worry, you will be treated well. BUT, when you cannot prove your stupidity in believing lies, you will regret having known me. This is a good time to make a police report, you wretch. Maybe call the FBI and see for yourself the wrath of truth and justice. Typical retard you are! DARE NOT post my comment, eh !!! Get a life, you ungrateful wretch !!!.” [source]

June, 2014. Jean on her 75th birthday

Lovely. I have zero tolerance for abusive language, especially against women, and I have even less interest in drama (BTW this man has no “marshals” nor the ability to issue arrest warrants). Not only that, but I’ve always felt that name calling shows a lack of intelligence. Neil Keenan et al have done a lot of name calling over the past couple of years and have been involved in even more drama than I care to remember.

I have a lot of respect for both Jean Haines and Kauilapele. They are both intelligent and kind souls. They will work out their differences, or agree to disagree. I’m not worried about them. On the other hand however, in light of this new information regarding Keenan’s gold bill, and new round of name calling, The Event Chronicle will no longer be posting information from Neil Keenan. I’ve had my reservations about this man from the beginning and now I’m simply no longer interested in his shenanigans. It’s purely a personal decision. I cannot support any team that calls a 75 year old woman a “retarded wretch” and passes off a gold dollar bill obtained from the Internet as having any sort of significance.

I agree with everything in the following article except the last paragraph. I do not believe Jean is creating drama to keep us distracted. Jean is a Light Warrior. Jean stands for The Truth, whatever it may be. She is simply doing what she feels is right by exposing inconsistencies and asking us to take a second look. If that creates a little drama to shake things up a bit, so be it. The truth is being exposed now for all to see — whether some people like it or not.

Jean Haines Debunks Neil Keenan’s Gold $100 Bill

Source: Our New World | Via: Starship Earth (Also see original post from Jean)

Back in 2012, David Wilcock introduced us to Drake and Neil Keenan. There was much fanfare about how Neil had placed liens against the G7 banks. Winston Shrout was the Admiralty Law expert that explained much of the legal trickery that is used these days. Later that year, Neil withdrew his liens, stating he would re-file when he had more evidence.

To date, that has not happened. Cobra tells us that Keenan got himself involved with the Black Dragons, who abdicated their role in the this global reset that we’ve been hearing so much about, but the blogosphere kept listening to Keenan, who had an ally in Jean.

I maintain that much of what we see unfolding before us was scripted in the 1960s by the powers that be.

I’ve spent the better part of 2014 focusing on developments in Iraq and international banking. I am fairly confident that the infrastructure and underlying systems for a new banking system are in-place and ready to make the switch. I suppose that is one reason that I found Neil Keenan’s August 24th Update blogworthy.

From what I can tell, the RV was actually “live” for about an hour, last weekend, in Australia. Nobody knew why it was stopped. In the following week, the annual Jackson Hole meeting of central bankers took place, where it is rumoured that the US was told to fall in line or get left behind the rest of the world.

Neil Keenan maintains that he is responsible for one or more of the “collateral accounts,” which is pretty vague, in my opinion. Jean’s latest finding may surprise you…. (I’ve skipped the text where she debunks the King of Hawaii)

“As Edmund Keli’i Silva and Navin Naidu aka Dr. Aidun are prominent members of the Neil Keenan Team, I feel it is important to address a comment I received on my site yesterday. The comment refers to the ‘gold dollars’ which Neil Keenan was portrayed holding in his hand yesterday on his website. The comment points to the fact that the dollars are identical to two novelty gold dollar bills which are available for sale on multiple websites such as Ebay, Amazon, Aliexpress and many more. On close examination the novelty dollars are identical to the ‘gold dollars’ Neil Keenan is holding in the picture displayed on his website.”

Neil Keenan’s Gold Note (front)
eBay’s Novelty Note (front)
eBay’s Novelty Note (front)
Neil Keenan’s Note (back)
Neil Keenan’s Note (back)
eBay’s Novelty Note (back)
eBay’s Novelty Note (back)

“The pictures of the fake notes presented by the Neil Keenan Team on their website make it blatantly obvious to me that Silva is currently involved in perpetrating a similar type fraud/con/scam like that in which the convicted conmen of the Royal Kapuna Exchange and Silva were previously involved . His insistence on the removal of his name from any documentation which associated him with the Royal Kapuna Exchange was an essential step in the preparation to perpetrate this fraud”

So what is really going on here? Personalities aside, it appears that fraud and deception are abundant. So, I ask you, are these people merely putting on a show, designed to distract us from what is really going on? I’m inclined to believe so.

