Is Huma Abedin wearing an ankle monitor?

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By Jim Stone

This was spotted by people over at 4chan. I’d say it is probable, the ankle monitor (exact one below Huma) is the #1 most common in the United States and does indeed match that outline in Huma’s pants. When were bell bottom pants in style? She may not be making a fashion statement with those.

The Event Chronicle Editor’s Note: John McCain and Hillary Clinton have both been spotted with ankle-concealing devices recently, as well. Coincidence or something more…? 

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    • Wayne L Darnaby on

      mccain is ambidextrous. He can wear it on either foot… Just as long as he wears it…

  1. Do you really think she could get her ankle with that big monitor through the pant leg at the knee? I don’t. Maybe, but doesn’t look like it. Also, that monitor would never be able to fit inside the camwalker boot as they are designed to fit TIGHT. You can’t possibly walk with it loose because it would be unstable and loose on the tibia. I don’t think anyone has an ankle bracelet anymore than I think justice will be served.