February 23, 2019

Intel SITREP Report — GCR/RV, Republic, Military, Cabal, NESARA/GESARA

Intel SITREP Report — GCR/RV, Republic, Military, Cabal, NESARA/GESARA

Editor Note: There is much going on behind the scenes that we are not privy to at the moment and there are many rumors flying around right now. As always use your own discernment on all information. Posted for people’s awareness and preparedness.

Received via email for publication…

Good afternoon currency community,
Ok, here’s what we know after last nights intel drop…

The final military special forces ops and ghost tactical sweeps have begun, we are hearing the mission is casually being called “Operation Catch & Release ” for obvious reasons.  This sweep includes corporate bad actors of the cabal as well as military and government high profile targets, basically, anyone on the “super naughty list” is now being permanently terminated–no questions asked, no arrests, no courts, no stinking badges.

Sadly, this is the ultra aggressive military action many have been asking for.  It’s cold blooded and comes without warning.  It also was astrologically and strategically begun after Mercury Retrograde went direct in Asia, as this is what the Chinese believed was the optimum day and time to start the final phase of execution.  Know they are very precise with everything they do and say.  So as arrogant and entitled Westerners, it’s wise we listen to what the Chinese have to say now… as they’re running the world’s finances just as Russia is now the new international super cop on the military scene.  Ears open, mouths shut ’cause there are a few new sheriffs in town.

The month of September was always the month for final implementation of all aspects of the GCR, with the RV and Paris Agreement being key components.  As of October 1, 2016, marks the international legal and fiscal start of the new CIPS/Promise/Quantum Satellite delivery platform.   All monies have long been settled in necessary domiciles and accounts and sit waiting for mass release.  Smaller releases have already occurred, and continue to occur, with the larger release still awaiting “go authorization” from the military generals now in charge.

So whatever hot spots militarily remain, or political, like here in the USA, consider all now being satisfactorily resolved before the month’s end.  Know too that all solutions to existing problems have long been in place and just waiting on execution orders once the adversary has bled-out, and surrenders.  There is no struggle on the part of the new global authority to impose their will on the cabal.  Their higher mind strategists have mathematically eliminated the cabal going back centuries… yes… centuries ago this process started to arrive at this historic moment of transition and release.

As an example, we hear now that Russia has yet to submit its Paris Agreement ratification at the UN General Assembly–which runs until Monday 9.26.16.  This was highly unexpected Wednesday morning when 60 total nations had submitted their ratification, but only 48% carbon emissions were accounted for.  Russia’s 7.35% carbon emissions rating being ratified immediately puts the Paris Agreement agreement into force with 55%+ (i.e. in compliance.).  We also now understand Russia’s ratification not only implements the Paris Agreement but also activates the new global gold standard which is buried secretly within the Paris Agreement.   This was always planned… there’s nothing new or shocking about this tactic.  And there was never any delay because they always planned on waiting until the last possible moment before releasing.

Every drop will be drained out of the cabal swamp before mass hydration begins without exception, including sovereign nations and their government leaders(T1), corporate boards and executives plus sovereign family individuals (T2) or private citizens of any stature or standing (T3)–BAR ABSOLUTELY NONE!  This corresponds to what Bruce on the Big Call has always said in terms of there being a “shotgun start”.  As the release event is truly a moral and physical moment of fairness and parity for all humanity to begin anew as equals.

This is also why we believe Putin holds all the final RV release cards and why nations like Israel, Turkey, Ukraine and even the USA must surrender all military objectives because he has cleverly waited everyone out in every major crisis area such as Ukraine, Syria, Turkey, Iraq and Palestine to resolve the matter in his favor (because no nation good or bad can hydrate without Russia’s ratification paperwork).  General Li waits on Putin.  General Dunford waits on Putin.  As Mr. Putin is not so suddenly the most powerful player in the world at this moment, per the Elder’s and PROC’s consent.  For Russia’s military might alone holds the fate of the gold standard via the Russian ratification of the Paris Agreement, which creates insurmountable political leverage both militarily and financially on every remaining bad nation-state actor and/or individual in the banking sector.

It’s a genius strategy actually because if indeed the Paris Agreement is being held back from being put into force , so too is the legal start of the RV.  Thus even China cannot override the system, but that’s just how incredibly close we are to receiving this amazing blessing, yet still we must helplessly wait as the hardcore cabal actors accept complete defeat.

Sources inside “The Committee” macro-financial meetings in Beijing say global release has been an any minute reality since the start of September –this was committed in late August .  So they too are waiting on said military issues to resolve– as we know with certainty it’s not a banking delay or issue at this point and has not been for several weeks.   Even the Wells Fargo John G. Stumpf (CEO OF WELL FARGO) public flogging was more about removing an individual bad actor from the block-chain–not with Wells Fargo as the lead redemption entity in any way–Stump was a pruning or thinning of the herd at the top so to speak.

In the meantime, tons and tons of unbearable pressure are now being placed upon all non-complying cabal actors here at the very end.  It’s not just Russia applying the pressure, it’s all sovereign nations waiting to get paid, but Russia ends up taking all the heat–and why Obama called them specifically out in his UN speech.   The Chinese and Russians are draining the cabal swamp down to the last possible drop to ensure they cannot fight back with a re-hydration of funds from a systematic level.  Either play by their new rules or leave the game.  Negotiated options are not acceptable at this stage.   Comply or cease to exist as an individual or nation.  Harsh measures, sure, but absolutely necessary if you understand the depth and scope of the cabal’s global octopus of corruption against all humanity.

