George H.W. Bush… DEAD?

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“If the American people knew what we have done, they would string us up from the lamp posts.”

— George H.W. Bush

Looking like the Bush is dead rumor is right?

Here is an e-mail that Ben just sent me and asked me to post:


Could you please post this for the readers:

“Bush Sr passed away on Friday apparently from food poisoning, I hear bad fish. This has been confirmed via his personal security. It should hit the news sometime this week.”

The source works for a major charitable foundation and has been reliable in the past but I have yet to confirm this independently.

Benjamin Fulford 古歩道ベンジャミン

Source: Ascension with Earth
Via: Jean Haines
Via: Kauilapele
Via: Starship Earth the Big Picture




  1. I read a previous comment from another site that had a good point.
    What if he was only to fake his death just to avoid the persecution of the crimes against humanity that he was part of….

    …if he is dead, i hope he is star dusted back to the galactic center to never return