Down Here on the Farm – Parts 2 & 3 (Recommended)

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We are being “farmed” and asset stripped by the Banksters. American soldiers have been used as profit-making cannon fodder in all wars engineered by the Banksters to “liberate” cheap natural resources for their corporate cronies. Our assets are being continuously stripped by the Banksters charging pernicious usury for “renting” what should have been our own money in the first place. How did this ever happen to us?

By Preston James

Down Here on the Farm — Part II

Note: You can read Part I here: American Fantasyland – Down Here on the Farm

Ever since the top brass of the US Army Air Corps (which later became the USAF) decided that the Roswell Crash had to be suppressed, a revolutionary change occurred in US Intel.

Thus the Roswell crashed flying saucer story was immediately excised from the Major Mass Media and a flimsy cover story was substituted that a weather balloon crashed instead.

The Big Boys who really run things decided this incident provided a terrific opportunity to seize complete control over the USG and the whole United States of America, including all dissonant political factions.

How was this done? It was done using the same methodologies that locked down the Manhattan Project: use of special Intel classifications levels and “need to know” as a standard for what Intel was shared with whom.

During WW2,a serious tone was projected that “loose lips” sink American ships in reaction to the discovery of the penetration of Nazi saboteurs in certain Eastern ports. The FBI under Hoover had moved quickly under wartime national security to arrest and stop these saboteurs.

After Roswell.

“If the human race knew the truth, some people would be worried…”

After Roswell this same wartime attitude of the seriousness of secrecy being necessary to protect “national security” was also projected, intensified and taken to the extreme with the passage of the national Security Act of 1947 which gave the authority for the creation of the CIA.

The CIA was never supposed to be deployed domestically but thanks to Roswell, asserted itself and took charge of the new USAF when it was transformed from the WW2 US Army Air Corps.

The crashed Alien ET anti-gravity craft and Roswell and other locations was seized and used to manipulate President Truman into believing the CIA was necessary to protect this secret from the Russians and Chinese.

Later Truman claimed this was the biggest mistake of his Presidency because he came to realize that the CIA spread its control all over America by setting up, acquiring and even hijacking hundreds of proprietary fronts as cover. Soon nobody knew where all these were, or what they were, nor did future Presidents have the necessary security clearances to be able to find out.

The foreign technology back-engineering program at Patterson Army Air Corp Base (later to become Wright Patterson USAF Base).

The Alien ET recovery program and back engineering of these anti-gravity craft led to deep-black and beyond-black unacknowledged programs buried deep within certain aeronautical and defense contractors which formed off the books secret alliances with the USAF and alternatively the USN, both competing for space superiority.

Initially all the  analysis and back-engineering done at Patterson, later to become Wright Patterson USAF Base.

Later, these functions were transferred to Groom lake, areas S4 and then S2 and finally to the Four Corners areas into cloaked bases underground. These underground bases opened up to receive aircraft and trucks. One well known was is located outside Sedona, Arizona allegedly connected to the large Argo Tunnel accessible through a hotel in Denver at one end for top brass to enter.

The Banksters who sit at the top of the Pyramid of Power.

Now consider the Big Boys that sit at the top of the hierarchical Pyramid of Power, that is, the illegal, unconstitutional private central Banksters. They asset strip We The People of vast amounts of our wealth through the issuing of fake Fiat “funny money” (script), the illegal, unconstitutional charging pernicious usury on use of this funny money, and the illegal, unconstitutional fraudulent pernicious usury on an imaginary debt.

Obviously it is extreme RICO fraud to charge American’s pernicious usury to use what should have been their own money in the first place that isn’t even real money. This funny money is accepted only because there are illegal, unconstitutional laws requiring it to be accepted as “legal tender”.

These City of London Banksters viewed Roswell and a great opportunity to lockdown all America by expanding this WW2 wartime concept of locking down secrecy.

The CIA was set up by Third Reich Nazi Intel brought over under Operation Paperclip run by Gehlen and Mueller with full support of the Duklless and Prescott Bush, even though Bush had his Union bank Assets seized and his hands slapped for supporting the Nazis during WW2.

Prescott Bush became an informant for the FBI and gained immunity from prosecution for treason by signing an agreement that his progeny would never run for any political office. He was a hard core Nazi man like his “son” GHWB and the Dulles brothers.

This immunity agreement Prescott Bush signed was allegedly the document Sandy Berger tried to steal from the National Security section of the US National Archives (and was caught and received minimal correction for).