Now yes, sadly, excruciating suffering is also being allowed in third world nations, and all nations of the world in very different ways, in order to set the GCR/RV/GESARA foundation right to ensure this new platform of human existence can properly hold the moral weight of an upcoming 1,000 years of light.   We’re all paying an earthly price for a heavenly blessing, because just as we all suffer, so too shall we all be blessed beyond our wildest comprehension.

As for the US Presidential elections, there’s a few things to consider before making a decision on what’s really happening.  First, it’s out understanding that the USA, Inc’s form of government has defaulted per the ruling from the World Court, meaning, the office of President we all grew up with is no more because the form of government we all grew up with is no more.  Second, both the DNC and RNC are remnant entities created by the old USA, Inc. intended to control the candidates that you the mass population of the USA voted on.  Thus, neither Hillary Clinton nor Donald Trump, nor any candidate presented in the current election scenario can win an office that legally no longer exists.  Fourth, to replace the now default USA, Inc., like in any bankruptcy, a work though plan had to be created and approved by the World Courts in agreement with the USA’s major financial creditors China and Russia (via our US Treasury Bonds). Those countries asked that the old Republic of the United States be restored per the original US Constitution circa 1776, and as a result, quietly, without public mention, leaders for the Republic of the United States were selected and seated without attention.  These leaders have been running the affairs of Americans for nearly two years now without mass knowledge (for everyone’s protection).

In October, or perhaps a little before, public knowledge of this restored constitutional Republic will be made known, and both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump will be removed from consideration as potential Presidential candidates.  The election cycle will be lengthened per Congress’ authority, per the original Constitution, till January 3, 2017.  New candidates will enter the arena, that have been pre-approved by the Chinese, Russians and World Court in agreement with the temporary leadership of the temporary leadership of the Republic (General Joseph Dunford).

Everything that will happen in the future might appear shocking to most, but in reality, this work through strategy has long been in the making, going back to August 2013 when China and Russia began legal proceedings against the USA, Inc, which actually finalized when Puerto Rico defaulted in 2015, as the USA, Inc. was incorporated in Puerto Rico in 1871.  Not coincidental, Pope Francis suddenly arrived in the US for the first time and declared the Golden Jubilee for the world ending on November 20, 2016.  This is important because Rome owned all corporations in the world, and thus released all corporations in the world at the same time–including all governments and banks they covertly owned, without public knowledge.

All of this information is offered now so that you fully understanding why you get to redeem currency for such a high price, without a massive public revolt or overt coup de tat on your own soil.  What’s occurring, folks, is biblical, yes, but more so divine in nature and scope.  Humanity is being released, and we’re all being allowed to experience such infinite wealth because God has declared our sovereignty–not the Chinese, not Russia, not the World Court Head Magistrate, not the Elders, not Putin or Xi Jinping, and certainly not the better discernment of mankind on his own.

Do remember this tutorial when you are participating in the restoration of your planet, ensuring the survival of your species and actively engaging in the second greatest moment of human history ever recorded; because such an honor does come with a steep price, as it should, as it must ; for to whom much is given, much is expected.  So try and remain grateful as you wait out this final phase for to be even slightly aware of what is going on behind these scenes separates you from the overwhelming majority of your family, friends, community, country and continent who have no clue what’s going down, let alone what’s coming up.   And the whole point of this global reset and revaluation of currencies is to unify mankind and expose the cabal lie that we are in any way separate from one another.


God is with us.

Via: Maine Republic Email Alert


  • It’s very cynical of me to state, but it needs stating. This puerile fiction been touted as “Intel” needs addressing. The NWO cabal, must be writing fan letters to China. As their lack of compassion for any living being, is frankly deplorable. Dogs and cats tortured (skinned alive, boiled alive. Beaten and other horrific acts carried out, because it taste better. Or some other excuse) before been consumed, is common place in Asia. Human rights are equally non existent. Children and adults used as slaves in factories for 16 hours plus a day. So now they are the good guys?
    As for the greed based RV etc, I haven’t seen one shred of evidence to support these claims. And please don’t cite Zap as a worthy source. He has said EVERY WEEK, since June 2013, that this fabled RV has happened. And the week after explains away that, it has happened at the higher levels. Now give me money via pay pal. As his Jesuit paymasters mustnt pay enough. Then we have the comedy classic, General Dunford, the “real” leader of America. But has done a thing to bring about change, or accountability of the major wrong doing in the pentagon, let alone anywhere else. As Obomber smiles as he pushes through the dark act. Whilst Dunford was absent.
    Yes changes are going on, but the narratives we are hearing just don’t add up. Unless we the people, collectively around the globe stand up, and show compassion for all living things. Nothing will change for the good of all. It sounds like we are been primed for cabal 2.0 Please don’t anyone quote Ben Jesuit Fulford to me. He spouts much dishonesty, which promotes his Jesuit paymasters in good light. I would believe Snopes (should really be called Jokes, or snores) over Fulfords nonsense. And Snopes are pure disinfo debunking. Been just promotes cabal 2.0. Be change, help out in your community. Help others out and expect nothing in return. Make sure our most vulnerable are looked after, feed wild birds, or homeless people etc etc. Be change, be happy. Be love, be light orientated in your actions

  • ?I would suggest doubters might read Cobra updates past to present as well as Corey Goode’s interviews with David Wilcock & elsewhere Randy Cramer disclosures to better understand the depth of disinformation, lies, etc about earth history & much less modern historical cabal corruption of every institution. Civilizations have come & gone repeating similar perceived atrocities while good ‘souls’ have done their best in difficult circumstances to uphold love, honor, integrity in themselves & families. Excessive patriarchial dominator models are giving way to more balanced benevolent partnership possibilities. Isn’t this our desire?!

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