The other thing to consider is that the masterminds of of the grand deception follow the 80-20 rule of distribution. This means that their operatives will present 80% truth and 20% disinformation, in order to cause confusion.

In my opinion, this whole situation is of little consequence. The King of Hawaii has little effect on the price of beans, as does Neil Keenan’s gold notes. So what has Jean achieved? This is nothing but drama to keep us distracted. The real question is “What is it from which we are being distracted.”



  • Yeah, this is a real sad story, especially considering that Jean was supporting Keenan till she drops. Keenan is absolutely right, Jean has a heart of gold, but that doesn’t legimitate his further protection for the now so-called Dr. Aidun. It could be also possible that Keenan is conned by these Hawaiians just as by Karen Hudes and Neil Scott, not forgetting the infamous Ray C. Dam from the “OITC”. And therefore he refuses with the utmost effort to question the legitimacy of these Hawaiians. Alas, as time goes by this possibility is waning more and more.

    But besides that I’m stunned that you’re referring to the same 80/20 formula like yours truly. In my humble opinion this is the MSM law in the first place and their fundamental base of their virtual credibility. The 80/20 formula derived from the economic theory (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pareto_principle), but it seems to be an universally applicable rule of thumb.

  • I agree with you also…but it does have “icky” feel to it–if Neil has not been personally conned…but was the conman, himself…still hoping that is not the reality. But I’m also disappointed that Jean–after being held up by so many–as the “seeker of the Truth, no matter what”…will not respond to my 2 inquiries concerning the donated money many of us gave last November–at her constant urging–as Neil “truly needed our immediate help.” To hear her say that it is “sitting in an account,” having never been given to Neil, is just not right! I donated more than I could afford and would like it back, as it’s just sitting there. But she doesn’t seem to think that that requires a response. So much for Truth and Justice from Jean herself…

  • First of all if you are going to back someone up and try to discredit someone else, you may want to do your own homework, before you, yourself get slapped with a slander suit. Just trying to save you some grief.
    Might also want to check your photos there too. The first one is not the front of the bill he is holding up. I can clearly see the difference, especially in the color of the bill. You didn’t notice that?
    People are not as stupid as you would make them out to be….

    Just sayin’

    • It’s not my intent to make anyone feel stupid. I clearly stated it was a personal decision. People are free to believe whatever they want and I highly encourage people to think for themselves. I present 98% of the articles on this website without comment because I want people to form their own opinions. My opinion shouldn’t matter. What matters is YOUR opinion. The purpose of The Event Chronicle is to chronicle the fall of the cabal. A he said she said drama does not support this purpose.

      Thanks for pointing out that I posted one of the photos twice (you’ll notice that the front of the bill is posted as the lead image at the top). I’ll correct it this afternoon when I have time. I appreciate you taking the time to share your opinion.

  • The strategy clearly is to create so much confusion that the truth is obscured.

    This creates an atmosphere of fear and apprehension, which are negatively based emotions…that, in turn creates a ‘medium’ or if you will a petri dish culture for ‘them’ to operate in so that they can continue to propagate their negatively based events.

    The best policy amid all the confusion is to take in all information, and not to get emotionally attached to anyone or any group.

    Just try to remain optimistic, think positive thoughts while having great expectations.

    A positive outlook is the biggest fear of the controllers.

  • Jean Haines blindly follows the International Con Artist that is Rev Kevin Annett
    and his one man Virtual ITCCS/ICLCJ Court in Brussels (sorry in his head).
    Enough said.

    • Common Law Courts and Tribunals are typically conducted when elected officials are not doing their jobs. There have been a number of them over the past several years. No one should blindly follow anyone without conducting their own research, but I think Kevin Annett is doing a great service by exposing satanic ritual abuse that does indeed exist.

  • Neal Keane or as i call him face kneeling Keane made what amounts to a death threat on a live show i am not worried i am protected by unseen forces


    1 hour 56 min or just about one min after

    he also accused me of writing for Gene Haines i never wrote for her or anybody else i made a few posts that were not in his favor asking some really hard questions about his RV i laid out again for all to see in the comments section of his show

    and if they delete them here is my facebook page https://www.facebook.com/tha.unameable

    i will keep them on that page for some time as i see fittom sims

  • i struck a nerve with the guy i get that how ever it would not be a problem if he was legit for him but he is not and he can not face the qustions i put fourth so he makes death threats when he can no longer ignore the issues brought up

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