GHWB climbs to the top for managing Op40 at Dallas. 

GHWB ran OP40 assassination of JFK, RFK and MLK and his reward was to climb the ladder into the higher levels of the Pyramid of Power. He created a massive Fourth Reich Intel operation that absorbed the CIA in full. This is best referred to as the Bush Crime Cabal (BCC) and many believe that Trump’s victory (whatever it turns out to be) was a complete defeat of the BCC.

The CIA and the BCC as well as the Fourth Reich were merged into this CIA group and over 750 of the largest International Corporations bought with stolen Nazi Gold and assets. This was all allowed by the City Of London Rothschild Khazarian Banksters who formed a working partnership with them.

There was a large secret “Roundtable” of Intel and organized crime entities formed that reputedly involved the Cosa Nostra, the Khazarian Mafia (included the Red Mafia in Soviet Russia and its satellites), the CIA, NATO (which included Gladio run by the Fourth Reich and their “left Behind Army”), the Japanese Yakuza and the Chinese Triads, and the Corsican Mafia.

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The Third Reich becomes the Fourth Reich and goes corporate “three piece suit”.

In the mid 1950s the Third Reich went “three piece suit” becoming the Fourth Reich and allegedly formed a working relationship at the roundtable with the Israelis. Deals were made. Hitler had to be taken care of as did Bormann.

It was alleged that the Israelis had been hunting these surviving Nazis in South America but did not have the power to get them because these Nazis has formed a secret alliance with the USG under paperclip. Thus the Nazis had been authorized by the USG to align themselves with South American dictators and provide their security services like they did for the Egyptian government.

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Skorzeny makes a deal with the Babylonian Talmudists (aka Khazarians).

Otto Skorzeny

Supposedly Skorzeny who believed that the Israelis were hunting him as Peron started losing power, used back channels to negotiate a deal with the Israelis. If he was to do some occasional wetwork for them and make certain that the Nazi enclaves and safe-houses in South America were for the most part defanged or destroyed as false cover suggesting an end to the Third Reich, he would be left alone.

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However, it is a good bet that the Israelis had much more in mind such as forming a strategic partnership with the new arising Fourth Reich as the USG was busy doing in order to use the Nazi technology, drug business and worldwide Intel network.

Like a number of the top Nazis, use of doubles and faked deaths was something Bormann was an expert in. Accounts vary, some believe that he died in the mid 1950’s which a better bet is that he lived until other early 1980’s living in luxury in Buenos Aries serving as CEO of the Fourth Reich.

What is  not in doubt is that Bormann was the Third Reich’s business manager and also the Fourth Reich’s initial one and played a key role in transforming the Third Reich into the Fourth Reich, using the vast wealth that the Third Reich acquired. Where all the Gold and assets the Third Reich came from is a very big mystery. Yes there was the gold confiscated by the Nazi machine all over Europe, but some researchers have hypothesized that the Nazis actually found Solomon’s missing gold from Old Testament times.

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In any event the Third Reich morphed into the Fourth Reich, completely three piece suit, corporate on the surface, while forming a partnership with the CIA and Mossad to set up the drug cartels in South America and run them. Conflict was always elicited between the cartels to keep them from getting too strong. Special ops, spooky teams and Delta Forces were allegedly used to keep non-payers in line who went off the reservation and broke the rules.

Fourth Reich and the Israeli (Khazarian mafia) merge together at the City of London Banksters “Roundtable of Organized crime conglomerates”.

It is seemingly quite counterintuitive for the Israelis to sit at the same Roundtable with the Fourth Reich and other organized crime conglomerates. But the best reports suggest that this is what actually occurred. And this is why the Cosa Nostra went into business with the CIA in trafficking in opium from the Golden Triangle and later cocaine from the Mena Arkansas operations of GHWB.

What is truly amazing is that all this is hidden in plain sight and could be easily researched, but few even working in the CIA or top LE have any clue that this is what is really going on or what the select powerbrokers at the top of the Pyramid of Power are really like or stand for.

A secret war between the USAF (hijacked by the BCC) and the US Navy.

Some insiders claim that the USN has succeeded in becoming the prominent Secret Space War agency even over the USAF. And some have claimed that there has been a secret war ongoing between the USAF which was fully absorbed by the CIA and the Bush Crime Cabal (BCC) that hijacked it against the USN.

