February 23, 2019

Interesting Update from Dave at Lightworkers XM: White Dragons in Peru — Q&A Radio Show Friday, July 11th at 8pm (EST)

Q&A White Dragons in Peru

MISSION I’M POSSIBLE #18: The Future of Project Financing With Representatives of the White Dragon Society Here in Tarapoto, Peru

(Lightworkers XM) This is a special show with our Very special Visitors.

Representatives of The White Dragons gate are here with us in Peru.

UPDATE: The show has now been broadcast. I won’t have time to listen until Sunday, but I’ve embedded it below for you. — Editor

[iframe src=”http://player.cinchcast.com/?platformId=1&assetType=single&assetId=6555275″ width=”100%” height=”480″]

Does it get any bigger than this ? And you can play your part by submitting Questions.

A  week long session of Private Interviews Projects discussions Take place with the WDS Gate team representatives.

For security Reasons we have not included Photos of the guests due to personal requests from our visitors.

We shall be here with them all week so we can ask questions you pose and let you know their answers.

This will be an explosive show Friday Night 8 Pm EST on Mission 18.

Join us Live here on Expanding U Radio by clicking on the Logo link.


Link to show tonight on Friday, July 11th at 5pm (PST) / 8pm (EST)

Peru was always going to be a special place for a group of individuals to get together and start living the new 5D lifestyle.

Ayahuasca Ceremonies.

Mother Earth revealing her self in Ayahuasca Ceremonies here in Peru.

Mother Earth revealing her self in Ayahuasca Ceremonies here in Peru.


The benefits of abundance are now clearer every day the more our team drop their 3D Realms and open the gates into their own freedom No matter how hard this all seems at first.

Reforestation and cleaning Amazonian Rivers Plus projects that turn farming green and Village centers that return the wealth of the village to the residents are now on the map. A complete self sustainable Lifestyle reinvented From Inside the jungle itself.

And now is the time we can discuss these principles with those people who have the fingers on the Buttons.

The White Dragons are truly with us here in Peru.


Here is your chance to join in with them and ask some meaningful questions and get those answers you often seek.

Peru is a self elevating Vortex, surrounded by Natural Medicine that is in it’s self – Sustainable.

Now all we have to do is build self sustainable communities to match our surrounding and get back to Harmony with the Wild.

We can and will live once more with our ancestors.

Our mission must be to open our Pineal Gland.

Our mission must be to open our Pineal Gland.

Much Love and Light from

The Victory of Light Team in Peru of Mission I AM Possible.

Blessings from Dave and the rest of MIP  send you the love vibrations.

Source: Lightworkers XM

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