February 23, 2019

Note: Be Sure to read below the section below on “Understanding Discernment”. It’s a great write up and should be read by everyone. Thanks Justin, for putting this one together. — Editor

10 Days of Alliance Conferences Ahead, Discrediting and Disinfo Storm Coming, Learn Holistic Discernment and Personal Transmutation

(Stillness in the Storm) There have been several updates from Corey recently. There were 2 articles by Dr. Michael Salla covering his recent Q and A sessions with Corey which we will do an analysis when we can make the time. Here are those articles:



Below are recent updates from Corey as well as his introductory commentary to articles shared. His Facebook page Sphere Being Alliance is a great way to stay updated and he has been answering questions on the FAQ section of his website spherebeingalliance.com.

Below the summary I offer some techniques for discernment and transmutation of fear reactions, which I think will be essential with the events to come.

Items covered in this update:

  • Corey will be ‘up there’ (off world) for the first 10 days of June to attend various conferences.
  • Alliance to meet with an ‘Opposition group’ of ET’s (not the Draco’s).
  • The Data shared by Corey in the recent Dr. Salla Q and A (linked above) was very intense, and caused memory flashbacks. Some of these opposition groups were very upset that this intense data was released and are going to attempt to discredit the effort, so as to stir up division in the awakening community. Corey is slated to meet with some of these groups soon.
  • More information about ‘the Earth Alliance’ on the financial, political and military operations occurring right now, and in relation to weather modification weaponry. Once he is fully debriefed he will be hopefully be able to release more intel about these topics.
  • Things are ramping up quickly and Corey has been asked to stay available for disclosing more information in the coming weeks, as there was a lot of information released that the Cabal was not intending to deal with, and is focusing a lot of attention on discrediting the revealers as well as producing more disinfo to cause further confusion and division.
  • Now is the time to practice discernment and not be mislead by Guru’s and ‘Savior Christ’s’ as these are honey traps to steer people into confusion and division.
  • Some of these Savior Guru’s are blue skinned Humans from breakaway civilizations and ET races.
  • Focus on raising your vibration, gaining higher consciousness and allowing YOUR wings to fly, not being distracted by offers to create fear within, or savior scenario’s.
  • Corey will begin answering more questions on his FAQ site ASAP.
  • A.D. (after disclosure) people are going have to wrap their heads around the cycling of Ages and many civilizations who have risen and fallen in our past. [Keeping an open mind and not forming rigid belief systems will be essential to stave off wild emotional reactions and discomfort]
  • The Moon/Mars/Asteroid belt will remain under ICC Control and unfortunately the slave labor will remain operating the facilities until the “Full Disclosure Event” (Just as many will remain slaves here on and below Earth).
  • There is a plan in place to where these traumatized slaves will be sent to an off world base ran by the Mayan Break Away Civilization who are very kind people that have methods and technologies that will rehabilitate them fully.
  • They will then be returned to the “A.D. Civilization of Earth” (After Disclosure). The ICC infrastructure will be kept intact and handed over to the “A.D. Civilization of Earth” as the backbone of what will become a “Star Trek” like Civilization. These are the plans agreed upon between the SSP Alliance Council and the Sphere Being Alliance.

In David Wilcock’s interview on Fade to Black with Jimmy Church last week, he mentioned towards the end of the show, that his insiders have reported the next 6 months are going to be a major ramp up in events, culminating in a ‘very different world.’ Given how much additional data has been released of late, changing the ET and Historical narrative within the Truth Movement, I suspect we will see much more information being released at the very least.

Fulford’s update suggested that there may be a series of moves to end Cabal rule as early as this Autumn, matching David’s 6 month time window.

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Opinions aside, if one has an omnivorous approach to data consumption and contemplation its fairly obvious that the Cabal is loosing its grip on the masses and it’s illusory power. Since arriving in the US a few weeks ago, we have heard mainstream media seemingly pushing fear harder then ever, which shows their hand of desperation. As Corey and I have mentioned, discernment will be essential to not being led down a false path. Developing a dynamic belief system (degree’s of probability and certainty instead of flags of truth) will help prepare us for some of the more mind blowing disclosures undoubtedly set to be released in the coming weeks and months.

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We recently listened to a Freedom Man show from 2012 with Dr. Salla, and it put into perspective how quickly the narrative of our history can change as new data is released. This underscores an objective method for reality discernment, perception or truth attainment with.