Allegedly this war went live when the Pentagon was struck at the Naval Intel offices by a Tomahawk cruise missile with a hardened nose cone fired from an Israeli Dolphin Class diesel sub purchased from the Germans.

This set off the pre-planted internal charges that murdered many innocents including about 25 of the Able Danger Team that was investigating the Mossad theft of Davy Crocket nuclear warheads from Pantex in Amarillo, Texas which had been processed and re-weaponized into mini-nukes and micro-nukes.

A good guess is that mini-nukes were pre-planted in the basements of the Twin Towers, one each that turned the rock formations to lava, then blasted upward while micro-nukes were detonated progressively every ten stories starting at the top which were pre-planted in the elevator shafts during nine months of maintenance of the elevators.

I have heard repeated reports that the USN has instituted a rear guard action to stimulate and elicit populism in the American People through the Internet’s Alternative Press in an attempt to break the back of the Bush Crime Cabal, its CIA leadership and the leadership of the USAF and NATO. And even stranger it is rumored that a certain faction of the Mossad has joined forces.

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The Black Pope is reputed by insiders to be calling the shots right now.

The bottom line is that the COL Banksters who sit up high on the pyramid of power underneath the Jesuit Superior General (aka the “Black Pope”), have used the Alien ET crashes and the related Foreign technology programs (recovery teams and back-engineering programs) as a opportunity to lock down all of America.

And this has been done under this false cloak of so-called “national security” which can be invoked to cover every single abridgement of the US Constitution and basic felony violations of the Rule of Law.

This has prevented any oversight at all and any Member of the US Congress who tries get the Dave Durenberger fake smear job or if that doesn’t work they get the Senator Paul Wellstone correction (which is permanent sanction). Obviously over half of the male members of the US Congress and the USG in general have been completely compromised and are easily black-mailable by various Intel agency “handlers”. It’s a sad fact that so many have been seriously “human compromised”.

Good reasons to believe that the Israelis have been blackmailing the USG over its partnership with the Nazis after WW2 under Operation paperclip and other joint functions.

It’s a very good bet that the Israelis have been blackmailing the USG over Operation Paperclip and their joint Intel ventures, joint NASA ventures, Secret Space War ventures, secret South American security forces, death squads and drug cartel enterprises with the Nazis for a very long time. Once this sinister truth is learned by We The People in mass, the power of this Israeli blackmail will end.

Like it or not America is basically a Fourth Reich nation operating in partnership with the Israeli PNACers and Israeli-American “Israeli-first” Dual Citizen traitors. This must end and the revelation of all this via the Internet can bring it about. Certainly the Controlled Major Mass Media (CMMM) would never do so.

It is now pretty clear that the Fourth Reich has pretty much gained control over the USG through its Secret Space War Program and its CIA, which has expanded into thousands of proprietary cover businesses throughout America and much of the world.

The folks that run the CFR and stack and control the USG to meet their needs, have been able to ride the Fourth Reich wave to personally empower and enrichen themselves beyond measure. To do this they had to give up their very souls to Lucifer (not kidding here), betray America and sell out to the City of London RKM private Globalist Banksters who started Bolshevism and Nazism and Maoism in the first place.

Part III: Abuse of American Men and castration of Mind and Heart

Would the COL be disappointed if they were unceremoniously thrown out again?

In order to subvert America and transform it from a Representative Republic into a City of London (COL) RKM Globalist slave state, it was determined by the COL Banksters that the American male had to be heavily mind-kontrolled and eventually covertly gelded.

Ben Franklin said we have a republic, if we can keep it

And that all this had to be done in a wide variety of ways over a long period of time. But at the same time it was also realized that the American males had to be adequately mind-kontrolled to be made willing to sacrifice themselves for the COL RKM Banksters, without understanding specifically how or why they were being conned.

This required very sophisticated mind-kontrol to make sure the American Soldiers would fight hard, and also required chemical means to make sure they would not come home after battle and turn on the COL RKM Bankster war machine. 

Thus, sophisticated methods have been deployed to make American Soldiers disabled upon their return home, both mentally with PTSD and biologically, with numerous medical disabilities caused by toxic exposures, toxic experimental vaccines and exposure to depleted uranium.

Roundtable planning discussions (secret abject evil beyond imagination).

In their various secret Roundtable planning discussions the top COL RKM Banksters determined that such an effort to geld the American males would have to be accomplished in a number of sophisticated multi-modal ways in order to be successful.

They realized that American male must be mind-kontrolled by sophisticated means to the point he would be willing to become cannon-fodder for the RKM’s wars of aggression and acquisition necessary to enrich themselves (the RKM Banksters) as well as their international corporate cronies and then later deconditioned and weakened by various means.

To do this, the American culture would have to be subverted, and this would have to be done through a well laid out plan to subvert the educational system, the churches and the Major Mass Media. Sophisticated military marketing would have to be done to mind-kontrol and deceive the young men of America and make them willing to become sacrificial lambs.

Has the soul of America gone up in flames because of an alliance of politicians, oligarchs, 3-letter warmongering tools, money manipulators, nuke traders and banksters?

This would involve teaching the masses that young American men being wounded and dying for the RKM Banksters is the heroic protection of America and the protection of American Freedom.

In Korea, Vietnam, and all the Mideast wars this has been shown by deep analysis to be one of the biggest lies ever told and accepted by the American people.

The cost of this mind-kontrol on the American male and the American family has been devastating: Hundreds of thousands of needless woundings and disabilities; suicides running as high as 22 per day; all kinds of battlefield damage, including severe Post-traumatic Stress syndrome, strange illnesses due to contaminated unproved vaccines; genetic damage and disabilities from exposure to depleted uranium which was declared unsafe and verboten by the US Army in the 1950s; and neglected and/or poor care at the VA due to fat salaries for notably corrupt cronies.

Of course these horrendously evil things done to the American Soldier were designed to geld him upon return so that he could not rebel against the COL RKM overmasters who hijacked America by bribery and deception in 1913.

Depleted uranium effects

Obviously there is a legitimate need of every nation state to have an army for self-defense.

Every nation needs an Army of it best young men to form the basis of a fighting force to defend their nation against invasion. That is all and good. But when such men are used in mass to fight illegal, unconstitutional wars of aggression and acquisition for the COL RKM Banksters, that is a war crime and treason against America.

The nexus of control of the COL RKM Banksters was established in America in 1913 by traitors in Congress and the presidency.

Obviously this evil processing of the American Soldier has been going on in America since WW1 and was made possible by the COL RKM Banksters being able to hijack the American money creation and distribution system in 1913.

It was then that they bribed Congress and the President to gain passage of the illegal, unconstitutional private Federal Reserve System, a private banks franchisee of the COL RKM Banksters.

Now anyone who thinks that WW2 was different and that it was a war that justified the sacrifice of so many wonderful American young men is uninformed. This war, like WW1 was engineered by the City of London RKM Banksters in advance through numerous complex manipulations.

The Top secret 7 year US Navy plan to provoke a war with Japan.

There was a seven year top secret plan by the US Navy to set up Japan and provoke them to strike first. The US Carriers were pulled out of port as the Japanese carrier group approached Pearl harbor.

The US Navy had broken the Japanese Purple Code and knew exactly what their attack plans were and where they were as they approached Pearl harbor. This plan has been de-classified but not publicized much.

The City of London RKM Banksters pre-engineered WW1 as a means to manipulate Germany into deep Fascism and provided Hitler the needed mind-kontrol at Tavistock Institute before the war to make sure he lost his soul and took in evil powers from the Dark side, known as the worship of the Black Sun.

The COL used their Banksters and their franchisees, the large Wall Street banks to finance Bolshevism and unleash it on Russia, one of the biggest mass-murder experiments in mind-kontrol ever conceived by the RKM. Then the COL built up the Nazis as a countermeasure to Bolshevism and used it as a means to draw the USA into this engineered WW2, while using it to set up a “Cold War” with the Soviets later.

Mega-wars to industrialize the world, all for the COL RKM Banksters to Globalize the world and increase their power and profits.

The COL used these engineered mega wars to industrialize the world, especially the USA which was to become their industrial slave state and military arm to be used to start numerous illegal, unconstitutional wars of aggression and profit for the COL RKM Banksters.

But this was not enough. It was necessary to quiet the protests at home in America because We The People were eventually catching on. The CIA deployed LSD and other illegal drugs as an experiment to make the American Youth more touchy-feely and to “tune-in and drop out”.

But even this didn’t work, and the protests over Vietnam increased, as many vets came home and spilled the beans on “Operation Phoenix”, the CIA’s Air America and black opium stuffed in American Soldiers dead bodies shipped back to the USA.