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Understanding Discernment

In our present world of high paced life and little time, many of us never develop a personal process for discovering objective truth (raw data) and rely heavily on the opinions and perspectives of others. Julian and I are fairly active on social media which helps us gauge the collective consciousness to a degree. We notice how many people will dismiss information that counters their beliefs, usually on the basis that “I don’t like these guys” or “He makes money so I can’t believe what he says” or “This is dis-info because so and so said this, and that’s what I believe.” These responses reveal a mind on the checker-board floor of duality thinking, black and white belief systems; or subjective discernment processing. This is one of the steps on the ladder of personality evolution and self mastery.

Initially we may never question the pre-programmed beliefs pushed by society, allowing them to shape our world view and perceptions unconsciously. Then after some stirring event, we begin to walk the path of truth, reaching for answers after realizing we were previously mislead; 9/11 was a major event in this respect. Often we find some new flag of truth to hold up, from an expert, guru or revealer, swapping one set of beliefs for another; external knowledge. I would hazard to guess at least half the awakening community is at this stage of the process, moving from one Guru to another that feels right or resonates at only an emotional level; this is a right brain or emotional discernment process.

It is part of our tool chest, but we can’t rely on it exclusively, as it essentially places our beliefs and powers of discernment in the hands of another; an expert. This does not mean we should abandon all experts all together, but the goal is to become an expert in our own right, and this requires contemplation of the raw data, not just focusing on the cliff notes version of truth. If the quality of truth reflected within ourselves is low res and we often don’t know the specific details or mechanics involved, only having a hazy idea of the complete picture.

Conversely, our logical powers of discernment work by comparing objective evidence to develop a high resolution image or idea in our minds. A good analogy for this is the difference between following a recipe and learning how the ingredients in that recipe work together. The difference being we develop a very detailed and holistic understanding of the information instead of just a skins deep level. Since logical discernment requires time and dedication to study, to explore each aspect in detail, there are many that just simply don’t have time to do so, and want to skip to the end of the book for the final answer. I am hardly the paragon of perfect discernment, and my own time between managing this blog, writing articles and researching material is slim to say the least.

I’ll share one story from my own experience about researching the Gerson Therapy in 2010, the thing that caused my fall down the rabbit hole. Julian found a documentary called the Gerson Miracle on Youtube and after he watched it, he came to me telling me we HAD to see it. At the time, I thought there were no cures for cancer, and as I watched the film I was having a major emotional reaction to what was offered.. “there are no cures for cancer! If this was true, why are there so many people suffering and dying? If this was true we would have heard about it on the News by now.” In my ego, my sense of self, I felt like I already knew the truth, and was not open to changing my beliefs; emotional discernment.

But part that of me wanted to know the truth, that could recognize the science and logic of what was being shared refused to stay quiet. I couldn’t just dismiss the information without trying to find out more, and it was this drive to know the truth that started my logical process. I purchased the Gerson Therapy book, and began a 3 month study, reviewing medical journals, historical papers and transcripts, biochemistry, etc. By the end of the process not only did I conclude that the therapy was valid, but I knew an incredible amount of detail about how it worked and why. I essentially became an expert (to a certain degree) in my own right.

A holistic discernment process is a merging of our intuitive and logical processes. Our emotions will reveal to us if our knowledge is lacking, this is experienced as ‘negative feelings’ when we encounter information that counters our beliefs. Our normal reaction to hearing something we don’t agree with is to pass judgement on it, expressed internally as an idea or externally by making a remark. This indicates that we must do research to know what is really happening, and our belief maybe the same after, but the quality of the knowledge that supports the will be greatly enhanced. We must be brave and have a willingness to research and investigate something even if at the end of the process it causes us to set aside our previous conclusions.

Beliefs vs Conclusions

A belief is usually a “gut feeling” that something is true, and is held in the mind as an absolute thing. We usually do not consciously say to our selves “I believe this absolutely” but our actions in response to things that counter our beliefs reveal that we do. A conclusion is something that we arrive at after reviewing and contemplating evidence. Unlike a belief, which must be defended, a conclusion is dynamic, it can change when new data is discovered. A conclusion is a scientific process of truth discovery. A belief is something which usually feels good because it matches something we want to be true. In this sense a belief is biased, as defined above, an attempt to refuse the truth because it doesn’t match our personal desires; an egocentric modality to service oneself.

Taking all this into consideration, I think that even in our age of information, and prolific disclosure, we probably have only 10% of the truth available to us; at best. If Corey and others are correct, we are going to be completely inundated with more data as time goes on, and if we are still discerning data emotionally, instead of holistically, it will mean a great deal of wild reactions and discomforting experiences. Beliefs will be challenged constantly, and trying to hold on to one that feels good will be like trying to hold on to a hand full of sand, it will slip through our fingers and disappear before our eyes.