But there was more, so much more that leaked out: the secret wars in Laos and Cambodia, and American transport ships making dual stops and unloading ammo and kinetics, in North Vietnam and South Vietnam (all legal in an exception clause under the Trading with the Enemies Act, which allows such trading if it is deduced that the enemy can buy the arms or supplies from another source anyway!).

Fragging becomes a common daily occurrence at the end of the Vietnam War.

It got so bad in Vietnam, many American Soldiers turned to drugs just to cope with the insanity of the jungle warfare and uselessness of the war. Numerous hotshot, hardnosed completely mind-kontrolled new West Point Lieutenants were fragged with a grenade mysteriously logged under their bunk while they slept, attributed to Cong incoming mortar. One whole barracks in Saigon staffed mostly by Black Soldiers rebelled and got into an active firefight with the US Army and Military police.

Martin Luther King learned of all this and began to speak out about the insanity of the war, and was quickly assassinated by Op40 of the CIA, the same crew working under GHWB’s direction that assassinated JFK. Finally enough was enough. Heinz Kissinger ran the negotiations with the north Vietnamese after convincing Nixon to attempt to bomb them back into the stone age. It was decided to abandon the south, and thousands of Vietnamese loyal to Americans were left behind to be butchered by the communists.

The Kissinger Settlement, evil beyond comprehension.

Admiral Thomas H. Moorer disclosed Operation Tailwind

As if that wasn’t bad enough Kissinger concocted a plan to send in special ops to snipe the POW/MIAs in order to keep them from disclosing the secret wars in Cambodia and Laos and the massive drug trafficking of Operation Whitestar (which sometimes used Nazi designed anti-gravity craft at night).

When the SOG sniper based assassination plan failed, the US Navy activated Operation tailwind, which was disclosed by Admiral Thomas Moorer, to use carrier-based craft to drop VX poisonous gas on the POW camps. The NSA satellite system had identified all of them and had even determined the identification of most of them by name, based on photos and electronic communications spying, as well as paid informants.

Treason at the highest levels determined the fate of POW/MIAs.

Many POW/MIAs were taken to China and Soviet Russia for lethal medical and mind-kontrol experiments. But this was nothing new. After WW2 when the Soviets captured an American POW camp, over 9,000 American Soldiers were transported to the Soviet Union and used for horrendous mind-kontrol, medical experiments and at work camps for general labor.

Many POW/MIAs were taken to China and Soviet Russia for lethal medical and mind-kontrol experiments. But this was nothing new. After WW2 when the Soviets captured an American POW camp, over 9,000 American Soldiers were transported to the Soviet Union and used for horrendous mind-kontrol, medical experiments and at work camps for general labor.

General Eisenhower, Allied Commander knew this and let it go because he and Truman wanted to get along with Uncle Joe for some obtuse reason, perhaps dictated by the COL RKM. General George Patton knew and wanted to go after them and to stop the mass slaughter of Germans and mass rape of millions of their women and young female children (often infants) by invading Bolshevik savages.

Patton knew that the USG had formed a secret agreement with the top Nazis to give them immunity jobs and bring them to America and wanted a new immediate alliance with the German Army as well so that they could combine forces and invade the Soviet Union and destroy Uncle Joe Stalin’s nightmare of human slavery and Godless Bolshevik mass mind-kontrol.

Instead of being allowed to do this, Patton was murder by a “signed finding” of President Truman. Harry Hopkins and other spies made certain that Uncle Joe was given all the Manhattan Project nuclear secrets and plenty of expensive lend-lease war products, which they never repaid as agreed.

Far too many American Soldiers sacrificed on the Alter of the COL RKM as secret Baal worship, all done to obtain more power.

An incredible number of good American Soldiers have been needlessly sacrificed to meet the sick and twisted Satanic sacrifice needs of the City of London RKM Banksters fighting the Bolshevism they created, engineered and deployed in Russia in 1917 and later in China with their puppet Mao after WW2.

But this was not deemed enough to transform America and We The People into a spineless, mind-kontrolled slave state of the COL RKM. The RKM was playing a dangerous game that required keeping the American mass-mind in check through sophisticated mind-kontrol. Why?

Because all their emphasis on training young American soldiers to be hard core killers in combat driven by strong sacrificial American patriotism could easily blow back on them when the soldiers came home, unless the soldiers were given debilitating viruses and exposed to highly toxic chemicals, like carbon-tetrachloride cleaning fluid on ships, highly toxic compounds like Agent Orange with Dioxin, and gene-altering depleted uranium.