In my efforts to serve others I attempt to offer this more stabilizing process for truth discovery, because using conclusiveness allows us to ‘ride the waves’ of disclosure instead of having them pound us into the sand. Thankfully in my observation of the truth movement, there seems to be more and more people moving up the ladder of discernment, stepping off the checker board floor of duality thinking and into unity of mind and emotion.

Human Trafficking and Slavery on Earth and in the Stars

Keeping in mind with data processing and discernment, there are many harsh truths out there waiting to be unearthed. We spoke briefly about how to transcend automatic reactions of fear in our radio show last night with Sierra Neblina; Discussing The History and Philosophical Meanings of The Past and Present | PKFTA May 31st 2015 8:00 PM EST. The key aspect to this process is developing a process of knowledge expansion.

Our minds are like tape recorders or image reflectors, what we choose to focus our attention on determines what is reflected within. The quality of the image depends on how we define or make sense of the information. Our holistic process is a skill, it gets better the more we use it, and like the universe, it must be done on a microcosmic and macrocosmic scale. In the post ET or Breakaway Civilizations Of The Past? | The Sumerian God Anu and the Ancient Seers in the Rig Veda, we discussed why developing a macro-cosmic world view is essential for transmuting fear and ‘raising our vibration.’ Here is an excerpt from that post:

Our history has been filtered and passed through many hands with various agendas, most of which are for manipulating the consciousness of the masses. Our worldviews, who we think we are and where we think we come from, greatly affects our belief systems and how we define our experiences.

All of this provides the conditions for us to from perspectives which determine our reactions to events and things, either guiding us towards empowerment and self mastery, or determinism and victim hood. Look no further then Atheism to see that when a people think life is a cosmic accident, life seems meaningless and deterministic.

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As such, one of the ways to help transform negative and fearful thoughts and meanings is to develop a holistic world view, especially one grounded in an accurate concept of spirituality. This is best done by searching for truth in as many things as possible, not just one religion, history or philosophy. As time goes on we develop a grounded and holistic understanding, drawing from many perspectives which will eventually lead to grand understanding for life, the universe and everything.

The Law of One is a good example of a grand philosophy echoed in countless other works, which can help transmute limiting belief systems, once we have done the work of contemplating what is offered. Blind belief will not work. the process must be a dynamic discovery of truth seeking, developing critical thinking skills and discernmentprocesses.

In my personal experience of transmutation, I infuse the notion of soul growth and empowerment into anything which initially feels negative. I ask myself “how can this teach me something, how could this experience be used to offer soul growth for me and those involved.” Finding the answer is not immediate, and there are still many things I don’t understand, but what this does is keep us open to exploring meanings instead of developing a reaction and closed-minded processes.
Fear and negative emotions will be triggered by things we have chosen to turn away from, that we refuse to explore and understand at a deep level. As such, remaining open minded will begin the process of transmutation, and eventually after enough research and contemplation takes place, a quantum leap will occur, transmuting the experience. Depending on how much fearful meanings we have created within, this process may take longer and require more inner work, but the universe will synchronistically provide you with the experiences you need to heal and grow; in fact that’s the whole point.
There is undoubtedly more “disturbing” information on the way, and if we do the inner work of gaining self mastery, and practice holistic thinking, we will be empowered to ride the waves of change ahead.
For other updates by Corey GoodETxSG click here. To support Corey and his work click here.
– Justin
I broke up some of Corey’s text for ease of reading.

Facebook Update:

UPDATE: Hello Everyone,
As I stated prior I was informed that I would be brought up to what I am told will be 3 conferences the first week (Or 10 days) of June.
There have been recent developments within the SSP Alliance as well as another major UN Like “Super Federation Conference” of aligned human-like ET’s. This is as much information as I have been given so far other than one of them will be with another of the opposition groups of the SSP Alliance (Not the Draco Alliance leadership this time however). I am told the time and logistics are being negotiated for this meeting where I will be a delegate from the Sphere Alliance and the SSP Alliance Council has insisted on their own high ranking representative to be present along with the support team. If I receive any details that can be shared I will do so. Otherwise I will share what I can of these conferences after being debriefed.
It was not pleasant sharing some of the more disturbing details in my recent article with Dr. Salla that will be a part of “Full Disclosure”. Since sharing this information I have had very disturbing flashback memories and dreams that are directly related to the information. I was told that chatter was intercepted and that opposition groups have discussed that that we have gone too far in releasing information that no one was ever supposed to find out about. If anyone were to attempt to release a book or movie with this information in them they would have been quashed by TPTB. Since you cannot put the Genie back in the bottle it appears that some of these groups will attempt to go the rout of discrediting the information and causing drama between “Truthers” as much as possible. I think the release of some of this recent information will make for an interesting meeting with them in the next week or so.
There is more information coming in from the “Earth Alliance” that will we will be briefed on about the financial, political, military operations going on as well as further intelligence on what is occurring below the surface of the planet with recent skirmishes and uses of EQ/Weather Modification Weapons to mention a few topics. Once fully debriefed I hope to have some new information that I am cleared to release to the public.
With things moving so rapidly right now I have been asked to stay available and prepared to disclose further information when the timing is right. The disinformation war is ramping up even more in June it appears as these negative groups have many leaks to plug and a lot of disclosed information to cover up and discredit (From multiple sources).
Now is a time for extreme discernment and not to be drawn in by false prophets, false “Christ’s” (Several are being reported a few being deceptive ET’s/Blue Skinned and Ancient Breakaway Humans), or self-appointed or mislead “Guru’s”.
We need to remember we have the power within to free ourselves and the answers to spreading our wings and taking flight on these waves of changing energy/vibration is focusing on raising our own consciousness/vibrations and becoming more loving/STO’s and forgiving (Breaking the wheel of karma).
I will begin to pick up the pace on answering the questions that have built up in the Q&A “FAQ” section of the www.SphereBeingAlliance.com website.
Thank you,

Facebook Update:

A.D. (After Disclosure) people are going to have to wrap their minds around a lot of information. One of those things…

Posted by Sphere Being Alliance on Sunday, May 31, 2015

A.D. (After Disclosure) people are going to have to wrap their minds around a lot of information. One of those things being the massive number of [cycling] of ages our true history go back in time as well as the number of extremely advanced civilizations that have risen and fallen. There are a number of them who have breakaway civilizations that are still around.

Facebook Update:

Corey Goode and the Sphere Alliance are cooperating with Dr. Michael Salla to disclose the Secret Space Program. Is…

Posted by Sphere Being Alliance on Saturday, May 30, 2015

“Corey Goode and the Sphere Alliance are cooperating with Dr. Michael Salla to disclose the Secret Space Program. Is there a battle raging between the Dark Fleet and Solar Warden? How is the Vatican responding to ET Disclosure? Will they position themselves to be the emissaries of Jesus to the stars? How far should we go when looking into Earth’s Space Programs and the UFO phenomenon? From Billy Meier’s photographs to the latest Roswell Slides, evidence is showing us that much more is happening than we are told. Why is Rael the ambassador of the extraterrestrial Elohim? What would you say to extraterrestrials about Earthlings? Could you be the ET ambassador?” – Read More http://freemantv.com/secret-space-program-revealed-solar-warden-dr-salla/

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Facebook Update:

Dr. Salla from Exopolitics.org just published this article which is sort of an intro to the article that he will be…

Posted by Sphere Being Alliance on Saturday, May 30, 2015

Dr. Salla from Exopolitics.org just published this article which is sort of an intro to the article that he will be publishing based on 25 more questions I answered about the ET/AI Threat and detailed info about the ICC and their current leadership who use the human trafficking trade in not only operating their bases but also as commodities in an interstellar bartering system.

These bases on the Moon/Mars/Asteroid belt will remain under ICC Control and unfortunately the slave labor will remain operating the facilities until the “Full Disclosure Event” (Just as many will remain slaves here on and below Earth). There is a plan in place to where these traumatized slaves will be sent to an off world base ran by the Mayan Break Away Civilization who are very kind people that have methods and technologies that will rehabilitate them fully. They will then be returned to the “A.D. Civilization of Earth” (After Disclosure). The ICC infrastructure will be kept intact and handed over to the “A.D. Civilization of Earth” as the backbone of what will become a “Star Trek” like Civilization. These are the plans agreed upon between the SSP Alliance Council and the Sphere Being Alliance.

Source: Stillness in the Storm


  • Many of the problems highlighted in ‘Understanding Disclosure’ originate from garbage parenting, social conditioning and the pathetic public education system.

    Even after 9/11, the lack of WMDs in Iraq, the 2nd death of Bin Laden, the time when my awakening was accelerated was when a personal crisis forced me to see the entire system of working for a pieces of paper with numbers on them was a complete fraud in itself and a mind control program that I saw how really controlled we all were down to the means of acquiring our basic needs and the system was so skewed it was what could be described as dark comedy show. Only then did years of deep social programming came undone.

    If disclosure of all these other things come in a short time frame, there will be many who will be institutionalized in a mental ward, including those who believe they are awake.

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