But all this was not enough, it was decided in the various COL RKM designed Roundtables, NGOs, non-profit foundations and Think-tanks, that in order to attain their age-old NWO one-world government, they would have to completely Globalize America. To do this they came to the conclusion that the American male would have to be psychologically, emotionally, and chemically gelded.

Various complex Frankensteinian science methodologies were developed at Fort Detrick, Plum Island and in various Deep Underground Military Bases (DUMBs). These included the experimental deployment of the “gay bomb” back in the 1960’s, where special trucks sprayed endocrine disrupters, which increased the frequency of hormonally screwed up offspring, producing higher rates of male and female homosexuality.

A sophisticated plan was developed to deploy certain plastics which would serve as power endocrine disrupters, reducing fertility and able to increase sex role confusion and homosexuality in both sexes.

But alas this was not deemed severe enough. A very complex plan was deployed to alter the American culture to help destroy the normal male sex role. Homosexuality would be promoted in Hollywood, high government positions and the Controlled Major Mass Media (CMMM).

Secret closeted homosexuals were recruited and promoted into the highest positions in Hollywood and served as secret attitudinal role models. It was believe this would help geld the American male through inductive means.

Complex chemtrails are now being sprayed with nano-aluminum, other highly toxic chemicals that migrate into the CNS and can be remotely flashed for mass mind-kontrol. Symptoms of recurrent, inappropriate senior moments like difficulties with sort term memory and word-selection are now becoming epidemic even among adults as young as 30 years old from all this.

It was decided that Feminism would be deployed and the CIA selected numerous agents to spread this ideology such as Gloria Steinem who has since admitted she was used by the CIA. When deployed, it helped geld the American male because many women became interested in functioning as men and rejected the classical feminine role.

Of course along the way, men had been culturally stimulated to be abusive to women, which increased their motivation to “become more assertive and more masculine”. Now the new norm is for women to dress like men and act like men.

Popular movies depict women breaking out of traditional roles, sometimes with spectacular actions (Photo credit: Thelma and Louise)


And yet even with all this being done, the American male role is on the uptake and making a strong comeback. Much of the credit for this must be given to the Internet, the New Gutenberg Press which has made centuries of knowledge available at one’s fingertips.

Advanced search engines have provided the means to connect dots previously denied. It was the Internet that created a monstrous wave of American populism which Trump craftily rode to victory and destroyed the DNC, the RNC and the CMMM.

If Trump turns out to be a COL RKM Zionist stooge, no matter what he or the DNC or RNC does right or wrong will never be able to put the genie back in the bottle. Pandora’s box has been opened and populism is now a fact of American life that cannot be stopped. It is growing by the day in strength and reach.

Some inside the COL RKM system have spoken out and leaked what they do because of a change of heart, a guilty conscience, but some have done so to brag about their power.

Some researchers who have studied these disclosures believe that these folks have sold their souls to Lucifer and received a personal spirit guide (consigliore) [Editor Note: AKA Archon], lots of personal power, riches and fame in exchange as long as they practice periodic pedophilia and child sacrifice to Lucifer.

Undercover FBI and other investigations have suggested pedophilia, sexual and other forms of “human compromise” have entrapped between 39 and 42% of the male members of Congress, and some recent estimates are that as high as 70% of DC politicians and appointed officials are thus entrapped.

Video-graphed Honey traps are now a way of life in DC and most major cities for politicians and big corporate leaders.

Now that all this is coming to light thanks to the Internet, just ask yourself this question. How long will We The People sit back and let these soulless human parasites destroy our Culture, nation and borders, as well as our youth?

My best guess is that now, with all the disclosures of this publicly on the Internet’s Alternative media, not too much longer. It seems to me that the Globalist NWO folks have been dealt a serious blow, and if We The People keep the pressure on at all levels, they may never be able to put their NWO Humpty Dumpty back together. But be certain that these unimaginably evil COL RKM Globalists will try to regroup and retake lost ground. Don’t let them gain anything back.

* RKM: Rothschild Khazarian Mafia

Preston James is a Social Psychologist with Doctorate from Major Midwest Big Ten University. Retired after serving the community for over 36 years during which time there were numerous contacts with those associated with Intel and Law Enforcement.

This article (Down Here on the Farm) was originally published on Veterans Today and syndicated by The Event Chronicle.


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